60 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Interested in dog breeds that don’t shed? So, you just passed by a pet store and seeing all those little irresistible furry faces made you want to stay a little longer and just snuggle each one of them.

Those big round eyes, stubby legs, and chubby cheeks make them look like little fat hairballs that are oh so difficult to resist. The thought of bringing one home gets you excited, and you hurriedly storm to the shop to pick your future furry buddy.

But not long after that, your nose started feeling itchy and you start sneezing uncontrollably. Suddenly, you are filled with sadness and frustration as you remember something – oh no, you have dog allergy!

According to recent studies, approximately 10%-20% of the human population is allergic to pets. This is alarming, and if you happen to be a dog-lover, this fact can be extremely frustrating. Just the thought of never ever being able to have a sweet, loyal, furry companion in your life is simply unbearable. But hold your horses!

All is not lost. As the saying goes, “beyond every cloud is a silver- lining”. For dog lovers who are also dog allergy sufferers, there is hope. A lot of it actually.

While it is true that all dogs shed in varying degrees, there are breeds that shed the very minimal amount of hair, and therefore the best choice for allergy-suffering dog lovers.

On top of this, they are also ideal for busy individuals who don’t have a lot of time to tidy their homes. These dogs won’t get fur all over the house, and best of all, hugging them won’t get you sneezing.

Below is a compilation of some non-shedding dog breeds along with some interesting dog breed information to guide you in choosing which one to add to your household. Read on and find your perfect furry companion.

20 Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed


Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Affenpinscher

Also known as Monkey Terrier and Mustachioed Devil, the Affenpinscher is a happy and mischievous terrier-like toy. It originated in Germany during the 15th century, where they were mostly kept for the purpose of keeping stables clean of rats and mice.

Unmindful of his size, this dog breed is never afraid of anything. Although his tiny stature limits his ability to actually doing a lot in terms of protection, he makes an efficient watchdog because of his naturally alert nature.

The typical Affenpinscher has a wiry coat that appears neat but somewhat shaggy. It is not unusual for sticks or twigs to get stuck on an Affen’s coat whenever he runs outdoors, so you might need to give him some regular grooming just to make sure his coat is free from unwanted “debris”.

Australian Silky Terrier

Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Australian Silky Terrier

Weighing a measly 8-10 pounds, the Australian Silky Terrier is known to be a small dog with a big personality. Formerly known as “Sydney Silky” due to the breed’s prominence in Sydney, it officially adopted its name as Australian Silky terrier in 1956.

Loyal and intelligent, these dogs love to play and are quite trainable. With strong guarding instincts, they are not afraid of taking on larger dogs and can be prone to constant barking.

Compact and low lying to the ground, these toy breed has upright ears and constantly watchful expression. It has a long, soft and silky coat, and puppies are usually born either tan or black. There is very minimal shedding that occurs, although like any long-haired dog, it needs extra grooming attention to keep its beautiful coat clean.


Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Basenji

Originally descending from pariah dogs, Basenjis are small dogs known for its distinct tightly curled tail. They have a wrinkled forehead and a wedge-shaped head which are also distinctive features of the breed. It has a fine-boned structure, which creates the picture of a lithe, compact, and graceful creature.

An energetic and lively dog with a tireless gait, what’s even more astounding about Basenjis is that they don’t bark. However, they do yodel and make all kinds of doggie sounds when happy or excited.

Basenjis have a short, glossy coat that usually comes in black, chestnut red, and tri colors. All of these coats have distinctive white markings on the feet, chest, the tip of the tail and forehead.

Bedlington Terrier

Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier belongs to a small breed of dog which got its name from the town of Bedlington in Northeast England. Originally bred to hunt wild animals that harmed crops, Bedlington’s are now often seen in the show ring and participating in various dog sports and dog racing events. It is an intelligent, mild tempered and affectionate animal which makes it a perfect dog companion.

This dog’s hair sheds very little and may require some trimming every couple of weeks. Grooming includes brushing the hair regularly and cleaning the pluck inside its ears. This breed is strongly recommended for allergy sufferers.

Bichon Frise

Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Bichon Frise

A furball of charm who loves attention, the Bichon Frise is a dog breed that is known to be a favorite of royalties and a star amongst the circus crowd. He is affectionate and perfect as a family pet. However, play should not be too rough considering the size of this dog breed. It needs to be handled with care since Bichon can be easily injured.

The Bichon’s double coat is usually thick white and has minimal shedding, which is quite advantageous for allergic dog lovers. Since this breed often performs as a show dog, it needs daily grooming and professional styling.

