Facts of Pomsky (Pomeranian Husky Mix)

Pomsky is one of the small hybrids classified as ‘designer dogs‘. It is a cross breed between the Pomeranian and the Siberian husky.

The Pomsky is a relatively active dog and also needs some exercises to maintain his fitness. You can walk him out in the evenings around your homestead or to the dog park. The Pomsky may vary in their appearance depending on the nature of their parental breeds.

Despite the little difference, they possess similar characteristics which place them in the same category. The Pomsky puppies are always cute and playful. It is always exciting to walk with them around while they rest comfortably in your arms.

They are the most loveable hybrid dogs which make them a favorite in most homes as a family companion. The parental dogs are not hypoallergenic which gives a similar trait to the Pomsky. They shed in the same way as the Siberian Husky and Pomeranian.

Since they are a cross between the two pure breeds, Pomskies are not recognized as actual dog breeds. He is a unique combination of the two which makes them acquire beneficial characteristics from both parents.

They may not be similar in appearance but develop the same behavior and other features which make them fit in their hybrid category. It is usually difficult to determine the full size of a grown Pomsky because of the variances in appearance.


Breed Characteristics

Dog Breed GroupHeightWeightLifespanColorsCoatOrigin
-10 to 15 inches20 to 30 pounds13 to 15 yearsGrey, white and blackSoft and longEurope and North America

Main Highlights

Pomeranian Husky Mix

  • Pomskies are not pure breeds but a cross between the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian. They are hybrid dogs which inherit some of their characteristics from the parental breeds.
  • They are always said to be ‘a box of chocolates’ since they vary in appearances. You never know the appearance they take, but they will always be the same Pomsky.
  • Pomskies are known to be active and playful. They need daily exercise such as evening walks and sometimes playing in an open field.
  • Pomskies are some of the expensive dogs to breed, and you will have to cut down expenses to meet his needs. Their prices differ, and you might consider investing more in a medical insurance that would provide him cover in critical conditions.
  • Grooming a Pomsky can be compared to a part time job as they require more combing or brushing to maintain their coats and appearance.
  • They shed in most of the seasons which may be rapid in the warm seasons.
  • Their behavior or temperament can be controlled by giving them appropriate training on how to cope with different environments and situations.
  • They always bark to warn you of an intruder or anything out of the usual. They always try their best to guard and protect anyone they recognize as family.
  • It is important to take them for regular checkups to determine any underlying issues. Some of the clinical tests such as the fecal floatation can help determine any internal infections in your dog.
  • They are also recognized as designer dogs and are preferred by most individuals because of their cuteness.
  • Despite the fact that Pomskies may vary in appearance or physique, they always possess similar characteristics that are inherited from their parental breeds.
  • They have varieties of coat colors and wool-like fur that is easy to comb or brush. Most of the Pomskies have medium to thicker sizes of fur.

Breed History

Husky Pomeranian

The history of the Pomsky began when the existence of the Pomeranian and Husky dog breeds. They have been more popular in Europe and North America. Some of their features would always disappear with the coming generations, and the cycle will always continue.

The new offspring always have similar characteristics to their parental breeds and a single trait in the pure dog breeds. They are known to have a short history, unlike his counterparts who developed from the ancient times.

The husky has always been used as the dam to avoid health complications that would result in the offspring if the Pomeranian was to bear the puppies. They are always cute and admirable which makes them a favorite pet for most individuals and families.

Pomskies have been used as designer dogs in the recent times because of their beauty. What makes them unique from other small breeds is that they tend to differ in appearance and may not be the same as the one you see in the pictures.

Other Names

Pomskies have several names and some of which originate from their parental breeds and physique. Some of the common names include Pomeranian Husky, Pomskie, and Pomskey. There is an extensive list of other names used to refer to the Pomskies.

Most of them are given names depending on how they can be easily spelled out and also differs depending on their areas of origin. They are relished for their beauty, and you can always give them nicknames that fit their appealing characteristics.


The actual size of the Pomsky at their adult stage is determined by the gene of their parental breeds. When they grow up, their weight is almost half the total of their parents which is usual in new offspring. The average weight of adult Pomskies ranges between 20 to 30 lbs (approximately 9 to 14Kgs).

They measure between 10 to 15 inches in height and can grow to the size of a Husky. Pomskies are smaller sized dogs and tend to vary in their physical appearance. It is important to provide them with a balanced diet which offers them necessary nutrients.

Personality and Character

Husky Pomeranian Mix

The Pomskies possess great qualities from their parental dog breeds which are known to be intelligent. Despite the unique characteristics, their personality can be difficult to predict because they have a different composition of the genetic makeup.

Most of their traits are acquired from the Pomeranian and the Siberian husky dog breeds. They are known to be playful, loving, self-assured, and able the fact that they learn quickly.

