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Do you ever wonder what the outcome is when two giant dogs breed? Can you imagine what it would be like to own one? Fret no more! In today’s session, let’s look into one of the largest hybrids – the Great Pyredane. This dog is a combination of the Great Dane and the Great Pyrenees. Because of their lineage, these dogs are huge!

They usually have large, rectangular heads but are not proportionate to their body. They have medium-sized, almond eyes that come in brown and blue. Their ears are set up high on their head and fold forward and hang close to their cheeks. Its tail is long and straight like that of the Great Dane. But they can also exhibit a shepherd’s crook tail that resembles that of the Great Pyrenees. But these are not the only characteristics that make the Great Pyredane unique.


The Great Pyredane is one of the most popular designer dogs. It originated 400 years ago in Europe when people needed dogs to accompany them in hunting wild boars. The Great Pyreness has been guarding their flocks in the Pyreness Mountains for three thousand years. The Great Dane, on the other hand, has been selectively bred for at least 400 years to assist humans in hunting and warding off dangerous wildlife creatures.

Unfortunately, there’s no definite time and place where the Great Pyredane was first raised. However, it is known to be one of the oldest hybrids. Seeing how helpful they are in farms and how memorable they are as family members, it’s no surprise more and more people want to have the Great Pyredane.

Other Names

Despite having existed for a long time, the Great Pyredane has no nicknames yet. But who knows? As time passes by, people could assign nicknames or aliases for this hybrid. Whatever they’re called, you know they’re talking about the Great Pyredane if you hear the words large, loving, dedicated, and protective.


The male Great Pyredanes can grow from 29 to 33 inches and weigh up to 120 pounds. Females, on the other hand, can grow from 27 to 31 inches and weigh up to 105 pounds. Seeing that they can grow more than two feet, it’s no surprise many are intimidated by them. But you shouldn’t be! These creatures are affectionate and protective to the core. With a lifespan of 8 – 12 years, it’s an honor to spend a lifetime with these dogs.


These creatures are known to be very friendly, loving, loyal, and affectionate. They are gentle and patient to their masters. These creatures are calm, easygoing, and eager to learn. You can guarantee that they will do everything in their power to please their owners.

Despite what many people think, the Great Pyredane is not active. They are more laid back compared to their parents. However, they can be pretty protective of their territory which is a good thing if you aim to have a watchdog.

Pet Compatibility

Like any other pooch, the Great Pyredane is affectionate with other animals. However, they need to socialize with them first. If you’re planning to have this dog as a new addition to the family, they need some time to get to know each other. This way, they can accustom themselves to the rowdy behavior of their fellow pets. This helps them trim their aggression and dominance towards them and develop a friendly and familial relationship with them.


The Great Pyredane is usually calm and even-tempered. However, they have the tendency to be aggressive when provoked. These creatures need the training to suppress their dominant nature. It also keeps their minds stimulated to prevent boredom. Without it, they resort to destructive activities such as biting, chewing, and digging.

If you’re worried about their training needs, don’t be. These creatures are easy to train because they are intelligent. In fact, they crave regular activity. This is why they are not as suitable for apartment living as other dogs. While they don’t have high-energy levels, they still need exercise to keep their bodies safe.

Family Life

Aside from being loyal and obedient, these dogs are one of the most protective creatures on the planet. It is not a surprise considering their parents are famous guard dogs. With proper training and socialization, these dogs make amazing family dogs. Not only will they protect you but they will also strive to make you happy. So, you need to do the same. If possible, involve them in family activities. Teach them chores. This way, you can make them happy by helping you.

Children Compatibility

Aside from being taught chores, the Great Pyredane can also be taught to babysit. These dogs are more patient and sturdier for rough play. However, you need to be more cautious no matter how trained your dog is. If they are hurt or provoked by children, they can show aggression.

So, be sure to instruct your children never to agitate the dog. Before you leave your child with a Great Pyredane, teach your child how to handle them properly. Avoid tugging their ears and their tail. Also, avoid throwing things at them, or else, they could retaliate. Other than that, these dogs are amazing babysitters. They don’t like it when a stranger comes near the child unless it is warranted by the parent. If you want someone to protect your children, this dog is for you.

Owning A Great Pyredane

These dogs are generally healthy pooches. However, they are prone to hip dysplasia, bloating, heart disease, hypothyroidism, and osteosarcoma. To prevent this, you need the assistance of a vet. This way, they can administer the physical examination, electrocardiogram, and neurological testing.

You can also seek their help so they can advise you on the proper ways to care for your pooch. This includes their diet and grooming needs. Since these are large dogs, you also need to give them food to sustain their bodies and their activity needs. When it comes to grooming, experts recommend regular baths to remove dirt and matting on their coats. You also need to brush their hair every week to remove tangles. Don’t forget to brush their teeth and clean their ears to prevent infection.

The cost of caring for this dog is usually $400 to $800. But it can be lessened with a healthy lifestyle. Costly as it seems, it does not amount to the affection and protection they offer. If you think you can care for one, why don’t you look for Great Pyredanes for rehoming? This way you can build a long-term and healthy relationship with one of the most outstanding family dogs.

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