Best Dog Food for Chihuahua 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

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You will take the information, choose the best food brand and start the process of growing your pooch healthily.

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What Do Chihuahuas Eat?

Best Dog Food for Chihuahua

Many pet owners will love to hear that these sassy dogs eat everything, but the truth of the matter is that this is not the case.

These toy dogs are picky eaters and quite selective on what they eat. Therefore, as the pet owner, you need to find the best food product that they love most.

Provide a complete diet when dealing with Chihuahua. The diet should either comprise of dry or wet dog food. Provide the recommended portion size of food to Chihuahua as per the details found on the food product packet.

The portion varies due to the amount of energy content found in the food product. You need to adhere to the finer details found on the food packet before feeding them.

Diet Dog Food For Chihuahua

Provide your pooch the correct amount of food and exercise. This will enable them to gain healthy weight and also reduce the risk associated with overweight.

It is recommended to take him or her for a walk daily to help them gain ideal weight. The exercise enables them to avoid unnecessary doggy body, and this will allow them to look gorgeous forever.

The exercise helps him or her to burn down excess fats and also lose excess energy accumulated in their body.

What Is The Healthiest Dog Food For Chihuahuas?

Chihuahua pups tend to grow very fast, especially between weaning and switching to adult foods. The puppies will be required to be supplied with about 50 calories to provide sufficient energy.

Provide a diet that has 30% proteins and 20% fat to enhance bone and muscle development.

Also, provide your best puppy friend with feeds that has a lot of vegetables. These happen to be the primary sources of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the health of the pups.

It is advisable never to give your pups plenty of water after feeding since they are likely to experience bloat. Ensure the water supply is in a small amount.

Dog Food For Senior Chihuahua

Maturity of Chihuahua commences once they have reached eight months. It is the period you need to supply ingredients that are less required for growth.

Provide a well-balanced diet to prevent them from gaining unnecessary weight. Measure the weight ht of the pooch before determining the exact amount of calories they need.

Or you can consult a professional vet for assistance. The vet will help in determining the best type of dog food for the dog breed.

Be extra careful when shopping for the feeds of the dog since, in the market, there are several counterfeit dog food products.

Identify the store that has authentic product ass in terms of ingredients and natural sources of fats like chicken fats. Pick food product that has about 13-15% fats in case the Chihuahua is super active.

However, do not go for food brands that have less than 13% fat content even if your pooch is quite sedentary.

You should also note that super active dogs will require more calories than the less active ones. Remember to use dog food calorie calculator to check them out before serving the pooch with the meal.

What Dog Food Is The Best For Chihuahua With Sensitive Stomach?

If your pooch has been diagnosed with suspected allergies or stomach issues, then you need to opt for alternative food products.

The initial treatment of such condition usually begins by feeding the sassy dog with food products that are free from grains. These food brand will help to remove the symptoms.

Talk to your vet about the various types of free grain food products and see which limited ingredient will suit your chi.

The most recommended toy breed dog food is Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dog Food Small & Toy Breeds.

The food formula is highly recommended by vets since it contains unique ingredients for those toy dogs with sensitive stomach and skin issues.

Features of a Good Chihuahua Recipes

A lot of toy breeds dog foods have common characteristics. Consider selecting dog food to s for chi in case they meet the following guidelines.

High-Quality Food Brands

Chihuahua is tiny dogs, and they are highly susceptible to toxic even if it is a small error. Consider purchasing foods manufactured in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Western Europe.

These countries have strict quality control standards when it comes to the manufacture of dog food products. The chances of getting toxic dog foods are quite minimal.

Size of the Kibble

Purchase kibble that is smaller in format for your pint-sized pup since they have tiny teeth. Consider kibbles that are smaller in size to reduce the chance of being choked or experience struggle while eating.

Opt for Food with Meat Ingredient

Chihuahua is little wolves, and they love feeding on meat. Therefore, opt for a dog food product that has chicken as the first ingredient though it should contain a balanced mix.

Avoid Foods with Artificial Ingredients

Select foods that do not contain artificial flavor, colors, and preservatives. These ingredients are not dangerous, but they are known for triggering allergies. They also do not add value to your pooch.

Select Food with Added Fatty Acids

Chihuahua is highly susceptible to skin conditions and food allergies. Therefore, when selecting the best dog food brand consider the ones with added fatty acids.

Omega-3s nutrients in the fatty acids help to nourish the dog skin coat and also make it appear glossy.

Age of the Dog

Dog foods are designed for different periods of dog. In case you have a puppy chi then consider buying foods intended for puppies and not adults. Pregnant chi also requires different food products. Be informed about the status of your dog before considering a particular type of food.

Top 10 Best Dog Food for Chihuahua in the Market

Food ProductIngredientsRatingsFeatures 
Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Small BreedSalmon, whitefish, menhaden fish, herring meal5 starGrain Free, losts of moisture, Premium Ingredients Check Price
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Toy Breed Chicken & Brown RiceBuffalo Meat, chicken, Brown Rice5starTasty, Highly Nutritious Check Price
IAMS Proactive Health Small and Toy Breed Adult Dry Dog FoodChicken Meat, Fruits, Vegetables,5 starOptimal Calories, Quality Ingredients Check Price
Nutro Wholesome Essentials Small Breed Adult Dry Dog FoodDeboned Chicken, Fruits, Vegetables4.9 starHighly Riched in Nutrients, Chelated Minerals Check Price
ROYAL CANIN Breed Health Nutrition ChihuahuaBeet Pulp, Meat, Fruits, Vegetables4.5 starRemove Bad Smell, Perfect Kibble Size, Nutritious Check Price
EUKANUBA Breed-Specific Adult ChihuahuaBeet Pulp, Prebiotic FOS, Meat5 starTartar Removal, Burn Excess Fat, Healthy Digestion Check Price
Nutro Ultra Puppy Canned Wet FoodSun flower oil, Whole grain, Lean Proteins5starQuality Ingredients, Great for Weight loss Check Price
CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Foundations Fresh Chicken Puppy Dry Dog FoodFish Meat, Peas, Sweet Potatoes4.8 starNatural Ingredients, High Amount of Proteins Check Price
Hill’s Science Diet Small and Toy BreedChicken, Lamb, Salmon4.6 starNo Artificial Preservatives, Rich in Nutrients Check Price
Wellness Complete Health Natural Toy Breed Formula Dry Dog FoodChicken, Turkey, and Salmon5 starGrain Free, Perfect Kibble Size, Rich in Proteins Check Price

