How Do I Keep Bugs Out Of My Dogs Door?

Are you looking for tips on how to keep bugs out of the dog doors but keep finding information that does not address your need? Well, we’ve your back here.

Bugs are small insects that thrive in a warm and humid climate. These bugs can pose a serious threat to your canine. The good news is that there are several ways on how to keep bugs out of the dog door both naturally and artificially.

Therefore, if you do not want the medical issues associated with these insects then it is good to read through the guide and learn how to bug off.

With bug season approaching, you need to be aware of both natural and artificial pest control measures. These two methods will help prevent bug infestations on the canine and even around the dog door.

Bug proofing dog doors can be quite difficult since there are some stubborn bugs that will fight to find their way inside the doors.

Therefore, you will be required to invest some money into simple maintenance and door keeping tasks. This will help reduce the chances of bugs infesting your dog door.

How Do I Keep Bugs Out Of My Dogs Door

Here are some of the things to consider when thinking about reducing pest infestation around and inside the dog doors. They include:

Install Wire Mesh and Maintain the Door Screen

Purchase a fine-meshing screen and install it around the dog door. The fine mesh will help to trap tiny bugs and in the process prevent them from entering the house through the dog’s door.

Also, you will be required to survey around the dog door and seal all the holes or even replace broken screens. The process will help to keep a bug off the house and dog door.

Seal around the Dog Door

If there is a tiny hole where light tends to pass through then be aware that even bugs can pass through into the house.

The best thing to do is install tight door sweeps at the bottom of the exterior door. Also, use some seals to fill up all the gaps or holes around the door.

Keep Trash Away from Dog Door

Trash cans tend to invite bugs for dinner and if they are placed close to the dog door then there is a high chance of bugs infesting around the door.

If you want to keep bugs away from the door then adopt proper storage of the trash and this will save you from a hell of problems.

Eliminate Moisture around Dog Door

Bugs tend to thrive well in a warm and moist environment. Therefore, if the environment around the canine door is favorable then there is a high chance of inviting bugs.

Ensure the area around the canine door is clean and dry. This will get rid of any breeding ground of these bugs.

Encourage Natural Predators

This is the best method of bug proofing your canine doors. Birds and bats tend to feed on bugs as the main source of food.

Therefore, encourage the growth of trees and bush within the backyard to enhance nesting development. These birds will come out and pick bugs around the canine doors.

Spray around the Canine Door

There are quite a good number of bug repellants in the market. But you need to be extra careful when shopping for an artificial pest control spray.

We recommend the use of natural oil sprays since they are also proven to be quite effective when it comes to dealing with bugs.

Besides that, the natural oil sprays do not pose any health threat to your canine friend as compared to artificial chemicals.

Flies Coming In Through Dog Door

Dealing with flies can be a daunting experience especially if they are entering the house through the recently installed a dog door.

A lot of pet parents end up closing the door permanently because of the nuisance caused by the flies in the house.

The best thing to consider is making your home inhospitable for flies that pass through the canine door.

Here you will be required to get rid of their habitat in the house and find a way on how to prevent them from entering the house.

Cleaning the Yard

Garden debris and mulch tend to be a breeding ground for flies. Getting rid of the organic matter around the yard will help to eliminate flies around the compound.

Therefore, try to remove any buildup of organic matters around the canine door frequently. This will prevent breeding and entry of flies into the house via the canine door.

Wash the Trash Bins

Dirty trash bins tend to smell and this normally attracts flies. If you have the behavior of keeping dirty trash bins around the canine door then it is high time to stop.

However, the best solution is making sure the trash bins are tidy and this can be achieved by cleaning with a bleaching detergent. It will help eliminate the smell.

Clean Up Pet Utensils

A lot of flies tend to love dog foods. Leaving dirty canine utensils will also attract flies from outside and they will hang around the dishes.

It is recommended to clean the canine dishes after use and keep them dry. Also, scoop and clean pet litter daily.

Seal Cracks and Holes around the Door

Any holes or cracks around the dog door will automatically invite flies into the house. If you notice a huge number of flies entering the house through the dog door then try to inspect it.

Use caulk and other sealing materials to close all the cracks or holes around the canine door. This will prevent flies from entering the house.

Install Door Screen

Many pet owners normally install mesh on the dog door mainly to enhance ventilation and fresh air circulation, especially during summer.

Flies tend to use the gabs within the mesh and get through into the house. The best to block the flies is by installing a door screen or use fine mesh.

The door screen will automatically block the flies from accessing the house since they are normally trapped within the mesh.

Is Bug Spray Safe For Dogs?

Let’s cut to the chase.

Human bug sprays are not safe for the canines since it contains some ingredients that can trigger dog vomiting, seizures, and skin irritation.

Generally, bug spray is not safe for furry friends and if you notice the canine licking their skin after spraying then consult your vet immediately.

According to research, the use of natural bug spray oil is the most recommended since it does not pose any health threat to the canine.

Most of these natural oil sprays contain ingredients that help to nourish the dog’s skin coat and also enhance hydration.

On the other hand, chemical-based bug spray contains compounds or elements that dehydrate dog skin leading to severe irritation.

If you notice your canine has been infested with bugs then consider using medicated shampoos since they are proven to eliminate bugs from canines.

Excessive accumulation of bugs on the furry skin coat is likely to result in some diseases which can be fatal. Consult your vet about the best bug spray for the canine with bugs.

What Insect Repellent Is Safe For Dogs?

During warm weather, many canines are typically affected by heartworm disease and the best way to handle this is by use of insect repellents.

There are quite a good number of insect repellents both synthetic and natural out there in the market.

However, you need to be extra careful about the ingredients of the repellent before buying since there are some that are regarded not to be safe for the canines.

Here are some of the most recommended insect repellents for dogs by veterinarians around the world. They include:

Deet Insect Repellent

The insecticide help to get rid of mosquitoes, bugs and other flies that might ruin the health of your canine during summer.

However, it contains some ingredients that are not safe for your canine. The ingredients tend to enter into the bloodstream and become toxic in the long run.

Although it is quite efficient in insect elimination, it is never advisable to use on your canine friend.

Picaridin Insect Repellent

The synthetic insecticide is proven to be quite effective and less toxic when compared to deet. It does not contain ingredients that might affect your furry friend and this is the reason behind its popularity.

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

This is a natural based insect repellent that plays a vital role when it comes to getting rid of insects that tend to affect the canine during summer.

The good news is that they also contain ingredients that not only get rid of flies but also nourishes the skin coat of the dog.

Neem Oil

This is another dog-safe insect repellent that is quite effective. The natural oil contains ingredients that are not harsh to the dog’s skin. Besides that, the oil can be used to heal sores and wounds on the canine.

Cinnamon Oil

According to research, cinnamon oil is proven to be effective when it comes to dealing with insect larvae. It helps to prevent insects from growing up and causing a nuisance to the furry friend during warm weather.

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