10 Cavapoo Facts | Facts About The Cavapoo

Are you looking for a friendly and sociable dog? Maybe you’re looking for the Cavapoo. Known for their affectionate nature, these dogs are one of the most irresistible pooches to have as a companion. These creatures are intelligent, agile, and obedient which are exactly what judges are looking for in shows, competitions, and other events.

Aside from these, Cavapoos crave attention. They love hanging out with humans and animals. Not a day goes by that they don’t attempt to make you smile and laugh because of their tricks. And you know what? They never fail to make people happy. But these are not the only traits that make the Cavapoo unique.

10 Facts About The Cavapoo

Fact #1: They Come From A Line Of Intelligent Dogs

According to archives, Cavapoos may have existed naturally in the past without selective breeding. However, as people saw how special they are, Australians intentionally mixed the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the Poodle to create a more standardized mix with the outgoing and calm nature of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the intelligence of the Poodle. After many attempts, people were able to generate a highly active and intelligent dog that captured the hearts of people instantly.

Fact #2: They Are Small To Medium In Size

Despite what people believe, Cavapoos do not only come out small, some of them come out medium. They even grow up to 14 inches and weigh up to 20 pounds. Paired with their clinginess, they are small enough to carry on your lap but big enough to cuddle with.

Fact #3: Cavapoos Are Low-shedders

The Cavapoo inherited the low-shedding tendency of the Poodle. This makes them ideal for allergy sufferers. If you’re one of them, this pooch is for you. However, not every Cavapoo possesses the low-shedding trait like the Poodle. Some inherit the medium-shedding tendency of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. During which case, regular grooming and de-shedding are necessary to keep their coat from causing much trouble at home.

Fact #4: They Make Excellent Therapy Dogs

Cavapoos are affectionate and empathetic creatures. Because of this, they make outstanding therapy dogs. People train them to comfort people in therapy centers through cuddling and petting. If you want to have your own therapy dog at home, this pooch is for you.

Fact #5: Cavapoos Are Great With Children

Parents prefer having a Cavapoo around to babysit their children. This is due to the dog’s lively and affectionate creature. They are caring for kids and are ready to do everything to put a smile on their faces. Because of their tricks, you will often hear your kids giggling and laughing which is just the sweetest sound in the world.

As the child grows up and gets acquainted with the Cavapoo, they develop a strong bond. The dog develops a sense of affection towards the child while the child develops a sense of responsibility. This, according to parents, is one of the ideal ways to instill responsibility within a child. Because the Cavapoo is easier to care for, children will have no problem keeping up with how to provide for their needs.

Fact #6: Cavapoos Need Constant Attention

Cavapoos are socially-inclined creatures. They love being with humans all the time. If you were to get this pooch, do not leave them alone for too long or they will develop separation anxiety. During which case, they cannot eat or rest well until you come back. Some Cavapoos, when bored, even displays destructive activities such as chewing and digging. So, you really need to have someone to watch over them.

Fact#7: The Most Tedious Part Of Caring For This Pooch Is Grooming

These creatures have a long, dense, and wavy coat that gives them their bear-like appearance. Caring for the Cavapoo is relatively easy. But it’s a different story when you talk about their grooming. Their coat needs to be brushed regularly to remove matting, tangles, and dirt. Thankfully, these dogs do not have a foul odor unless their coat has accumulated too much dirt. This can be fixed by a simple bath. During which time, don’t forget to clean their paws and their ears as these are the two most common areas where dirt accumulates. Also, check their nails regularly to avoid painful protrusions.

Fact #8: You Shouldn’t Skip Mental Stimulation

Like any other dog, Cavapoos need constant exercise for mental stimulation. This is essential to keep them healthy and satisfied. Without it, these dogs may get bored and tend to display destructive behaviors such as chewing and digging. According to experts, Cavapoos require at least 15 minutes of exercise daily. It could be through playing in the yard or walking in the park, it’s up to you. What matters is they get the stimulation they need.

Fact #9: They Are Not Ideal Watchdogs

These creatures do not bark much like the others. Since they are highly sociable creatures, they prefer to greet strangers rather than ward them off. This is why they don’t make great watchdogs. If you live in a dangerous neighborhood, it’s ideal to get a dog that has a higher watchdog ability to give you the security you need.

Fact #10: Cavapoos Are Prone To Several Diseases

Every dog is prone to some illnesses. The Cavapoo, for example, is prone to congenital heart attacks, progressive retinal atrophy, and Slipping kneecaps. This is why regular visits to the vet are necessary to address health issues promptly.

Owning a Cavapoo usually costs around $500 to $700. They don’t eat a lot, however, their grooming needs might cost you. If you own this dog, it pays off to learn how to groom them properly, so you can save more money rather than going to pet salons.

There you have it! Cavapoos are the sweetest creatures you will ever meet. It’s no surprise more people plan to have one. If you’re one of them, take note of these facts so you know how to care for them and provide their needs to keep them healthy.

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