Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

Here is the deal:

A lot of dog owners are ever frustrated since their furry friend keeps on escaping or chewing through the crates; we completely understand.

We also understand that you have been spending a lot of bucks to replace the kennel and now you are desperate to find a permanent solution for your escape artist.

We always advise dog parents to find a solution that will keep their Fido safe and secured. This is the thing that has been tossing their mind on the ocean for a couple of decades now.

If this situation sounds familiar, then count yourself lucky since you have come to the right place. We have outlined the benefits of using the heavy-duty crates and also top picks that will suit your pooch.

Product GearFeaturesRatings 
ProSelect Empire Cage20-Gauge Steel Cage, Floor Grate With Tray, Removable Casters, Double Door Latch5 Star Check Price
Smonter Heavy Duty CrateMade of Steel Metal, Has Locking Caster, Has Removable Trays, High Built Quality4.9 Star Check Price
Impact Dog Crate Collapsible ModelMade of Aluminium, 4-Sided ventilation, Square Pipes on the Base, Easy to Transport5 Star Check Price
LUCKUP Heavy Duty CratePremium Materials, Large Size, Resistant to Rust, Has Universal Wheels, Has Three Doors, Removable Tray4.7 Star Check Price
Homey XL Metal CrateSturdy Steel Bars, Resistant to Corrosion, Has Three Doors, Removable Trays, Fitted with Wheels5 Star Check Price
Sliverylake Dog CageHas Two Doors, Durable Materials, Resistant to Rust, Has Locking Caster, Removable Trap, Occur in Two Colors4.5 Star Check Price
SmithBuilt Heavy Duty CrateDurable Metals, Multi-layered Finish, Has Two Doors, Removal Metal Pan, Four Rolling Caster, Tight Door Latch4.9 Star Check Price
WONLINE Heavy Duty CrateNon-Resistant Steel, Solid Construction, Has Headroom, Sliding Tray, Wheel Fitted, Easy for Transporting5 Star Check Price
PARPET Empire Heavy Duty CrateHas Reinforced Steel Tubing, Powdered Finished Floor, Well-Ventillated, Door Has Slide Bolt Latch, Premium Materials4.8 Star Check Price
Diamond Deluxe Heavy Duty CrateMade from Durable Aluminium, Lightweight Crate, Lockable Slam Latch, Removal Trays, Lack Wheels5 Star Check Price

What Makes a Dog Crate ‘Heavy Duty’?

Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Fido crates that are heavy duty are typically similar to conventional dog crates though they are made of metal materials rather than plastic.

The crates occur in several extraordinary designs and features that make them stand out from other ordinary pooch crates in the market.

There is two basic design of heavy duty crates in the market. There is one that is built like a cage, and it heavily depends on the metal bars to keep the pooch contained.

Also, there is another crate built with a metal sheet to create an enclosed space. There are some things you will be expected to look for when picking this crate or else you may suffocate your pooch.

It is advisable to consider a heavy duty dog cage that has numerous holes on the sides in case you opt for the one that has metal sheet sides. The holes enable the dog to see through and also enhance fresh air circulation.

However, these escape-proof dog crates tend to be heavy, but they have certain features that make them mobile. Locking caster is the main feature that is common in all heavy duty dog cage since it prevents the crate from rolling.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Heavy Duty Dog Crate

There are several features to consider when buying a heavy duty cage for your furry friend. Most of these factors are a little bit complicated when compared to those of a regular dog kennel.

Here are some of the things to put into consideration when buying a heavy duty crate for your pooch. Read through the text to get fully understanding of each factor:

Size of the Cage

The containers occur in different sizes to suit various breeds of the dog. A large crate is always considered to be the best, but when you are traveling, find a small crate.

It is advisable to consider purchasing a cage that is slightly longer than your canine friend in terms of inches. This will create enough space for them to turn around within the crate without facing any problem.

Cage Materials

Most common materials used to build a premium crate are aluminum, steel, and wood. Heavy duty crates are made from steel metal since they are a durable and excellent option for aggressive dogs.

Aluminum crates are lighter but somehow durable when compared to a wood cage. If you have a small breed dog that is not aggressive, then consider a crate that has a soft sided.

Crate Portability

Heavy duty crates come with wheels so that moving around cannot be a hassle. Crate model with wheels makes it easy to transport your canine friend with ease from one place to another.

Crates that lack wheels should be avoided since movement can be a real hassle since these cages are dully heavy due to the metal materials.

