How Do I Protect My Door From Dog Scratches?

The dog scratching behaviour is quite common among many breeds of dogs. This happens due to the dog experiencing distress and stress when left alone at home.

Interior part of the door is quite vital since any damage made of it as a result of canine scratching interferes with the home décor. Getting the right door scratch protector will save you from a hell of problems.

However, there are many factors to put into consideration before considering any door scratch protectors. You will be expected to consider the size of the canine, material of the door and noise produced by the door protector.

Small dog breeds like pug only require a door protector that can fit at the bottom of the door while large breeds will require a door protector that covers almost the whole door. Also, the protector should be thicker than those of small dog breeds.

There are so many door protectors in the market and knowing the material used to design your house door is key. There are door protectors meant for glass doors, screen doors and standard doors.

Besides that, consider door protectors that produce no sound since noise can be irritating to some extent. The best option is picking the door protector that irritate the canine due to the texture. The irritation will make the furry friend stay away from scratching the door.

Another great option is installing the dog door. This will help reduce the risk of scratching the door since they will spend most of the time in the backyard.

Dog door installation is recommended only if the backyard is highly fenced and secured. This help to ensure the safety of the canine friend from being stolen and also getting involved in a road accident.

Also, you can file their claws to reduce sharpness such that when they scratch the door, they do not leave marks on it. The task can only be achieved when the canine friend is calm and relax.

Besides that, you can also hire a dog sitter though this can be expensive but worth saving your home décor. The price of dog sitting tends to vary depending on so many things. It is quite hard to figure out the exact price.

Playing with your canine friend until she becomes exhausted is another alternative. An exhausted canine will consider relaxing or sleeping on the sofa. The energy of scratching the door is no longer there.

Lastly, get mobile dog toys. The moving toys tend to distract the attention of scratching the door. Also, chewing toys help to keep canine busy and this reduces the risk of damaging the doors in the house.

How To Stop Dog From Scratching Door?

How Do I Protect My Door From Dog Scratches

The interior of the door is highly susceptible to dog scratches. Any damage made of the door tends to interfere with the home décor. This happens where the canine is in distress and stressed.

Protecting your doors from dog scratches is not something that cannot be done overnight. Fighting separation anxiety in dogs’ takes time and this is the only possible way to protect the doors from scratches. Dog training is a possible remedy here.

The dog owner will be required to reward the canine friend with their best treats after showcasing good behaviour like calmness.

Punishing bad behaviours is not recommended since research shows that this only increases distress and stress in the canine.

The best thing to consider is using positive reinforcement tricks and this will help to reduce the behaviour of scratching the door while you are away to work.

Separation anxiety in furry friends can only be achieved by calming and treating them in a caring way. The process normally takes a lot of time and this is the best option to consider.

Making your canine friend get used to your absence will considerably reduce separation anxiety and other stresses.

Here you will be required to leave your canine friend in a room for some minutes then hours. Later provide them with a treat for remaining calm. The entire process should be gradual until you achieve your goal.

Ensure the time spend away keeps on fluctuating so that the canine cannot predict the exact time when you are back at home. This will completely get rid of any distress and stress in the long run.

Another best option that has been proven to work is taking them for a serious jog before leaving them alone. Jogging makes the canines get exhausted and want to relax after returning home.

Leaving the dog tired to make him get a nap on the sofa and they will have no opportunity to start scratching on the door.

However, you will be required to do so every day and this is another way of making them experience separation anxiety when you leave.

The best thing to consider is taking your canine friend to daycare and this will help fight with separation anxiety as well as preserving your interior doors from a dog scratch.

Why Does My Dog Scratch The Door When I Leave?

Dog scratching behaviour has different meanings among many canines. If the canine friend scratches the door while outside tend to imply that they need to get inside the house.

Therefore, it is recommended to install a dog door that helps to reduce the task of opening the door when they won’t go out and come inside the house.

Another behaviour is scratching the door from inside and this is usually an indication of the following reasons:

  • Suffering from separation anxiety once the owner left the house
  • The need to go outside and play in the backyard
  • Trying to seek the attention of the owner
  • Getting bored
  • Weird noise outside or there is another stray dog or cat roaming in the backyard.

Having a proper understanding of the canine behaviour will help curb the behaviour of scratching the door.

It is recommended to train the canine friend to use another communication method rather than scratching the door. This will greatly reduce the damage caused on the door by the canine scratch behaviour.

Paw pads are the best option to consider rather than filing their claws. This will not only protect the door but also prevent them from splitting their claws while scratching a wooden door.

Dog Scratches at Door All Night

The behaviour of the dog to scratch the door at night could be due to boredom, frustrations and anxiety. The good news is that the behaviour can be prevented through positive techniques.

The best thing to consider is to identify the cause and find the appropriate way on how to deal with the behaviour.

The next thing to consider is protecting the door. This help to prevent the door from being damaged by dog scratch behaviour. Here you will be required to use a heavy-duty pet screen protector.

If the canine friend is suffering from separation anxiety then you will be required to address the issue rather than the symptom.

Get a dog crate that will make your canine friend feel safe and train him to feel comfortable once he is left alone.

The entire process of dealing with separation anxiety is not easy since it takes a lot of time to make your canine friend get accustomed to sleeping alone.

The best remedy to consider is holding a discussion with a professional dog trainer on how to prevent canine behaviour.

The dog trainer will provide a plan on how to curb the behaviour and deal with separation anxiety in a professional way. The main aim of the plan is to make your poodle less anxious and it should be implanted gradually.

Summary of Dog Scratching Behavior

Dog scratching tends to cause damage to the doors and home décor. The behaviour is quite frustrating but it can easily be prevented.

The first thing to consider is understanding why your canine friend is scratching the door and this will help on how to prevent the behaviour.

However, you will be required to exercise patience, care and implement the right training method. Using the right technique will even curb the behaviour of the unruliest dog.

Meanwhile, repair the damaged parts of the door and the interior of the home décor. At the moment this should not bother you at all since with time the behaviour will cease.

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