Border Terrier

Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Border Terrier

The amiable, obedient and inquisitive Border Terrier is a fast and agile dog that was originally bred to hunt foxes. It has a unique otter-like head that clearly reflects its natural alertness and temperament.

It has a very thick loose-fitting skin which serves as protection from an attacker’s dangerous bite. The Border Terrier is known to be the friendliest amongst the Terrier group. It is gentle with kids and can be a good dog companion.

The Borders’s double coat needs trimming of dead hair around twice a year. Although it doesn’t shed, it is best to regularly brush their fur with a stiff brush to avoid tangles.

Brussels Griffon

Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Brussels Griffon

Originating from Belgium about two centuries ago, the Brussels Griffon is a breed of small dogs that never fails to impress people with its intelligence and comical nature. He is quite proud of himself and would often seem like he thinks he owns the household.

But deep inside, are loving and gentle dogs that bask in the attention he gets from the family. Naughty and moody at times, this breed has earned the title “Velcro dog” because of his habit of keeping close to his owner at all times.

There are types of Brussels Griffon coat- the smooth and the rough one, both of which hardly shed. It requires minimal grooming, perhaps some trimming every couple of months.

Cairn Terrier

Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Cairn Terrier

Originally bred and recognized as one of the oldest working dogs in Scotland, Cairns are active, energetic small dogs that need a daily dose of walking. They are an affectionate breed who likes having fun and just playing around with children. Although they enjoy those rough and tumble antics with the kids, adult supervision is still recommended.

It’s naturally shaggy coat requires daily brushing to avoid a tangled, matted mess. Baths can be done once a month, with the coat being brushed as it dries.

Chinese Crested

Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested dogs are an affectionate and kid-friendly breed who does not actually come from China. It has two variants, which is the Hairless, and the Powderpuff. Slender and finely boned, it is a breed that is both elegant and graceful.

Sensitive with a strong social drive, he can get clingy with members of the family. It can be aggressive towards strangers though and even bite when necessary.

Although they are low shedders, body hair still needs to be kept well shaved to keep it healthy. While some think that having this breed grow hair is necessary for warmth, it is not entirely true because too much hair can actually make them prone to various skin diseases. Regular bathing, trimming and brushing is therefore advised.

Coton de Tulear

Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Coton de Tulear

Named after the city of Tulear in Madagascar, these sweet and lovable breed has a funny personality. Known as the Royal Dog of Madagascar, they are small and sturdy companion dogs with a lot of cotton-like coat. It has dark, round eyes and an expressive smile that can melt anyone’s heart. They love to play and snuggle and is a great choice for a family pet.

Because of its unusually heavy coat, this dog breed requires an extra amount of grooming to keep its fur smooth and tangle-free. This should be done early on as a puppy so that your pup will get used to this process as he grows older.


Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Havanese

Famous for being Cuba’s national dog, Havanese descended from the Blanquito Dela Havana Breed, which is now extinct. They are happy, outgoing, intelligent dogs curved tails and long, silky coat that comes in different colors. Their friendly nature and great social skills make them a perfect city dog. But beneath this beauty and gorgeous bravado is a loyal and watchful family dog.

The long and silky coat of the Havanese needs to be kept from tangles through daily grooming. It also needs regular bathing and cleaning around the eyes in order to avoid having tear stains in the area. Despite the length and abundance of Havanese hair, this breed doesn’t shed much and is generally safe for those with allergies.

Italian Greyhound

Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Italian Greyhound

A true miniature Greyhound, the stunning Italian greyhound is a swift and hardy hound breed that has lived through the struggles of almost two generations. According to archeologists, it was first bred 2,000 years ago in a region now known as Turkey and Greece. It is the smallest in the gazehound family and a favorite miniature dog of Italians in the 16th century.

Grooming an Italian greyhound involves occasional bathing, brushing of the short coat, and careful trimming of nails. It does shed but only very little so that it’s still a good choice for those who suffer from pet allergies.

Lhasa Apso

Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso dog breed originally came from Tibet, where monks first bred these beautiful dogs 2,000 years ago. It is tough, manipulative, mischievous, and dignified. The natural alertness and suspicious manner make it an efficient watchdog. Lhasas are smart and they like studying people and situations.

If you want a dog whose fur is easy to keep, then you better look somewhere else. Lhasa Apso may not be the right one for you. This dog breed requires extra grooming, especially with its long flowing coat. Lhasas need to be bathed every two to three weeks and may require professional grooming. Otherwise, their hair can get matted and tangled, which can be painful and may cause serious injuries to the pooch.


Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Maltese

The Maltese is a small pooch belonging to the Toy group. It is an affectionate dog that can weigh no more than 7 pounds. With big dark eyes and a small black nose, it is undoubtedly one of the cutest dog breeds.

