How To Secure A Dog Door From Intruders

The love between the dog and the owner is inseparable. Many pet parents tend to be depressed once they notice their furry friend is lost.

Thanks to the improvement in technology. The new innovations have brought about many ways on how to secure a dog door from intruders. The use of electronic locks, security alarms, security cameras, and sensing lights are quite vital in such a case.

The technological improvement has enabled many dog parents to go the extra mile and invest in them so that they can safeguard their loved ones.

Also, the innovation has helped many parents to save a couple of dollars on creating posters of their lost friend and alleviate depression that would have been caused by burglary cases.

Securing your dog from intruders should always be the first thing to consider as a new pet parent. This will save you from a couple of problems.

If you own an outdoor dog, then you need to build a house that can never be broken in by intruders to steal your pooch.

Sometimes, the whole idea of securing the dog door from intruders can be a daunting experience for new parents.

How To Secure A Dog Door From Intruders

Well, we got your back. We have compiled a list of steps on how to secure a dog door from intruders. This whole idea will save you from a couple of impending problems.

Install Security Systems

Outdoor dogs are prone to theft cases, and the best way to ensure they are safe is to install security systems around the cage.

You can install a security alert system around the pet door and in case of an intruder touches then you will get alerts immediately.

The security alarm is one of the components and it should be hidden so that the intruder cannot temper with it in the process.

Most of these alarms tend to have sensors that help to detect someone coming closers to the dog crate door especially if you own an outdoor dog. The signal makes the alarm to ring loudly.

Fix the Dog Door on the Wall

Intruders tend to be malicious, and they tend to kick the pet door. Once the pet door is not reinforced on the wall, it can easily break, and your pooch will be stolen.

The best thing to put into consideration is fixing the pet door on the wall since this could require a lot of force. It will make it hard for intruders to break the dog crate door.

You can also install a wall barrier around your home, and this will restrict the intruders from accessing your backyard.

Ensure the wall barrier has electric shock cables that will even make it difficult for intruders to climb over and steal your dog.

Bring on Board Access Control Door

Technology has brought more good than harm to the pet industry. You can purchase an access control pet doors, and this will minimize theft cases. Here the dog parent will be in charge of accessing their pet.

These access control doors are digitalized such that you will be required to press some codes directly or use a remote to open the door.

Adapting this technology will save you from a couple of stress pertaining to your dog although it is quite expensive.

Purchase the Right Size

Different breeds of dogs have different sizes and shape. If you own a small breed dog then it is prudent to consider a small size dog crate and vice versa.

However, there are some pet parents who prefer large size dog crate regardless of the size of the dog for some reason like freedom of movement.

In the real sense, this is not a good idea since the intruder is likely to crawl inside the cage and get away with your canine friend with ease.

Therefore, you need to purchase a dog crate that perfectly fit your pooch and this will help to reduce the cases of theft. Take the measurement of you pooch and pick the perfect size dog crate for your dog.

Furthermore, if you’re finding it difficult to choose the right crate for your canine friend, feel free to explore our guide about the best heavy duty dog crates in the market right now.

How To Secure A Large Dog Door

Dogs are highly susceptible to theft cases in recent days. Every one out of five homes in American families usually reports cases of dog theft on a daily basis.

The situation can be worse if you are a new dog parent who owns a large breed dog. Securing large dog doors can be a nightmare.

These breeds of dogs tend to be energetic and they can easily push the door until it gets open. This can later subject your canine friend to a lot of problems like getting lost, theft and even accidents.

Securing such doors require a lot of precautions to ensure maximum protection of your canine friend in the backyard whether at night or daytime.

If you are a tech-savvy then count yourself lucky. Consider purchasing electronic lock doors which require the use of password or remote to unlock. Such types of doors prevent intruders from stealing your loved one.

Another thing to put into consideration is the latch. These parts should have a point where you can lock the door with a padlock. You can even modify your latch and put a heavy-duty clip that can hold a padlock.

Besides that, you can also enhance the latch with the cover so that it will help to hide the padlock after locking the door. This also makes it difficult for intruders to spot the entry point of the large dog crate.

Sometimes, securing large dog doors can be tricky, but you can bring onboard an expert to help in fixing in a way that neither a dog nor an intruder can open.

How To Secure Sliding Glass Dog Door

Sliding glass dog doors tend to be quite delicate, and this makes it easy for a burglar to break in and steal your pet.

You will need to invest a lot of money on door latches. You will be required to buy a high-quality lock that has a loop structure that can inhibit intruders. These latches tend to hold the sliding door tightly.

Sliding glass doors tend to give intruders a clear view of your pooch, and we recommend installing alarm security. Once the burglar touches the door, it will send an alert immediately.

You can also reinforce the sliding glass dog door with a lock it blocks its security window bar. This is a durable PVC which help to make it hard to slide the door or knock it off.

If you are not an expert then you will be required to go an extra mile to hire one who has full knowledge of dealing with sliding glass dog doors. Although this might result in extra cost but it is worth for the love of your canine friend.

Best Way To Secure A Dog Door

Pet doors help to enhance the security of your furry friend. If the door is poorly fitted, then expect theft cases to happen.

However, it is quite easy to avoid such scenarios to your pooch by adopting the best ways to secure a dog door.

Here are some of the tips that will help to secure a dog door professionally. The tips include:

Install the Dog Door in a Wall

Fitting the dog door into a wall make it quite hard for an intruder to reach the latch and unlock the door. This will help to enhance the top security of your pooch in case of burglary.

Consider Tech Savvy

Modern dog doors are fitted with electronic locks which might require a remote or password to unlock.

These doors are quite expensive, but they are worth securing your furry friend from potential theft cases.

Install Security Alarm on the Doors

Fitting a pet door alarm is a high technological device that can alert the dog owner in case of any problem. The bells can easily detect any additional weight apart from the dog and the housing.

Install Security Camera Systems

Fitting security cameras around the dog house will scare away thieves since they will feel that they are being watched.

Here is a video on how to secure a dog door from intruders:


Dogs tend to be clever generally, and containing them in a crate can be quite tricky. We recommend you crate train them first and consider dog crates with tight latches that can be difficult to be unlocked by the pooch.

Also, consider modern dog doors that are fitted with electronic locks, and this will even make it hard to intruders to steal your furry friend.

I hope the guidelines highlighted above will be beneficial when it comes to security matters of your dog. Good Luck.

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