Why Do Dogs Dig?

For most dog owners, one of the most stressful things that dogs do is dig holes in the yard or garden. But, why do dogs dig?

8 Reasons Why Do Dogs Dig

Why Do Dogs Dig

1. Well, dogs dig because they are dogs. The majority of the behaviors of dogs are a product of instinct and learned behavior. Digging is an instinct behavior. There are particular dogs that are bred specifically to dig out game including otters, foxes, and badgers.

2. There are other reasons why dogs dig and one of the simple reasons that a dog digs is due to boredom. Digging is a fun way for dogs to use up their extra energy and burn off the stress. If your dog is always left alone all day and doesn’t have regular exercise, don’t be amazed if he digs up parts of his surroundings.

3. It might also be an expression of a need for attention, especially if they know that you’ll react to holes he dug. If it’s his only way to get attention, he will continue doing it. This is a common reason why dogs dig and it’s easy to resolve this.

4. If you are living in a particularly hot area, your dog could simply be finding a way for him to cool down. Besides, it’s cooler underground compared to the aboveground, particularly on a very hot day. Due to this reason, you must provide your dog with shade and shelter to prevent him to burning up in extreme heat. It will also stop him from digging holes. This is related to another reason why dogs dig.

5. Typically, dogs are drawn to dens as well as enclosed spaces to live in. That is the reason why dog houses are given for dogs. If they don’t have that space to stay, they could act out through digging holes on their own.

6. Another possible reason why dogs have digging behavior is due to the fact that they are hunting animals. As mentioned earlier, smaller dog breeds were originally bred to hunt and they also dig to find their homes.

7. Dogs are also good savers. They’ll bury bones or some treats for rainy days whenever they need them. If you use bone meal to fertilize your garden, the scent could be irresistible and your dog may dig to look for nonexistent bone. See also: Why do dogs bury bones?

8. Female dogs also dig to provide a nest for their puppies.

See Dogs Digging Holes In Action

Final Words

There are ways on how you can stop your dog from digging. By understanding the digging behavior of your dog, you will be able to know the ways to prevent him from digging. Although you can’t change your dog’s behavior instantly, you must be patient with the procedure and never include cruel punishments as these will just confuse or upset your dog.

If you don’t have time to take your dog for a stroll in the park or you’re too busy on your work that you forget to show him that you love him, it is best to look for professionals who can help you deal with your dog’s digging behavior.

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