However, you should not be deceived by this dog’s size and appearance. Because in spite of it’s delicate and aristocratic bearing, they are active and playful dogs that are fearless in a cute way. They are low shedders and should be perfect around those that have pet allergies.

Because of their rich flowing hair, Maltese dogs need regular and professional grooming and daily brushing. You may also use pet conditioners to further avoid any tangles.

Miniature Schnauzer

Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer is a small dog breed that had its origins in Germany during the 19th century. It has a big personality and is often found in every corner of the house. It is smart, active, and likes participating in all activities within the household.

While he used to work as a vermin eradicator on farms in Germany, he is now recognized as an efficient family watchdog and companion. Although he is sweet and loving, he is too active to be a lapdog. He likes to run around the house and barking is one of his favorite hobbies.

Miniature Schnauzers have undercoats that are soft and topcoats that are wiry, so their grooming needs are a little extensive. You may have it shaved by a professional or do it yourself, but this has to be regularly done throughout the year. He’s a minimal shedder, which makes him a perfect hypoallergenic dog.

Norwich Terrier

Affectionate, alert and curious, the Norwich Terrier is a small dog breed that stands approximately 10 inches at the shoulder and weighs about 12 pounds. Despite its size, it is famous for being bred as tough, fearless and stocky ratters.

As a pet, Nonrwitches are playful and energetic and can do hours of playing fetch. But they are also sweet and affectionate dogs that enjoy a lot of lap time with their humans.

Norwitches are minimal shedders and have a double coat that consists of a harsh outer coat and a soft undercoat that helps insulate its body from hot and cold. Hand stripping should be done regularly to remove old outer hairs to allow new hairs to grow. It requires regular grooming and a skilled knowledge on hand stripping is essential when choosing this breed.

Scottish Terrier

Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Scottish Terrier

The Scottish terrier is one of the most famous of all dog breeds. Popularly known as Scottie, it can sometimes get serious almost to the point of being dour. It is intelligent and sweet but can be crappy when it comes to other dogs.

Requiring fairly high maintenance, its coat needs to have regular combing and brushing to remove dead hair. Although a non-shedder, it also needs to have its hair professionally groomed or clipped at least every month or so.


Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Shih-Tzu

Originating from China, this compact toy dog is probably the most popular furry companion amongst the little ones. Still considered as the prince among pooches, it is sweet, mischievous and playful and a true sweetheart.

Shih-Tzus are bred to simply be companion dogs and they are very good at their job of giving love to the world and getting it all back. They are also smart and obedient dogs that are easily trained and are often seen in dog pageants and competition.

Shih-Tzu’s are minimal shedders, except during the time when they are nearing a year old when they change their coats. Otherwise, regular bathing, brushing, and professional trimming is all these little sweetheart needs to keep it as cute and wonderfully snuggly.

Toy Poodle

Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Toy Poodle

As the smallest member of the Poodle breed, the Toy Poodle has the same physical characteristics and personality as that of its counterparts. It’s an active, intelligent and highly social breed that a lot of exercises and regular grooming. Originally bred in Germany, they have dark oval eyes, ears hanging from the side of its face, and a squarely built appearance.

The Poodle’s coat doesn’t shed. However, it keeps growing throughout the dog’s lifetime. Therefore, it will need trimming every month or so, and regular daily brushing.

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Yorkshire Terrier

Small Non Shedding Dog Breed - Yorkshire Terrier

Known as the superstar toy dog breed in the U.S, the Yorkies are tiny dogs with giant personalities. Inside that little body is an energetic, fearless dog that likes to run and jump all around. It is also an ideal watchdog and will bark endlessly when seeing strangers or when it senses a threat. It loves playing with children, but adult supervision is still required since Yorkies are tiny and can get injured easily.

Since they have long hair, it is advised to use conditioner on your dog when bathing to avoid knots and tangles. Brushing its coat at least twice a week is also recommended.

20 Medium-Sized Dog Breeds that Don’t Shed


Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Barbet

The Barbet is a smart and friendly medium sized dog. Agile and highly intelligent, this breed is a great swimmer and is often seen in dog agility shows all over France. An obedient dog with a comic side, it can either choose to sit calmly or waddle in the mud.

They bond closely with their humans and like being a part of activities in the household. Barbets need a lot of exercises to avoid developing behavioral issues.

One of the famous features of this dog is its long and wooly coat which tends to shed very little. However, it tends to get matted so regular grooming and brushing may be needed.

Irish Terrier

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Irish Terrier

As its name implies, Irish terriers are originally from Ireland. Full of energy and fearless like a lion, he is apt to face anything that gets in its way, even animals bigger than he is. This also goes for human strangers, which this energetic dog may also chase (especially when they run), so it’s better to be ready with a fence when choosing to have an Irish Terrier.