They like barking which makes them good alarm dogs. Pomskies would always be protective over kids and other members of the family. They will alert you of intruders or new colleagues in the family. They like long cuddles and love being close to the owner.

Pomskies are meant to be kept indoors and not in the outside kennels. He usually likes where there are people to give him company. Most often you would see him running after balls or around the house having fun. They also like going out for walks and other outdoor activities.

If you are going for a long walk, you can always carry him in your arms when he becomes tired. Their sizes and weight will also determine how far you can carry them. They are friendly to kids and tend to develop a strong bond as they grow up. He is a lovely dog and deserves a lot of care from the family members.

Health and Potential Problems

The life expectancy of Pomskies ranges between 13 to 15 years which is a longer lifespan compared to other dog breeds. Like other dogs, Pomskies also suffer from congenital diseases and infection from parasites. They often suffer from dental problems would require frequent checkups to assess their health status.

Others include eye problems, cataracts, and various skin conditions. If you recognize any change in their behavior, it is important to seek the assistance of your veterinarian.

Most often they would be sluggish or restless when they become ill. It is important to carry out a thorough diagnosis and offer treatment should they become sick. Other diseases can be inherited from the parental breeds.

Screening may be useful before crossing the Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. It helps to determine any underlying issues that are likely to be passed to the offspring and how to solve them. It would be useful in ensuring that the new generation of the Pomskies possess a stronger immunity having acquired beneficial traits from their parental breeds.

Care Features

Pomsky Baby

The Pomsky requires more attention and enjoys having fun. If you intend to purchase him, it is necessary to provide him with an adequate company and great care.

He is an affectionate dog and adapts quickly to new homes and families. Pomskies need regular grooming because of their thicker coats.

The routine not only makes his skin clean but also prevents infestation of external parasites such as fleas and Demodex mites. The environment within which your dog should sleep should be kept clean.

Pomskies are prone to dental problems which require you to brush their teeth on a regular basis with a dog toothpaste and other recommended products.

If you detect any changes in their behavior or symptoms of infection, rush them to your vet for treatment. Early detection of underlying issues may save you high expenses of treating your dog.

Therefore, you have to monitor them carefully especially when they feed. Give them a special treat and a balanced diet. It is essential in providing them with high nutritional contents that boost their immune system.

Feeding Schedule

You should provide your Pomsky with quality dog foods the fact that they are playful and energetic. The top end dry kibbles may be appropriate for him as they add more nutritional value in their balanced diet.

If you feed your Pomsky in a proper way, you will be reducing the chances of having weight problems. The foods that are rich in nutrient such as proteins may be a perfect treat for your family companion.

Meat is known to be the primary source of food for dogs. It is known to have high potassium and low sodium content that are essential in improving your dog’s health. Your veterinarian can prescribe the best feeding schedule after determining your dog’s weight and health status.

Apart from meat, you can make their meals complete by giving them vegetables and whole grains that are proved to be healthy for dogs.

Coat, Color, and Grooming


Pomskies are known to possess a variety of colors that can be inherited from their parent breeds. Some of the standard colors include Grey, white, black red, copper, brown, wolf sable, Blonde, Blue Merle and much more.

They have medium to high coat thickness with wool-like appearance. They require regular grooming to keep their coats clean and free from external parasites. You can bathe them once in a week with a dog shampoo and other products recommended by your vet.

Children and Other Pets Compatibility

Pomskies are known to be playful, intelligent and charming. They can adapt quickly to their new environments. They are also known to be fun-loving and affectionate to kids and other members of the family.

Furthermore, they can associate with other friendly dogs and animal pets in your home. They enjoy the company and different experiences which make them a favorite to most individuals.

See Pomsky in action:

Owning a Pomsky

Pomskies are compatible with first-time owners, and you can quickly start breeding smaller dogs before advancing to the larger breeds. They are always happy in their new homes provided you give him attention and great care.

The average of the Pomsky ranges between $1000 and $1800 depending on their ages and sizes. Pomskies that resemble the Miniature Husky may go to as high as $3000 or more.


Having looked at everything you need to know about the Pomsky, you may come to the final decision of owning him. Most people need cute dogs in their home to provide them company and make them happy whenever they get home. It is always interesting to see them following you around and chasing after playing balls.

They are fun-loving and always prefer people who are ready to play with them. It is always important to take them for regular checkups. Always consult your vet if you see any symptoms of infection.

Pomskies require a balanced diet that is of high nutritional value. It will be useful in boosting their health and immune system. They also enjoy long cuddles and would perch on your laps while having some rest.

Pomskies have acquired good qualities from their parental breeds which make them friendly. You can take them to dog parks and other interesting places, giving them new experiences.

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