Resistance to Rust

Almost all types of metals are prone to rust but some are less susceptible than others. When choosing a cage, consider the one made from steel since it is less likely to rust.

Or consider a crate model that has a protective layer that gives it an innate immunity to rusting. These types of crates tend to last for a couple of decades without replacement.

Ease of Cleaning

Heavy duty crates occur in different models and design. A crate with a removable tray is considered to be the best as far as cleaning is a concern.

To keep your furry friend healthy then ensure the cage is ever clean and dry. Therefore, consider a crate that is quick to clean.

Ease of Entering and Exiting

Different models have different entry and exit. This is typical to make them ideal for different breeds of dogs since some are large and other small.

Pick a dog heavy duty crate that has a large entrance since it is easier to access the interior while cleaning. Also, ensure it is easier to open and close as well as make your pooch secured after locking it.

Design of the Crate

Canine heavy duty crates come in a rectangular shape, but some models tend to have a taller roof that appears stylish.

The model with such a roof creates additional space for those large dog breeds that love to sit up while being transported from one place to another.

What are the Benefits of Using a Heavy Duty Dog Crate?

Heavy duty dog cages are quite expensive; hence, they require a considerable investment. However, there are some great benefits derived from these products when you buy one for your canine friend.

Some of the common benefits derived from using these product gears include:

Typically Escape-Proof

These cages are made from sturdy materials hence making them escape proof. No dog is dominant and has the capability of breaking down the steel made crate. It ensures your canine friend is fully contained.

Ideal for Heavy Chewers

It is quite difficult for any dog breed to chew through a steel made crate. Pups are mostly known for eating through the plastic kennel and get out. A heavy duty crate made from steel will prevent your pooch from trying to chew their way out.

Great for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Most traditional dog kennels are prone to rust, but a heavy duty dog crate is highly resistant to corrosiveness. The feature makes them a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Easy to Clean

The ordinary dog kennels are quite challenging to clean, and this can make your pooch susceptible to common dog diseases.

However, heavy-duty cages come with a removable tray which makes a daily routine of cleaning to be easier than that of kennels.

Ease of Movement

Most of the cages listed here come with locking wheels. The wheels make it easy to roll the crate on the floor from one room to another with ease.

If you intend to keep your pups or senior dogs in one place, then consider removing the wheels so that the crate may meet your desires.

What Breeds of Dogs Need Escape-Proof Dog Crates?

Escape proof dog crates are ideal for all breeds of dogs regardless of their age. Dog parents can use it for puppies and senior dogs.

If you happen to own a canine friend who loves chewing their way out of a kennel, then escape proof dog create is a perfect choice for you.

In case your pooch suffers from separation anxiety, then you will need a reinforced crate since he or she will try to force their way out and cause further destruction around the house.

Heavy duty cage is ideal for a canine friend with the following behavior:

Extreme Body Size and Strength

Large breed dogs are generally healthy, and they have the capability of breaking out of a conventional crate. A heavy duty cage will help to confine them ideally since I have never heard a dog breaking out of it.

Destructive Chewers

Dogs are generally destructive chewers, and this behavior is what makes most of them break out of the ordinary cages made of wood.

You are therefore expected to provide your dog with a sturdy crate in the case they pose such kind of behavior. Heavy duty cages can withstand such practices since they are made of steel metal.

Generalized Anxiety

Dogs that suffer from generalizing anxiety usually become upset when the owner leaves the house for work. In case you own an ordinary crate, they will force their way out and even cause some destruction in the house.

Severe Separation Anxiety

Separating a pooch from the owner is a tough thing to do, especially when taking them to a daycare facility while going to work.

These canines suffer from severe separation anxiety, and they can even bend bars or chew plastic to force themselves out. A heavy duty cage is a perfect choice for such type of dogs.

10 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate In 2024

ProSelect Empire Cage

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

Proselect Empire is considered to be the world most robust cage and most preferred escape proof cage for dog parents.

The crate is made up of reinforced 20-gauge steel that makes it a perfect choice for those dog breeds with chewing behavior.

That’s not all.

The cage is highly durable and can withstand chewing habits. It also has a double door latches that make it difficult for the dog to unlock the door of the cage.

Moreover, the cage possesses a steel pull-out tray that makes it easy for cleaning hence prevent your furry friend from a stay in a mess.