This dog loves to play and can spend hours goofing with the children. After which, he would love to snuggle and enjoys having his tummy rubbed.

The dual coat of the Irish terrier is crisp and short, and as a hypoallergenic breed, it doesn’t shed much. Therefore, a weekly bath and regular brushing will be enough to keep it well-groomed.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier, also known as Kerry Blue, is a strong, muscular medium sized dog with long legs and short back. It was originally bred in Ireland and is an athletic show dog and playful house pooch.

Its coat has a blue-gray color, and puppies are born black. Kerry Blue’s personality is flexible and multifaceted. It is behaved and well-mannered when indoors, but gets all running and jumping outdoors.

Caring for its coat involves combing or brushing twice a week and clipping once a month.


Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Labradoodle

A crossbreed of the Labrador retriever and the Poodle, Labradoodles often display a liking for water and has excellent swimming abilities. They are energetic, friendly, and quite good with kids. Like it’s parent breeds, Labradoodles are highly intelligent and trainable. They are often seen in dog shows as excellent and affectionate therapy dogs.

Labradoodles do not shed and have varying types of fur. It can be shaggy or curly, or somewhere in between. To keep this dog well-groomed, you need to have its hair brushed every day and clipped every 8-10 weeks.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Lagotto Romagnolo

For centuries, Lagotto Romagnolo has been used in Romania for retrieving ducks from marshes. Later on, it moved to being truffle hunters, owing to its keen sense of smell.

Nowadays, this breed has become a trusted companion to their owners, playing with them, and exploring new surroundings. Although it’s a rare medium-sized breed, their playfulness and popularity might just help increase their future population.

Lagottos are sturdy, highly muscled dogs that have webbing between the toes to aid in swimming. The coat comes in varied colors and is wooly and waterproof to help protect them from thorns and cold water.

When it comes to grooming, owners have different approaches when it comes to keeping the Lagotto’s beautiful appearance. Some brush the coat regularly while some prefer letting the coats grow naturally. Lagottos don’t shed often, making them low maintenance and a good choice for those suffering from pet allergies.

Lakeland Terrier

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Lakeland Terrier

The Lakeland Terrier takes its name from the Lake District in England, which is its place of origin. It is a medium-sized member of the terrier family with a strong, independent character.

Originally bred as fox hunters, lake Terriers are sweet, energetic and fun loving pooches that are ideal for any family. They have a rectangular shaped head and an intense expression, folded V-shaped ears and a docked tail pointing upwards.

Lakeland’s have a double coat that helps protect them from hail, snow, slit, and rain. They are minimal shedders but grooming a Lakeland can be time-consuming. It has to be brushed at least twice a week and occasionally hand-stripped to keep their coats in perfect condition.

Manchester Terrier

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Manchester Terrier

With a smooth, compact, and muscular frame, Manchester terriers are known to be a sleek member of the Terrier family. Relatively popular since the 16th century, this breed is one of the most accomplished Terriers of early England.

Often described as being “cat-like” for being impeccably clean, the Manchester Terrier is also independent, reserved, and a generally well-mannered family dog. Outdoors, it is an active and energetic breed that is always up for an adventure.

It has a smooth, non-shedding coat of either black or copper brown and except for occasional bathing and brushing, does not require much attention.

Peruvian Inca Orchid

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Peruvian Inca Orchid

The Peruvian Inca Orchid is an elegant, smart, agile and swift sighthound that originated in Peru. It has a coated and hairless variety.

The hairless one having a smooth and supple skin and a small patch of hair on top of its head. On the other hand, the coated variety has a short coat which comes in varied looks. Smooth, short, straight or curly.

Because of their natural hairless physique, the hairless variety of this breed is more prone to temperature changes. He may need more ventilation during warm weather, and extra covering when outdoors during cold weather.

Grooming requirements are minimal for Peruvians. Obviously, this type of dog doesn’t shed. However, there are certain considerations for hairless pooch. Wiping the skin with a damp cloth daily and giving a weekly bath should be enough. You may also apply a special lotion to keep its skin soft and blemish-free.

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is a small rabbit hunter whose agility gives it an edge when it comes to performance sports. With his long back and low-slung body, wiry coat, and bearded face, he looks like a mixture of different hound breeds.

Active and outgoing, this medium-sized dog loves to dig, run, and bark. He also likes playing with children, and he is also a perfect companion and escort during hiking trails.

Its coat is thick undercoat with a harsh texture, and because it doesn’t grow very long, it often looks tussled in appearance. It has minimal shedding and does not need a lot of grooming except for occasional brushing to remove old and stray hairs.

