How High Should I Install A Dog Door?

Dogs are playful creatures and they adore freedom so much. If you happen to have a fenced yard then it is advisable to install a dog door to enhance the freedom of movement.

The most critical factor to consider is the height and size of the dog door. Giant dog breeds may require a door that measures 15 x 23 inches while toy breeds 5 x 7 inches.

Ensure the dog door is wide and tall enough so that your furry friend can have an easy time to move in and out.

Therefore, we expect you to take the measurements of a canine friend so that fitting the door can be quite easy since you have accurate measurements.

On the other hand, keep in mind that your pooch is going to grow old in the future so the height and step over should be convenient.

Deciding on which door type to install will now depend on your tastes and preference as the dog owner. There are quite a good number of dog doors in the market right now.

We recommend you consider doors that will ensure top security of your canine friend and also their safety while coming in and out.

Also, you can consider going for doors that are of custom design so that they can easily match your current home décor.

If you have a canine that tends to chew things then consider those doors that are bite-proof. The behavior is quite common among those escapees who love more outdoor activities.

Lastly, you will be required to research various panels and openings depending on the climatic condition of your area.

If you already have an existing dog house then you will be expected to do some modification for the pet flap. The height of installation varies depending on the breed of the dog.

How High Should I Install A Dog Door

How To Measure The Height Of Dog Door

One thing that you should note is that you cannot head to the pet store and buy a pet flap without minding your canine friend.

There are plenty of dog breeds in the world and each one of them tends to vary in size as well as height. This is a critical factor to consider when buying a dog door.

So, if you want to get the right dog door for your pooch then you will be right to take accurate measurements and leave some allowances.

The first thing to consider is taking the measurement of the canine especially the height and the size. Ensure the top of the door is about two to three inches taller than your pooch.

The size of the pooch is measured in terms of width. Therefore, take the measurement of the canine and leave about two inches extra allowances around the shoulders and hips. The aim is to make it easy for coming in and out.

Another crucial factor is the age of the canine. Here, you will be required to know the breed of your pooch then buy the tallest dog door that will perfectly suit him once he is fully grown. This will save you a couple of dollars for replacement.

Lastly, the number of canines that you possess. If you have more than two dogs then take the measurement of the tallest and the smallest. This will allow you to accommodate all those dogs easily.

Therefore, when buying a dog door keep in mind that the step over and the door flap are the most important things.

According to research, most dogs are fine with a step-over that has a height of three-to-five-inch. We recommend adjusting the step-over depending on the age of your canine and physical conditions.

Senior dogs tend to have a problem with mobility when compared to puppies. Therefore, ensure the step-over is lower to accommodate the physical condition of their joints.

Correct Height for Dog Door

Wondering what height of dog door you need for your canine friend? We’ve got your back here. We are going to help you get a perfect height for dog door with ease.

Dog doors are quite essential when it comes to freedom of movement. The movement help to foster the well-being of your canine due to the exercise.

This is the reason why it is important to install the correct height for the dog door. Creating a big hole for fitting the door will subject your dog to a security threat.

Therefore, you need to be extra cautious when designing the door flap, flap width, and step-over. These are the things that will enable you to attain a perfect height for the canine door.

However, the majority of manufacturers have made the life of dog owners easier since they have designed a sizing chart depending on the weight of the dog.

However, many pet owners still make the mistake of either buys extra-large or tiny door flaps for their canine friend.

The best way to deal with the situation is by taking the measurement of your canine and leaving some allowances of about two to three inches. This should be for both width and height.

Besides that, you need to take into consideration the age and the physical condition of your pooch since both have different requirements.

Old dogs tend to have a problem with movement due to their weak joints hence ensure the height of the step-over is quite low. Active puppies have the ability to jump in and out.

Measure the height of the pooch from the ground to the withers but not the head. Add extra two inches for safety and easy movement.

This is typically the actual height of the door opening from the floor. The overall dog door tends to include the step-over.

Adjustable Height Dog Door

Customized door happens to be an excellent dog door for those pooches that tend to come in and out of the house frequently.

They are made of lightweight and extremely durable materials to enhance the versatility of the dog door.

The door flap tends to occur in different sizes that can easily be adjusted to suit your canine friend.

The plastic slide tends to lock the door from top to bottom once the canine has left or entered the house.

The average opening for an adjustable height dog door should be about 3 ft. The flexibility of the dog door offers a great experience for your canine friend.

You need to do a lot of research about these types of door and this will be of great help since there are a lot of fake dog flaps in the market.

Best Height for Dog Door

Getting a perfect height for the dog door will give both the owner and the canine friend freedom of movement.

This gives the dog an opportunity to get out or in at their own will. Besides that, the owner can easily regulate the movement of their canine friend.

You need to get a perfect fit door height to enjoy some of these things. Fitting such doors will require a hand from an expert.

The expert will go-ahead to take the accurate measurement of the canine that involves the height and the width. Some extra inches will be added as an allowance.

You should also note that the weight of the canine will affect the kind of door fitted and this is the reason why durability is key factor to consider.

Going for a readymade dog house is not a good idea at all. We highly recommend adjustable dog door height that is quite popular among customized dog house.

You will be required to do some thorough research to be able to get the best height for a dog door that suits your pooch perfectly.

There are plenty of reviews online that can help you attain the desires of your canine friend and also yours when it comes to choosing the right dog door.

Dog Door Height Extension

A lot of pet parents make a mistake when it comes to choosing the best dog door height extension for their canine friends.

Majority of them tend to look at the price rather than quality and comfort for their pooch. And this is the reason why many dogs are facing lots of injuries due to the owner’s negligence.

The best dog door height extension needs to perfectly suit your canine friend as far as freedom is a concern.

Besides that, it should also foster towards the security of the pooch at night and this one of the key thing to consider.

Getting such dog door extensions needs a lot of hard work and research. Something that many people do not want.

Filling an extra height in the custom made sliding dog doors require a bit of calculation. This should not scare you since it involves simple subtraction.

Here, you will be required to subtract the current height of the panel from the sliding door height. To get the correct height for the extension then add about 2.75 inches.

Final Thoughts

Many pet owners tend to see dog door height as a simple thing. But it tends to involve so many factors to achieve the perfect dog door height.

Dog door height is a contributor to the safety and comfort of your canine friend hence this is something you should never take for granted.

I hope by now you know the exact height for your dog door. You should note that the height differs due to the breed of dog and many other factors.


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