No Bullshit Guide on How to Install a Dog Door

Theft cases of pets have been rampant in the recent days and many pet owners are advised to secure their dog doors well especially at night.

A well-installed dog door is quite easy to secure but the entire process of installing can be a daunting experience for both new and veteran pet owners.

Our guide will show you how to install a dog door in a door and wall. Besides that, you will get to know the costs that will be involved. Our aim is to ensure that your canine friend is highly secured and has freedom of movement.

A lot of dog owners have opted to sleep with their pooch in their bedroom for security purposes but this ends up not working well for some parents.

Parents with messy canine friends tend to find themselves in a crossroad since they might end up messing with everything in your bedroom. The worst part is spraying around the bed. The stink is quite disgusting.

Looking for a guide showing you how to install a dog door but keep finding information that doesn’t address your dog’s needs? We’ve got you.

Today, we want to share with you various ways on how to install dog doors for either large or small breed dogs.

Most importantly, reveal some of the most affordable and simple ways of installing dog doors. Let’s get to:

How to Install a Dog Door

How to Install a Dog Door in a Door

Do you want to give your canine friend freedom of movement while away for work? Well, it is time to think about installing a dog door in a door.

The idea will save you from a couple of problems even when you are not around your house. The pooch will have the opportunity to explore outside and this reduces messes they would cause in the house.

The busy life schedules have made many dog parents not to notice if their canine friend’s needs and installation of dog doors enable them to have that freedom of movement.

There are several types of doors and each door tend to unique when it comes to the installation of dog doors.

The good news is that most of these doors can easily be modified to allow installation of dog doors. However, we recommend calling upon experts for assistance.

We have compiled a guide on how to install dog doors in various doors and we hope it will be useful for you. Let’s get started here:

Screen Door

If you have a screen door that exits through a lanai is quite important to fix a dog door. Fixing this dog door tend to be quite easy and simple. It involves screwing the designated attachment to the bottom corner of the screen door frame.

Attach the dog door frame on the attachment then cut off the screen located on the dog passageway. Finally, pinch the remaining hanging screen so that only the dog door has the screen.

Storm Door

Take the measurement of the pooch with some allowances and buy the storm door that will perfectly suit them.

The next thing is to cut the door with a jigsaw after drilling several small holes in the measured part of the door.

Insert the outer part of the storm door to the exterior part of the door. Ensure the frame is thicker than the storm door so that the dog door can easily be flushed.

Place the inner frame that has a dog flap to the opening of the interior side of the door. Screw the frame to tighten off then apply caulk to reduce the air leakage.

Metal Door

Avail all the tools for installing a dog door in a metal door. Take the height measurement of your canine friend. Leave some few inches for allowances.

Remove the door and then lay it flat on sturdy sawhorses. Position the door in a way that the pet can easily see-through.

Design the layout using the measurements from your canine and then center punch as well as drill some holes in the corners for easy cut.

Tap the layout and then choose the right blade for cutting. Test frame the mark screw holes. Center punch and drill again. Clump the inner and outer frames together then hang the door back.

Panel Door

Picking the right blade for cutting the panel is the key factor to consider. If your panel is made of metal then use a jigsaw and if it is made of wood using a wood blade.

Check the design of the panel then drill the dog door to the center bottom. Ensure the door is about two inches from the edge of the bottom.

Position the dog door in a way that the canine friend can easily pass through with ease. Caulk the perimeter of the frame to seal all the gaps so that it can hold the dog door frame for long.

French Door

French doors tend to be delicate and it is recommended to bring onboard a profession to reduce the risk of damage.

Take the measurement of your pooch so that it can be easy to determine the correct flap size. Check the height of the French door from the ground and make it ideal for your pooch.

Remove extra glass pane of the French door and measure the opening hole. Get the dog door and insert it correctly.

Sliding Door

Check the design of the sliding door and take the measurement of the track of the door. Another measure that is quite important is that of your canine friend.

Use a piece of cardboard to test where to fit the dog flap in the sliding door. Ensure the spot identified is convenient for your canine.