Portuguese Water Dog

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Portuguese Water Dog

The medium-sized Portuguese water dog has a fluffy single layered minimally shedding coat. This makes this dog a favorite for those suffering from allergies. They are intelligent, loving, and friendly working dogs are capable of learning new skills rather quickly.

Often referred to as “Porties”, are close relatives of the Poodle breed. They require a lot of exercises to prevent boredom, along with just enough amount of playtime.

Although this breed is not a shedder, Porties still need a lot of grooming. Brushing at least twice a week and trimming once a month should prevent tangles and keep its coat in the best of shape.


Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Puli

A medium- sized dog famous for its corded coat, Puli is an energetic and lively herding dog and a well-mannered family companion. Originally coming from Hungary, it often appears much larger than it actually is because of its heavy coat. Because of this distinct feature, coupled with its intelligence and self-confidence, the Puli often finds itself at the center of attention.

Because of its unique coat, extensive grooming is often necessary for this breed. Often, proper grooming for a corded coat requires the expertise of a professional groomer. For some dog owners, trimming is the usual practice, but not for this type of dog. This is not advisable, because the corded coat is a distinct and unique part of a Puli’s identity.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Rhodesian Ridgeback

If you see a proud medium sized dog with a tiny mohawk stream on his back, that would be the Rhodesian Ridgeback. A large and muscular hound that was first developed in the South African region, it is often called “the African Lion Hound”.

It has a gentle and quiet temperament and is easily trainable with above average tractability. They are good companions and gets along well with other dogs.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are impeccably clean dogs and have minimal shedding, so aside from occasional baths and a little combing, there isn’t much grooming required.

Standard Mexican Hairless

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Standard Mexican Hairless

More popularly known as “Solo”, the Standard Mexican Hairless is a medium-sized much sought after dog. Loyal, smart and deeply loving to its family, it is naturally protective and wary of strangers.

They are easy to train and love vegetables! This breed is often referred to as a “Velcro dog” because of its habit of constantly keeping close to it’s human.

Xolo’s are very easy to groom. Since most problems occur with over – lotioning and over-bathing, this should be kept to at least once or twice a month at a maximum.

Standard Schnauzer

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Standard Schnauzer

Standard Schnauzers may sometimes be mistaken for a Terrier, but the fact is they’re not related. Schnauzers originated from the landscapes of Germany. This dog breed has very strong territorial and protective instincts and is not afraid to take on enemies double its size.

This breed is quite trainable and therefore makes a good choice for a companion. Their coat has colored either salt or pepper, the ears V-shaped and set on the side. The head is rectangular, and the eyes are usually dark brown and medium-sized.

The schnauzer’s wiry coat is easy to manage, but unless brushed daily, the undercoat may coil and become matted. Clipping should also be done twice a year and owners will do well to practice clipping to reduce the need for hiring professional groomers.

Tibetan Terrier

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Tibetan Terrier

Originally bred and raised by monks on the Tibetan mountains, The Tibetan Terrier is an intelligent, brave, and dedicated medium- sized dog that can be extremely loyal to his family.

For centuries, these shaggy dogs have been bred as companions and remain to be an outstanding choice for a family pet. They are mellow and easy-going and affectionate with their owners. Due to its intelligence and dedication, Tibetan Terriers are also great watchdogs and they are also very easy to train.

Because it has dual coats that come in different colors, it requires regular grooming and daily brushing to keep the beauty of its coat. This dog has minimal shedding and a perfect choice for sensitive owners.

Welsch Terrier

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Welsch Terrier

Welsch terriers are old, medium-sized member of the Terrier Breed that originally came from Wales. It has a double coat and a jacket that extends from up on the neck down unto its tail. This sturdy square-built dog can run long distances with easy movements and free gait.

It has a confident and alert expression, that compliments its demeanor. Welsch Terriers are Mischievous and loves play, but can turn aloof in the presence of strangers. Daily exercise is needed to consume this dog’s energy and avoid building up unpleasant behavior.

While this breed doesn’t shed, regular grooming is still necessary to manage its double coat, along with occasional stripping to remove excess hair growth.

West Highland White Terrier

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier, also known as “Westie”, is a breed of medium-sized Terrier that originated in Scotland. It is a short-legged medium – sized dog with a coat that is immaculate white which consists of a hard undercoat and a soft and fluffy undercoat.

This breed of white Terriers is active, energetic, and playful. They easily get along with people, although they prefer running around than being snuggled.

Although this Terrier’s white coat can shed, this can be minimized with weekly combing or brushing and professional grooming at least once a month. Their coat may also require some hand-stripping, to get rid of old hair and make way for new ones.