Also, the crate has removal wheels that facilitate more natural movement from one place to another since they can roll on the floor.

The design of this crate model has a high build quality; thus, there are no distinct weak points. It also lacks the top door, which is a perfect decision that was considered during its construction.

Finally, the cage has a medium size of 33.75″ x 23.5″ x 24.5″ and a large size of about 40.75″ x 28.15″ x 31.75″ hence suitable for both media to large size dog breeds.


  • Highly durable
  • Has wheels for easy movement
  • Removal tray for faster cleaning
  • Solid construction

  • Quite expensive
  • Not ideal for small dog breeds

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Smonter Heavy Duty Crate

Smonter Heavy Duty Crate

The smonther crate is another amazing heavy duty cage made from steel with about two spacing size bar to allow the pooch to see through and allow proper ventilation.

The cage package comes along with two large removable plastic trays for easy cleaning. The crate also has four lockable wheels to enhance convenience while rolling it on the floor.

That’s not all.

The dog cage has high-quality features such as toughness and rust resistance. The corrosive-resistant feature enables the crate to be ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Furthermore, it has three latches that help to lock the front door tightly and secured — this help to prevent the dog from unlocking hence become easy to contain them.

Setting up the crate is quite more comfortable when compared to other heavy duty dog cages. You only need to screw up some small things, and you are ready to go.

It has two sizes, such as the medium size of about 38″L X 26″W X 32″H and large size of 42″L X 31″W X 37″H. The two types of sizes create enough room for the canine friend to turn around comfortably.


  • Has two separate trays
  • Setting up is easy
  • Quite affordable
  • The floor has a square pipe for creating a firm base for the dog

  • Quite difficult to clean
  • Prone to wear and tear

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Impact Dog Crate Collapsible Model

Impact Dog Crate Collapsible Model

This is a crate model manufactured by Grain Valley. It has a solid construction that is worth the value of your money.

This collapsible model takes a couple of few seconds to collapse it to a height of about 8 inches. Also, the cage is lightweight, making it highly portable and easy to store.

That’s not all.

The cage has a stacking feature that helps to reduce space when storing it away. Furthermore, it has a slam latch that ensures the safety and security of your canine friend after locking it inside.

The body is built from both aluminum and stainless steel that make it last for a couple of years. The stainless steel is also resistant to rust.

The side of the crate has some holes that ensure proper flow of air hence suitable for not suffocating the furry friend after locking the door of the cage.


  • Space saving due to collapsible feature
  • Highly durable
  • Resistant to rust
  • Simple and easy to assemble


  • Quite expensive
  • Takes time to join

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LUCKUP Heavy Duty Crate

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Crate

Another premium quality made a cage that is specifically designed for medium to large size dog breeds. If your furry friend is energetic and aggressive, then this is the perfect choice cage for them.

It is a 43-inch model cage hence create enough space for a canine friend to turn while within without facing any difficulties.

The crate is made from steel frames and also painted to prevent the occurrence of rust as well as corrosion while using it outdoors.

Furthermore, it has a removable tray and grated floor that allows the urine of the dog to flow out. The cage is ideal for those messy dogs.

It is also fitted with universal wheels that have the capability of rotating about 360 degrees. Also, the wheels have a lock system that makes it possible to lock them to avoid any movement.

Also, the cage model has three doors designed for specific functions. For instance, the front door is meant for letting the canine friend in and out.

The rear end door is small in size, and it is typically meant for feeding the pooch. The other entrance is on the top and is intended for a quick escape in case of danger.


  • Durable cage
  • Simple to assemble
  • Has multiple locks for safeguarding the pooch
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor

  • Metal pipes are susceptible to rusting

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Homey XL Metal Crate

Homey XL Metal Crate

The dog cage looks fantastic, and it can even be great for small dog breeds. It has enough space inside enhance ideal pets to turn around with ease.

The crate occurs in different sizes, and it is made from heavy-duty materials that make them last for a couple of years with minimal tear and wear.

The sides of the crate are made of sturdy steel bars that make it difficult for the aggressive dog breeds to bend and escape through it.

Furthermore, the cage has an excellent anti-rust ability making the dog kennel ideal for outdoor. The dog kennel is also designed with three doors.

The upfront part of the crate has a small door for provision of water and food to your furry friend while the top door is meant for a quick escape.

That’s not all.

The dog crate has a double chain lock to prevent the pooch from unlocking the cage and escape. It is also fitted with a removal tray for easy cleaning.

