Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

Why do dogs sleep so much that they usually do all day long? Well, the answer is because they guard at night. This idea is pretty much correct.

Many pet owners depend on their dogs to guard them and their properties. However, for how long do dogs usually sleep at any time of day or night? Most of the time, they sleep for as long as 14 hours a day. It means that they spend more than half of their life sleeping.

There are dogs that also sleep more than other dogs. The larger dog breeds such as the Mastiff, Newfoundland and St. Bernard sleep from about 16 to 18 hours a day. They are known as the mat dogs since they love sleeping and lying in front of the fire just like furry rugs.

A dog’s sleeping pattern depends on the environment and activity. Domesticated dogs tend to sleep more compared to the working dogs. Who wouldn’t fall asleep if you have cozy and soft padded corner too comfortable to sleep in and when you don’t have anything to do at all? People will surely be sleeping a lot as well if they stay at home with no chores to keep them busy.

On the other hand, for working dogs, it would be impossible to sleep for long as they have a duty or task to perform. Dogs who work in farms are all-around dogs which mean that they have different tasks and responsibilities to do.

Aside from this, dogs have the chance to roam and be extremely energetic and they would rather run and wander instead of curl in a comfortable corner to get some sleep.

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much? It’s Not What You Think

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

If you are wondering why do dogs sleep so much, it is easy to assume that they are simply lazy. The truth is, a dog may look like he is sleeping but he actually wakes more frequently compared to people. Dogs are alert all the time and they have heightened senses which make them aware of even the slightest movement and sound.

However, dogs are also lucky as they can adjust their sleeping pattern with ease. They can wake right away but it is also easy for them to sleep. They have the stamina and ability to remain awake when there is something for them to do and will fall asleep easily whatever the time once the task has been done.

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Without a doubt, sleeping is extremely beneficial. This gives dogs the chance to rest and replenish their energy. Inactive and bored pets may sleep so much more than what they need to. Too much sleeping once combined with excessive eating and very little exercise could prove to be dangerous to your pet’s health. This is more common among pampered pets.

Too much sleeping could be avoided through giving your pet with some stimulus to make him more active. If you will be leaving him alone at home for a day, you can give him toys to play with. Take your dog out for a walk and let him take part in family activities.

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