Wheaten Terrier

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed-Wheaten Terrier

The Wheaten Terrier is a medium-sized dog breed belonging to the Terrier group and was originally bred as farm dogs in Ireland. Puppies usually have heavy coats of brown, mahogany, red, or white. The muzzles are usually brown or black and the adults grow out to become white, then eventually turn to a wheaten colored coat upon maturity.

Wheaten Terriers are playful and energetic dogs. They need regular exercise and with proper training, can get along well with other animals. They are good watchdogs and may bark a lot in the presence of strangers.

The Wheaten’s daily grooming session involves the use of slicker or pin brush to remove debris and loose hair. Brushing should be done daily and stripping or clipping may be done once a month.


Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Whippet

With a lean, muscular frame, and long and slender legs, the Whippet is a medium-sized breed that is built for speed. It has a short and sleek coat that is smooth and soft to touch and comes in a variety of color.

As long as Whippets are able to exercise by getting a couple of walks a day, they can be kept at home or in apartments. They are sweet and enjoys snuggling with their human. Gentle and non-aggressive, they are not exactly the best choice as protection dogs.

A whippet’s short coat does not shed and requires very little grooming. A bath twice a week should suffice.

Wire Fox Terriers

Medium Non Shedding Dog Breed - Whippet

Wire Fox Terriers were originally bred in the Wales area in England mainly to hunt foxes. They were not regarded as family pets until the 1930’s when they were featured in a series of films.

Today, the Wire Fox Terrier has won more awards on dog show competitions than any other breed. It’s an energetic breed that likes to run and best suited in houses with yards. It’s keen expression clearly reflects its character: alert, playful, and adventurous.

This dog breed’s coat requires weekly combing and trimming once every 3 months. They may also require occasional stripping.

20 Large Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Afghan Hound

Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are famous for their thick and silky coat and ringed tail at its end. This helps protect Afghans from the harsh cold temperatures in the Afghan mountains where they originally came from.

Because Afghan Hounds are Sighthounds, they are bread to chase prey on sight. Short walks are inadequate for this breed, therefore keeping them in a leash is not recommended. They are tall and lean and excellent jumpers.

Puppies have short and fuzzy coats that need very little maintenance. However, this soon changes when they mature, and an adult afghan’s long hair needs a few hours of grooming every week.

Airedale Terrier

Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier is a member of the Terrier family that had its origins in the River Aire valley in Yorkshire. Because it is also the largest of the Terrier family, it is often referred to as the “King of Terriers”. It is clever, friendly and courageous and has established itself as a valuable athlete, hunter, and companion.

Airedales have a wiry coat with tan and black markings. It has dark eyes, a sporty mustache and beard, and folded ears that hung on the side of its face. This breed is playful and friendly with children but will protect its family and territory at all cost.

Because the Airedale’s short wiry hair needs very little maintenance, weekly brushing should be enough to keep it looking good. Full grooming may be done at least 4 times a year, by its owner or by a grooming professional.

Belgian Shepherd Laekenois

Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Belgian Shepherd Laekenois

The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois is a large herding dog breed that originated in Belgium. It has a rough coat that looks square in outline. The coat comes in red with some black shedding on the tail and muzzle area.

As a pet, this breed is loyal and protective of his family. He likes playing with the kids and joining household activities. He is quite energetic and needs at least 2 hours of exercise each day. He is known to excel in obedience, agility and canine sports.

The Laekenois’ wiry coat is non-shedding and requires low maintenance. Weekly grooming should suffice.

Bergamasco Shepherds

Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Bergamasco Shepherds

The Bergamasco Shepherd is a large breed of sheepdog native to Bergamo Italian Alps. It is well-known for its thick corded coat which often comes in shades of gray. While it still has its herding instinct, Bergamasco’s nowadays are more of watchdogs and companion.

This large dog is protective and always keeps a watchful eye on strangers. Although not aggressive, Bergamascos are self-sufficient and intelligent dogs that are well capable of creating connections with humans.

This breed’s coat is unique in such a way that it has 3 types of hair that are weld together and formed into mats. Because of this, caring for its coat has specific approaches. Regular bathing is encouraged, while grooming for the coat may best be done by a skilled professional groomer.

Black Russian Terrier

Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Black Russian Terrier

Originally bred as guard dogs in the extremely cold mountains of Russia, the Black Russian Terrier is a giant dog that has calm but extremely strong guarding instincts. Active, energetic and athletic, they enjoy walking, running or hiking at a good pace at least twice a day.

They are best to live in homes with spacious yards and surrounded by a stable fence. They are gentle and enjoys playing with kids, but adult supervision is still recommended for safety purposes.

