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Your pet is part of your family. He deserves a name. There is a wide list of unique dog names you can choose. Some people like to name their pets after a physical characteristic. Others prefer to name them after a place or individual. In the past, a dog name was part of making fun of people, but that has changed.

Nowadays, dog names are selected with the most care. They are inspired by the fact that it is a companion for life. Some people chose names of those they admire, like a famous person. Some others use the name of a place they like, as their favorite city.

To help your search for the perfect dog name, here are some examples of unique dog names. They are arranged in alphabetical order, with some references of where do they come from. In some cases, the names come from a different language, and we give you the translation. That way you can give your pet a meaningful name.

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The Huge List of Unique Dog Names

Unique Dog Names

AbnerEarl Yippington IIIIkhydOrko
AceÉclair (lightning bolt or the pastry)InfinityPain (bread)
Affectueux (affectionate)EiffelInglenookPapillon (butterfly)
AkiraElectraIonParfait (perfect)
AldrinEleventeenJabba the MuttParis
AliElfJacquesPascal (Blaise Pascal)
Amie (friend)ElwayJacques (Jacques Torres)Pâtisserie (pastry shop)
Amoureux (lover)EsmeJagPeyton
Antoinette (Marie Antoinette)FalconJaggerPhish
AtwaterFansJavaPickles McPorkchop
AxlFeaJazzyPistache (pistachio)
BabyFennecJe t’aime (I love you)Piston
Bad BoyFenwayJeffPizarro
BearFille (girl)JettPossum
BearFire DragonJokerPozer
BenedictFlâneur (aimless loafer)JumpPrincess Pee
Bijou (jewel)Flee/Fleigh (the latter for a girl)KaiRamen
Bilbo FleabagginsFleur (flower)KaladinRasputin
BitcoinFondueKarterRear Admiral Dan/Ann Ruffington
BlatherskiteFopdoodleKenoRed Zone
BlondieFoxyKickRendez-vous (meeting)
BlueFrançois (François Hollande, current president)KidRevis
BobotFu Dog ChewKissRififi (trouble)
BoloFuzzbucketKlaxonRudy Loosebooty
BordeauxGabrielleKnucklehead WonderpupSacré-Coeur
BroncoGabyLady Lump (for a lazy dog)Salacious B. Crumb (name after Jabba the Mutt’s Sidekick)
BumfuzzleGaladLeahSasha Fierce (used for a cowardly dog)
C3 Pee-OGalligaskinsLeanoraSassafras
CadillacGamblerLeeshaScarlet O’Hairy
CalistoGanacheLeopardSchnigglepeuf (supposedly, this means an enjoyable fart)
CashspielGandalfLibellule (dragonfly)Scrappy
Cassoulet (sausage and bean soup)GardylooLIbertyScrimmage
Chalupa BatmanGatsbyLighteningSir Yaps-a-lot
Chanceux (lucky)Gérard Depardieu (actor)LoboSleepy Bear
Chevrefeuille (honeysuckle)GinLollygagSnickersnee
ClarkGinnyLord/Lady LapdogSocks
CockalorumGinxLouis (Louis Pasteur, King Louis)Souffle
Coco (Coco Chanel)GordoLyonSoulja
CollywobblesGrand-père (grandfather)Madame BarklouderSuzuki
ColumbusGriffeyMagnifique (magnificent)Swag
CooperGrinnellManuTara Diddle
Coquelicot (poppy)GrrrraceMarquis (Marquis de Sade)Tarantella
Coquette (flirt)GrubberMarseilleTiger
Countess Von ScuttlebuttGubbinsMcGruff the Crime DogTomato/Tom-ah-to
CroissantGunnerMille-feuille (puff pastry dessert)Triomphe
Croquembouche (tower of pastries)Hairy PawterMittens (perfect for a large-breed that looks tough, like the doberman)Turtle O’Power
D.J. DoggywampusHamletMollycoddleUnderdog
Darth Maul (for a small, harmless dog)HammitMonet (Claude Monet)Unidragon
Defense Secretary Waggles (used for a guard dog)HannibalMontpellierVersailles
DeionHanselMousseVirginia Woof
Délicieux (delicious)HarajukuMowgliWabbit
DenimHedgehogMr. McGibletWallaby
Deputy DawgHerbieMr./Ms. KittyWeeny Cooper (used for a dachshund)
Descartes (René Descartes)HerculesMrs. MugglesworthWhoopi
Diablo (devil)HeroMulliganWhymper
DingoHeureux (happy)MulliganWiddershins
DonglebumHobbitNapoleonWilliam the Conquerer
DoppelbockHoegaardenNarcissique (narcissist)Winnie the Poodle
DOTUS (Dog of the United States)HoodwinkNeckbeardWombat
DracoHudsonNerf HerderXena Waggly Princess
DrakeHyechoNiçoise (type of salad)Yogi
DudeBroIcemanNoir (black)Zombie Dust

This video shows you how people named their dogs, you might get some inspiration.

Last Words

As you see, there are no rules. Names are inspired by ordinary things like Socks, or in book’s characters like Hobbit. Some others come from names in other languages. Famous people also resemble some names in the list.

There are some unusual combinations you would not expect. Like Dotus that is simply an acronym. You can use one of these unique dog names, or you may use them as inspiration to create an original option to add to the list. Don’t be afraid to experiment and let your imagination fly.

The most important thing about your dog’s name is that he likes it. You will know by the way he reacts when you say the name. If your new companion is fond of it, then it is a right fit.

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