The plastic floor grid of the tray has small holes to allow urine to pass through and retain the residue for easy cleaning.

Moreover, it has fitted wheels that can rotate about 360 degrees hence easy to manipulate and move around with ease.


  • Solid construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Well-ventilated and spacious

  • Lock chains prone to breakage
  • Not ideal for over aggressive dogs

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Sliverylake Dog Cage

Sliverylake Dog Cage

This is another excellent crate that offers better access to your furry friend due to the presence of the two doors. It is also made from strong and durable materials that can withstand the aggressiveness of dogs.

The stainless steel metal used in the construction of the cage is resistant to rust and also corrosion. The locking caster and removal trap make Silverylake Cage worth the value to your money.

The escape proof crate is available in two colors that are adorable and fascinating hence able to meet the taste and preferences of the dog parent.


  • Made from durable materials
  • Steel is resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Able to withstand the aggressiveness of the dogs

  • Door latch does not hold tightly
  • The final finish is not excellent

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SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Crate

SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Crate

This is one of the most reputable dog crates since it is made from durable metals. The cage ensures comfort and security of your canine friend.

Again, the dog kennel comes with an ultra-durable and multi-layered finish that is resistant to rust as well as corrosion.

The premium materials and modern design used in construction make the cage to appear fascinating from a distance.

Furthermore, the crate has two doors where one is located at the top, and it is meant for feeding the pet. The other door at the front is intended for enabling the pet to access the interior part of the cage.

That’s not all.

It is also fitted with a removal metal pan for easy washing and cleaning. The four rolling casters enhance easy rolling around by the pet owner.


  • Quite affordable
  • Rolling caster enhance portability
  • Removable metal pan

  • The latch does not hold the door tightly

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WONLINE Heavy Duty Crate

WONLINE Heavy Duty Crate

The crate is regarded as the best runners-up heavy duty dog cage. The dog crate is made from heavy duty and non-resistant steel metal.

The cage has a unique house design with two doors for easy access and also a provision of food as well as water to the pet.

The headroom fitted on the cage is an idea for large breeds of dogs. The sliding tray on the floor help to collect messy caused by the pet.

The wheels fitted on the crate can rotate about 360 degrees, and two of the wheels can be locked to inhibit movement.

The crate is highly reliable as far as safety and security of your pooch are concerned. It is regarded as ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.


  • Made from durable materials
  • Suitable for large dog breeds
  • Easy to move from one point to another
  • Slide tray easy for cleaning

  • Difficult to assemble
  • Accessories of the crate are of low quality

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PARPET Empire Heavy Duty Crate

PARPET Empire Heavy Duty Crate

This dog crate offers ultimate performance when compared to other ordinary dog kennels in the market. It is reinforced with steel tubing withstand the aggressiveness of the most powerful dog breeds.

The surface of the crate has a powdered finish coat, which helps to prevent canine friends from hurting themselves.

The sidebars are spaced well to facilitate entry of fresh air inside the cage hence preventing the dog from being suffocated.

Also, the door has a slide bolt latch that prevents the canine friend from escaping hence offering maximum security and stable environment of your pooch.

Also, it is fitted with a slide tray for faster cleaning. On the other hand, the universal wheels can be locked to prevent movement. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor.


  • Solid construction
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Universal wheels for easy rolling

  • Too costly

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Diamond Deluxe Heavy Duty Crate

Diamond Deluxe

Try this model of the crate if you want a heavy duty cage. It is made from durable aluminum materials and metal bars on the sides for maximum detainment of your pooch.

The materials used to design the crate are lightweight hence making the cage highly portable. Unfortunately, the kennel lack wheels and removable tray for easy cleaning.

The sides of the cage are highly ventilated though quite expensive, but it is worth the value of your money. Also, the kennel door has a lockable slam latch that helps to prevent the dog from escaping after closing the door.


  • Highly portable
  • Durable materials
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion

  • Too pricey
  • Lack of wheel for faster rolling on the floor

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Final Verdict

As you can see, choosing a heavy duty dog crate over conventional crate has a lot of benefits for both the furry friend and the dog parent.

The crate ensures the dog is safe and secured since it is made from durable materials that can easily withstand different dog behaviors.

You can opt for any of the listed above product gears for your pooch since they are highly durable with excellent ventilation. I hope the buyer’s guide will help you make an informed decision when buying the best heavy duty dog crate.

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