In order to keep this dog handsome at all times, grooming is required at least twice a week, while brushing of the coat should be performed on a daily basis.

Boston Terrier

Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are original all American dogs. These short-tailed, compact, and well-balanced dogs are famous for their tuxedo coats that can be black or white. It has a square head, a short muzzle, and big round eyes that reflect mischief, curiosity, and kindness. They are sturdy, energetic, and loves going out for a walk in the park. It is a happy and funny dog and a wonderful addition to the family.

Boston Terriers do not shed, and keeping its handsome features are quite easy, and grooming is also basic. All it needs is a regular bath and it’s good to go.

Bouvier Des Flandres

Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Bouvier Des Flandres

A large herding dog breed native to Flanders Belgium, they used to work as farm sheepherders and cart pullers. Nowadays, they are a bred guard dog, police dog, and family pet. Physical features include a rough and shaggy outer coat, a massive head that comes with a shaggy brow, beard, and mustache. It has triangular ears set high on the head and a tail that is usually docked.

Despite its size, this dog breed is very gentle and docile. Kind and patient with children, it makes an ideal companion and family pet.
The dog’s heavy and elaborate coat requires weekly grooming and trimming every 3 to 4 months. It is a medium shedder, but proper grooming can keep this in check.


Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Boxer

Underneath the always worried look on a boxer’s face is a sweet, silly, and mischievous dog that enjoys clowning around with the family. They are very protective of their humans and will not back down to anything that threatens those they love.

He can excel in any dog sporting activity which requires agility, obedience, and intelligence. They come in shades of white, brindle, or brown. Their short coats minimally shed, but this should be fixed with proper grooming.

The Boxer requires minimal care and his coat can stay beautiful and shiny through weekly brushing.

Bull Mastiff

Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Bull Mastiff

The fearless and strong-willed Bull Mastiff is a large dog breed that will face anything and lay down his life to protect its family. Sweet and mild-mannered, this powerhouse of a dog loves leaning on your feet and legs while he snorts. He is protective to the children and is a loyal family dog.

The Bull Mastiff is energetic and active and likes participating in dog events that require a lot of obedience and agility. However, he can be hostile to other dogs and difficult to keep with other male pooches.

Bullmastiffs drool a lot. He doesn’t need a lot of exercises and his grooming needs are quite basic too. Just brushing him every week is all it really takes to keep from shedding.

Doberman Pinscher

Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Doberman Pinscher

Originating from Germany, Doberman Pinschers are loving and fiercely loyal to their humans. Originally bred to be guard dogs, Dobermans are extremely intelligent, fearless, and affectionate. They are gentle to kids and other animals, provided they are allowed proper socialization.

Tall and masculine, these are strong and sleek dogs that need plenty of exercises. Doberman Pinschers are highly motivated guard dogs and will protect their family at all cost.

This large dog’s single coat is shiny, short, and hard. They are considered seasonal shedders and therefore requires minimal grooming.

Giant Schnauzer

Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzers are working dogs that were developed in Germany during the 1700s. Originally bred to help out in rural farms, they eventually moved to work as guard dogs for breweries, stockyards, shops, and factories. Later on, during World War II, they gained popularity as military dogs.

Giant Schnauzers come in two shades, solid black and salt, and pepper, with alternating strays of white and black which appears gray from a distance. They have their distinct eyebrows and beards and have docked tails and cropped ears. They require regular grooming, wherein their coat needs stripping every four weeks. This can also be clipped if the Schnauzer is kept as a companion or a family pet.


Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Goldendoodle

The Goldendoodle is a cross-breed that results from breeding a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. They are calm, adaptable and highly outgoing which makes them a perfect choice for a family dog. They are affectionate and loves to be a part of family activities. They need regular walks every day and can participate in dog competitions that require intelligence, stamina, and agility.

Goldendoodles have varied types of fur, some have shaggy coats like Retrievers, and some take on the Poodle look of having loose curls, while some falls somewhere in the middle. They are minimal shedders but require extensive grooming. This includes brushing of the fur every other day with a slicker brush, and clipping every eight weeks or so.


Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Greyhounds

The greyhound is loving and easy to care of breed of dog. His favorite spot will be somewhere in the living room where he can just sleep like a couch potato. His sleek coat comes in varied colors and patterns. Although some Greyhounds are bred solely for the show ring, most of those that are kept as pets are originally racing dogs.

By nature, greyhounds are well-mannered housemates. Their favorite activity is, believe it or not, no activity at all. They are quiet and clean, and in some ways, living with them is like living with giant lazy cats.

Greyhounds have very short coats that are easily groomed. They shed a little, but regular brushing will keep the unwanted hair off. Overall, Greyhounds are clean and will not be needing baths that often.