Find the height of the door that will fit your slider. Install an additional panel to the dog door and this will decrease your door.

Again take the measurement of the door and the panel to be installed. Then order the one that fit the specification.

Dry fit the panel and later fit it if everything goes perfectly. Install insulation around the door track to enhance its efficiency.

Wooden Door

The first thing is to note the measurement of your pooch and then prepare the wooden door. Use a pencil to make an outline on the wooden door.

Drill four holes on the corners of the layout then try to fit the doggie door. Cut the piece through the four holes.

Fit the doggie door by screwing the two sides together and try to adjust if there is a need. Assemble the main door to the hinges once you have tested that your canine can go through easily.

Glass Door

Use the canine measurements and cut the glass around the door. The doggie door will act like a shatter.

Fit the dog door to the sliding track of the glass door. You need to be extra careful since glass doors are quite delicate.

We recommend you consider bringing on board any expert or consider glass doors that have inbuilt dog doors.

How to Install a Dog Door in Wall

Installing dog door in the wall is quite cumbersome and you will be required to have professional tools like hammer, jigsaw, drill, and screwdrivers among many others.

Here are some of the ways on how to install a dog door in:

Brick Wall

The first thing to consider is checking the wall if there are any electrical cables and plumbing pipes. Take the measure of your canine friend.

Design the layout template of the dog door using the measurements and ensure it is about 10-12 inches from the ground.

Drill some holes around the template and then use a hammer with a chisel to remove the bricks within the template.

Insert the frame and get rid of the excess parts and then position the doggie door. Insulate around the frame to reduce air leakage.

Stucco Wall

Installing dog doors on the stucco wall is quite difficult when compared to installation on wooden walls.

The best way to start with accessing the interior side of the wall and remove the drywall first. This makes the exterior wall more accessible.

Drill the wall in the four corners outline on the wall completely so that it can act as a guide when accessing it from the exterior side.

Tape around the perimeter so that the cuttings do not extend to the outside. It also minimizes the crumbling of the stucco wall.

Cut the wall by use of hammer and chisel. Use a jigsaw to cut the mesh wires inside the wall. Trim the tunnel so that the canine can pass through easily.

Install the dog door and fasten the exterior end. This can be done by use of a screw and apply caulk around the exterior side.

Exterior Wall

The first thing is the location of the wall studs then draw a vertical line between the two studs which are about 12 inches above.

Take the measurement of the dog and outline the markings on the wall before cutting it. Drill some holes around the corners and jigsaw to cut out the hole.

Ensure both sides of the wall are cut then insert the dog door with the flap. Apply caulk and screw the door to fasten it. Begin to train your dog on how to use it.

Block Wall

Put on some safety glasses to protect your eyes. Clean the block wall both inside and outside. Mark the outline of the doggie door.

Drill holes in the outline of the dog door around the corners. Ensure the drilling is quite deeper inside the block wall.

Use the reciprocating saw blade to cut down the outline until it result in an opening. Slide in a small wrecking bar to remove the block from the wall. Remove the blocks until a clear opening is accessed.

Concrete Wall

Concrete walls are quite common on the foundation and basement of the house. They tend to be tough to create an opening.

Mark the size of the doggie door on both sides. Ensure the marking about an extra two inches wide and one-inch height.

Use a masonry blade to cut through the concrete wall about two inches on both sides. Use a sledgehammer to break the part.

Place lumber into the end cavity and fill the block with mortar. This will result in a smooth and solid edge for easy installation of the dog door.

Dog Door Installation Cost

The cost of installing a dog door tend to vary from one region to another due to some factors. It is advisable to choose the style that can easily fit into your budget.

Apparently, the cost of installing a doggie door in the house door ranges between $200-$350 while that of the wall is about $400-$1600.

Besides that, wood studs are considered to be the cheapest when compared to concrete wall. All-in-all, we recommend calling upon an expert for drafting a quotation.

The quotation can outline everything that is needed together with the cost. This can easily determine the exact cost used to install a dog door.

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