How to Stop Dog From Scratching Door to Come Inside?

Dog scratching door is a method of communication among many canines. They are simply indicating that they either want to come in or get out of the house.

Getting the canine friend another method of communication is proven to be an effective way of curbing door scratching behaviour. If you fail to consider the method then be ready to experience door damage.

The process of training your furry friend not to scratch the door takes a lot of time and you are expected to exercise patience as well as care.

The good news is that the behaviour is preventable and can easily be dealt with using the following methods:

Check Separation Anxiety

Dogs are highly susceptible to experience separation anxiety. Door scratching is one of the symptoms and dealing with the behaviour is not easy.

The best thing is to consider seeking an opinion from a professional dog trainer. You will get a master plan on how to handle the anxiety issue in a professional way.

Install Pet Doors

Dogs love the freedom of movement. Installing the pet door will help to enhance the movement with little disturbance to the owner.

However, you will be required to train the canine on how to use the door and this will help to reduce the issue of door scratch.

Get a secured pet door that will prevent wild animals or intruders from accessing your home while away to the workplace.

Get Rid of Old Habits

Rescued dogs usually have the behaviour of scratching the door as a way of communicating that they want to come inside the house.

Replace the behaviour by training them properly and anytime they use the right means of communication then reward them with the best treatment.

The best method is training them either to bark or sit by the door. This will help reduce the damage caused on the door due to scratching.

Install Jingle Bells

Installing the jingle bell in a place where your canine friend paw or nose can reach will help reduce door scratching behaviour.

However, you will be expected to train the furry friend on how to use the doorbells in case they want to come into the house.

This is considered to be the best way on how to deal with door scratching behaviour once it is reinforced in the right manner.

Develop a Schedule

Develop a habit of letting your canine friend know when it is the time to get out and time to get into the house.

Therefore, get a schedule of opening the door when it is time to get into the house. The dog will get used to the routine and later minimize the old behaviour of scratching the door.

Introduce Door Protectors

There are plenty of door protectors in the market and it is upon you to pick the one that fits your door perfectly.

However, this is usually a temporal solution since door scratching tends to produce a lot of noise hence causing irritation.

The good news is that there are door protectors that do not produce noise and they are worth to consider. They help prevents the door from being damaged by the canine.

Install a Barrier

Place a gate around the door and this will prevent the canine from reaching the door. Instead, place a mat near the barrier where the poodle can sleep while waiting for the door to be opened.

This is usually a temporal solution since it is not good to leave your canine friend outside to be rained on. Besides that, being stolen by intruders.

How to Stop Dog From Jumping On Door?

How to Stop Dog From Scratching Door to Come Inside

Dog jumping on the door especially a glass door is not good behaviour. Large dog breeds might jump on the glass door and smash it.

The chances of the canine being injured are quite high and this might result in the extra cost that can be avoided.

The good news is that the problem of the canine jumping on the door can be prevented but only after knowing the reason behind it.

If the jumping behaviour causes damages on the door then you need to figure out another way of playing to sort out the problem at hand.

The most wonderful thing is that the dog with jumping behaviour can be retrained and prevent the issue of unwanted jumping behaviour on the door.

Here are some of the tips on how to curb the jumping traits in the canine friend. Let’s find out:

Provide Something for the Dog to Carry In His Mouth

Dogs have the tendency of jumping as a way of showing excitement or greetings to the owner. The best option to distract the behaviour is by giving them something to carry in his mouth.

All the attention will be drawn to the item and they will no longer jump on the door with the aim of not losing the item they are carrying.

Ignore the Jumping Dog

The excitement and joy of the canine friend after seeing the owner is a phenomenon. Some might start to stand with two paws while others begin to jump up and down.

If you have the furry friend with the character of jumping up and down then try to ignore them for a moment until they calm down.

Introduce no jumping rules and this will be the best way to suppress the canine from jumping on the doors while causing damages with their claws.

Delay Greetings until the Canine Calm Down

According to research, dog jumping is a sign of greetings and excitement. Dealing with behaviour can be a bit tricky to some extent.

The best way is to delay greetings until the canine friend calms down. Instruct the guest and family members to adapt to the rules.

Another alternative in keeping the canine in the dog crate and prevent him from greeting the guest with the jumping character.

Leashing or crating the Dog

If you have a canine friend who is a persistent and enthusiastic jumper then consider leashing or crating him in the house.

This is the best option of diverting their attention from you and jumping on the doors. Hence prevent the bad behaviour of scratching the doors and causing accidents by the door.

Dog Scratching Door Protection?

Door scratching causes irritation and damage to the doors. The use of door protectors helps to curb the two scenarios in a professional way.

Fitting door protectors help to keep the door in a good shape and also prevent your dog paws from being damaged.

There are plenty of door protectors in the market but it is good to put several things into consideration to enhance the safety of your canine friend.

The first thing to consider is the size of your canine friend. You may be required to install door protectors at the bottom of the door in case of small breed dogs or cover all parts of the door in case of large breed dogs.

Also, the material of the door matters a lot. In case of glass door then you will be required to use a door screen protector that is thick.

That’s not all. Consider door protectors that produce less noise since the sound of scratching tends to irritate.

Lastly, pick door protectors that have a rough texture and this will cause pain to the canine that scratches the door. Later the dog will try to avoid scratching the door due to pain.

How Do You Stop Separation Anxiety In Dogs?

Dogs are social animals, unlike cats. They tend to show symptoms of separation anxiety once they are left at home alone.

Door scratches and chewing of clothes are among the many other factors related to the dog experiencing separation anxiety.

The good news is that both the condition and symptoms can easily be prevented. But this normally takes time, care and patience.

Here are some of the tricks proven to help stop separation anxiety in dogs. Let’s find out more:

Exercise the Dog

Have the habit of taking your canine friend for a walk before leaving the house. An exhausted dog does have less energy hence less destructive and anxious when left alone.

Change Departure Clues

Dogs are quite curious and they are able to monitor the routines of their owner especially if they want to leave. Therefore, come up with new tricks of leaving the house without your furry friend knowing.

Build Confidence in the Dog

Dog training sessions are the best methods on how to build confidence in canines. Consider positive training sessions especially if your canine friend is anxious. The commands will help them to stay calm even after leaving home.

Create a Comfortable Place

Anxious dogs tend to feel insecure and it is good to design a place that is comfortable for them. A comfortable place assures the canine that they are safe and secure. The best place for them to enjoy the comfort is the bed. Teach them how to use the bed.

Change the Key of Departure and Arrival

Normally many dog parents tend to spend a lot of time telling their poodle goodbye and this one of the things that increase anxiety and distress after they have left.

The best way is to have a low-key departure and arrival. This way the dog will develop the habit and it will experience minimal stress.

Besides that, if the canine seeks maximum attention during arrival, try to make it short and simple. Too much attention to the furry friend is not good.

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