Irish Water Spaniel

Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Irish Water Spaniel

Considered the clown and the largest member of the Spaniel family, the Irish Water Spaniel is a rare breed that is said to have a history that dates back to the stone age. Originally from Ireland, this breed is a furry clown that does everything with vigor and enthusiasm.

This includes making people laugh with its antics. Like any other dog that was bred to hunt, he is energetic and needs a good amount of exercise. This may include walking, hiking, or running.

This breed has a dense and tightly coiled coat that is thick and adheres closely to the skin. Combing at least thrice a week and brushing should remove dead hair. Trimming should also be done every six to eight weeks, especially around the dog’s foot pads. You may need the service of a professional groomer to help achieve your Spaniel’s best look.


Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Komondor

The Komondor breed is also popularly known as “Hungarian Sheepdog”. It is a huge, white -colored livestock guardian dog which is known for famous for its long corded coat.

Komondors are powerful giant dogs with strong protective instincts towards livestock or property. He may appear like a giant mop, but this breed is agile, strong and has a light gate enough to make it a speedy runner, capable of chasing strangers or intruders.

The coat of the Komondor starts to grow at about eight months to one year of age. They don’t shed much but the cords have to be separated to maintain their look. Enough bathing and regular grooming from a skilled professional should keep their cords from being matted, dirty, or bad smelling.

Old English Sheepdog

Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Old English Sheep Dog

The Old English Sheepdog is also popularly known as Bob-tailed Sheepdog and Shepherd dog. It is famous for its cute peek-a-boo hair-do, and abundant coat. It also has a unique bear-like gait with a compact and muscular built. Their eyes are round and blue or dark brown, or both. Its skull is also huge, which explains why the breed is classified as an intelligent pooch.

Caring for their coat is probably the toughest job of owning an Old English Sheepdog. You need at least an hour od fairly grooming to keep it’s coat clean and free from dirt and debris. Professional grooming is also advised.


Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Saluki

One of the oldest breeds known to have ever existed, Salukis are a standardized breed of sight hunters that were primarily bred to chase game animals. Slim and rugged, Salukis are agile and swift runners who immensely love to chase.

They are strong and well-balanced, and their beauty has been a constant source of wonder for years. They are well- mannered and can live well in any climate. Most of all, they are gentle spirits that can live happily in any home.

There are two types of Salukis. The smooth and the feathered. Brushing the coat weekly and bathing them when needed is enough to keep its majestic beauty. The rest is basic care.

Spanish Water Dog

Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Spanish water Dog

A native of Spain, Spanish Water Dogs were originally bred to guard and watch and herd livestock, as well as water retrievals when needed. It’s most striking feature is its curly coat, which, when allowed to grow long, can form tight cords.

Most Spanish Water dogs enjoy water activities such as swimming, boating, or just wading in water. Being active dogs, they need ample exercise in order to prevent boredom. As long as he gets enough physical activity, this breed can very well adept in any environment.

Proper grooming for this pooch includes bathing and clipping once or twice a year.

Standard Poodle

Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Standard Poodle

If there is a breed with the best sense of humor, that will be the Poodle. This pooch is happy, sociable canines that enjoy having fun and being with people. They are a favorite amongst dog -lovers because of their wit, charm, comical abilities, its coat that does not shed, and most of all, it’s loving and loyal spirit. Although they may get a little stubborn at times, these dogs are still good therapeutic pooches.

When choosing to add a Poodle to your family, grooming should always be a consideration. Its pretty curls need clipping every six to eight weeks, and regular bathing and brushing is a must.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Large Non Shedding Dog Breed - Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are smart and sensitive dogs that love pleasing people and keeps to the company of their owners. Easily trained and well-behaved, this breed makes for a wonderful family pet. Griffons are quite famous for their coarse double-coat.

The breed comes in different colors such as chestnut and gray, brown and gray, brown, white, chestnut, white and orange, or white and brown. It also sports a shaggy beard and mustache and a docked tail.

Brushing the Griffon’s coat twice weekly is good. In addition to this, dead hair should also be tried a few times a year.


While the term “non-shedder” may sound like a misnomer since all canines shed at some degree, this term applies to dog breeds that have minimal shedding, or to those whose shedding is not enough to cause a significant effect on people who suffer from allergies.

Choosing dog breeds that shed very little is not just beneficial to those who are extra sensitive to animal hair and dander. It also keeps fur from finding its way to your clothes, your furniture, or even your food.

We hope that this article will help you in choosing the right furry pal. After all, dogs are such wonderful, loving creatures and having pet allergy should never limit you from the joy of having one.

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