Why Do Dogs Lick Your Face?

Does your dog often assault you with face licks every time you walk through that door after a long day from work? While this is not usually the loving signal of affection many owners assume it to be, this is definitely not something sinister either. For dogs, this is totally a natural response to one family member.

Why do dogs lick your face? There could be several explanations for this action but one this is for sure, this is something that people either love or hate. The secret here is to gain a better understanding of this particular behavior.

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Face?

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Face

It’s a Matter of Respect

Even though there are many reasons as to why do dogs lick your face, it is mainly a way to show respect. In the wild and among your house pets when you have more than one, the submissive dog lower in pack order is going to lick the big dog’s face. Of course, size has very little to do with this.

You can have a Doberman of 95 pounds that is powerful, strong and very protective of the family and house but totally submissive to a small Papillion of 6 pounds. So, if you don’t feel grossed out with your dog licking your face, feel honored instead that you are getting the respect you deserve.

You’re Under Investigation

Out of the many reasons why dogs love to lick faces, probably another strongest season for the instinctive action is for the purpose of investigating. Dogs have powerful tongues which can pull in lots of information off the tastes and scents on your skin. They will know where you were and what you had for breakfast. They will also be able to tell who you were with but don’t worry because your furry best friend is going to keep all of your secrets well.

You’ve Been Seasoned

Have you noticed how your dog simply can’t resist you after you worked hard at the garden and got all sweaty? Well, too bad that the licking is not love, but you just happen to be perfectly seasoned. Dogs love the salt brought to your skin surface through sweat and they can’t simply get enough out of it. Gross as it may sound, dogs love it.

Laws of Attraction

Attraction is also one of the answers as to why do dogs lick your face. It sounds pretty much like a loving reaction many people believe face licking is all about. However, this is more chemical than just that. Both animals and people produce pheromones which are released through your skin and this is an attractive scent to the rest of the animals. Your pet simply takes all in every time he licks your face.

You Taste Good, Human

Last but not the least, as a human, you simply taste good. Your dog is searching for food morsels that could have been left around the corners of your lips and they can taste that lingering odor of the steak you had a few hours ago.

Again, this may seem disgusting but this is natural instinct and puppies in the wild are going to lick the mouth and face of their mom when she gets inside the den as they way of getting food from her.

See Dog Licking Face In Action

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