How to Put a Dog Door in a Glass Door

There is nothing as good as having a safe and comfortable household for both the pet and the owner. Nature calls tend to make dogs to seek going outside and to install a dog door will help to resolve the issue with ease even at night.

Many homes nowadays have glass doors and installing a dog door tends to be quite easy. The article provides a step-by-step guide on how to put a dog door in a glass door. The DIY techniques are quite straight forward even for a new dog owner.

The canine door will prevent him from waking you at night especially when they are pressed. This is normally considered a win-win solution for both the canine and the owner.

Sometimes, you may fit the furry door in the glass door and eventually allow entry of wild animals into the house. This happens if you failed to follow the tips listed in the guide properly.

Glass doors tend to be quite delicate and if you lack the required skills of fitting dog doors then be assured of damaging the whole thing.

If you find the whole idea of fitting the dog door in a glass door to be hard, then we recommend you call upon an expert though this will be expensive.

How to Put a Dog Door in a Glass Door

Here are tips that will save you a couple of dollars when it comes to installing a canine door in a glass door. Take your time to read through each step and implement it later in the process. They include:

Determine the Type of the Glass Door

There are quite a good number glass doors in the market and their stability varies with quality. Therefore, you need to determine the quality of the glass door before thinking of fitting a canine door.

Also, check the arrangement of the glass door grid and the number of panes used to design it. This will give you a clear sign about which pet door to purchase.

If you have a smaller breed of dog then you will be required to remove a few panes from the glass door as compared to large breed dogs.

Take Measurements of the Canine

Measure the height and width of your canine friend before buying a dog door that will be fitted in the glass door.

Measure the height from the ground up to the shoulders and the width normally entails the size of the shoulders.

Sketch the Layout of the Glass Door

Use a marker pen to sketch the measurement of the canine on the glass door. The layout will let you know the number of panes to remove from the door.

If you removing the panes from the glass door hard then you will be required to contact a nearby glazier. They have skills on how to deal with glasses.

Purchase the Canine Door

Choose a suitable dog door that can perfectly fit in the opening made on the glass door and also allow your canine friend to pass through easily.

There are plenty of canine doors in the market and it is advisable to pick a door that is of high quality. The pet door should also enhance safety and comfort in the household.

Installation of the Dog Door

Glass doors are quite delicate and dealing with them when you lack the required skills may cause damage.

The best thing to consider is hiring a professional glazier to help in fitting the dog door in the glass door.

Glaziers normally have all the required tools of cutting through and sealing any remaining gaps after fitting the canine door. However, some tend to be quite expensive.

Sliding Glass Door with Dog Door Built In

Security and safety of your furry friend as well as the entire household is quite paramount when thinking about sliding glass door with dog door built-in.

There are several sliding glass doors with pet door built in right now in the market. But you need to be extra careful when buying.

Here are some of the things to consider before buying a sliding glass door with an inbuilt dog door. The features include:

Tempered Doors

Consider inbuilt pet doors that match the sliding glass door and also the décor of your home. This is will make it difficult of intruders to access your house while away since distinction will be tough.

Door Frames

Purchase sliding glass doors with a dog door built in that has vinyl frames. These frames will prevent the entry of insects or loss of heat from the house during winter. Also, vinyl frames ensure the perfect fitting of the dog door.

Flap Size of the Door

Flap size tend to vary from small to large depending on the size of your canine. The best thing to do is to take the measurement of the canine before buying the door.

Buy large flap size in case of large dog breed while small for small-size canines. The perfect fit will allow the furry friend to pass through with ease.

All-Weather Resistant Doors

Consider endura flap combat doors since they are known to be all-weather resistant. They have a magnetic lining that hold the flap once the dog enters or leaves the house.

Besides that, they are not affected by rust and this makes them withstand minimal wear and tear hence lasting for a couple of years.

Transparent Flap

Sliding door glass with an inbuilt dog door need to have a clear flap so that the furry friend can have the freedom to see through it.

Besides that, the feature tends to mimic the glass door and this makes the flap to perfectly match the home décor.

Here are some of the benefits of purchasing a sliding glass door with a dog door built-in. The benefits include:

  • Takes little amount of space
  • Allow easy entry of people and canine friend
  • The original lock of the door enhances maximum security
  • Prevent entry of bugs, mosquitoes, and rainwater from entering the house
  • Gives your canine freedom of entry and exit

Storm Door with Dog Door

Installing a dog door into a storm door is quite easy and simple. You are only required to purchase the necessary tools for installation.

Firstly, take the measure of the canine friend from the knees to the head and also around the shoulders.

Then, use the measurements to purchase the right size of the dog door. Consider a pet door that is self-framing since storm doors are glass doors.

Design the layout of the canine door bought against the storm door. This will help get the exact measurement of the pet door.

Use the masking tape on the dimensions of the layout on the storm door. Use a glass cutter to cut the storm door along with the masking tape.

Lastly, insert the dog door in the opening. Push the door until it perfectly fit inside the hole. Ensure there is no gab that will allow entry of insects and rainwater into the house.

Dog Door Installation Cost

Dog doors are quite vital when it comes to giving your furry friend freedom of entry and exit. Installing a dog door will relieve you of the task of opening the main door occasionally when the canine experiences nature call.

The idea of installing the canine door is quite ideal in case you have a fenced yard. You should note that unfenced yard will make your furry friend susceptible to theft or accidents.

Dog doors tend to come in different sizes and options. The good news is that there are dog doors that can fit any breed of the canine regardless of age or size.

There are several factors that influence the cost of dog door installation cost. Some of these factors include:

Where to Install the Door

The dog doors can be installed on the main door or wall. Installing the canine door on the wooden main door tends to be quite affordable when compared to installing on the walls. Also, installing pet doors in glass doors tend to be too expensive.

Location of the Pet Owner

Different cities have different cost of installing pet doors. There are some places especially in remote areas the cost of installing the canine door is quite affordable as compared to big cities.

Labor Involvement

Installation of any doggy doors requires certain tools and experience. You will need cutting tools and drills for creating a hole or opening.

This implies that you will need to hire manual laborers and carpenter for proper fitting of the pet door. The cost of laborers and carpenter is too high.

Maintenance Costs

Doggy flap tends to be wear and tear with time. This implies that they will need replacement over time. Depending on the type of the door and the flap, replacement cost tends to be varied. Determining the exact price can be difficult.


If you are dealing with electrical panels, you will be required to acquire a permit. The cost of the permit and the overall cost of installation will automatically be high.

However, if you are not dealing with wiring, there is no need to acquire an installation permit hence fewer expenses cost.

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