Take a peek at some of the top Chihuahua food products below:

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Guess what?

Wellness Core natural is a top food brand for small dog breeds like Chihuahua. The food product is loaded with all the nutritional requirements of Chihuahua.

The meal has 34% proteins, 29% fat, and 37% carbohydrates. These ratios are balanced in a way that will foster the healthiness of your pooch.

Salmon, whitefish, menhaden fish, and herring meal are the primary source of protein in the food product.

These nutrients are essential in boosting the immune system, improve the skin coat condition, and also friendly to the digestive tract of your friend.

The antioxidant properties found in the food ingredients also boost the immune system and fight any potential infections in the body.

Also, the food brand comes with all the vitamins and minerals needed by your chi to thrive well in life. Omega-3 fatty acids help to keep the digestive tract in a better condition.

  • Grain free
  • High-quality protein content
  • Lots of moisture
  • Contain inexpensive fillers

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Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Toy Breed Chicken & Brown Rice

Blue Buffalo is another great food brand for Chihuahua. The recipe is loaded with highly nutritious premium ingredients.

The omega-3 fatty acids, nutritious ingredients, and probiotics make blue buffalo food formula to be overall the best in the market for Chihuahua.

The presence of glucosamine in the food help to strengthen and protect the dog from joint health problems.

That’s not all.

The proteins from the deboned chicken, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables help to boost the immune system of your pooch.

The food brand is manufactured in a country where there are strict control systems, and this is the reason why it is the best food product for chi.

  • Highly nutritious
  • Suitable for a dog with a sensitive stomach
  • Quite tasty
  • Result in digestive problems

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IAMS Proactive Health Small and Toy Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

IAMS Proactive Health Small and Toy Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

The food brand contains chicken as the first ingredient. Chicken meal nutrients help the fido to develop strong muscles.

The recipe used in the manufacture of the food brand has L-carnitine, which help to burn out excess fat. This help to maintain a healthy weight for your chi.

Overweight chi is highly susceptible to common heart problems and diabetic conditions. The food product is highly recommended for chi and other small sized dog breeds.

That’s not all.

The dog food brand also contains vegetables and fruits. These nutrients help to boost the immune system of your Chihuahua.

However, the research shows that the food brand does not contain adequate vegetable ingredients, and it is recommended to add extra veggies in the diet of the chi.

  • Quite affordable in terms of price
  • Enhance improved skin coat condition
  • Tasty since it is cooked in real broth
  • Have inadequate veggies
  • Not suitable for sensitive stomach chi

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Nutro Wholesome Essentials Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

The list would not end without including Nutro wholesome food brand. The dog food brand has high-quality proteins essential for full-grown chi.

The protein ingredients provide energy and spearhead overall health of the small breed dogs like Chihuahua.

The primary source of NUTRO proteins come from a deboned chicken. The chicken ingredient also contains amino acids that make the dog active and healthy.

Also, the grain content help to nourish the digestive system of the dog while the fruits and vegetables act as an antioxidant. They boost the immune system of the pooch.

The dog food brand does not contain any artificial flavors and colors that are known to be unhealthy for Chihuahua. Instead, they contain vitamins that are essential for the growth of the chi.

Unfortunately, the food brand contains excess non-dietary fiber carbohydrates, which are regarded to be fillers.

  • The high content of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Have chelated minerals
  • Highly nutritious for adult chi
  • Contain excess non-dietary carbohydrates

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ROYAL CANIN Breed Health Nutrition Chihuahua

ROYAL CANIN Breed Health Nutrition Chihuahua

Does your tiny pooch have a low appetite? Royal Canin food brand is designed in a way to improve the desire of the small friend.

The dog food brand has all the nutritional requirements that your tiny friend needs. It has mouthwatering small size kibble that has natural flavors.

The dog food has the required level of proteins to enhance muscle development in the pooch also premium omega-3 fatty acid for facilitating improve skin coat condition.

The food formula of the dog also helps to reduce the poop smell by facilitating proper digestion process in the digestive system of the chi.

What’s the wrong side of the dog food?

Well, the dog food contains beet pulp, which results in the stomach upset of your tiny friend. In case your chi has a sensitive stomach, then this is not the perfect meal for her or him.

  • Easily digestible
  • Enhance glossy and shiny skin coat
  • Poop does not smell much
  • Result in bloat in dogs

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EUKANUBA Breed-Specific Adult Chihuahua

EUKANUBA Breed-Specific Adult Chihuahua

The dog food brand is highly recognized as the best carnivore feeds. It contains a high amount of animal proteins that are suitable for tiny friends.

The dog food has 3D DentaDefence system, which is known for reducing the level of tartar on the teeth of the chi within 28 days.

That’s not all.

The food brand of the dog contains fiber systems made from beet pulp and prebiotic FOS to facilitate healthy digestion in the tiny pooch.

The dog food is also loaded with other vital ingredients that help to boost the immune system of the Chihuahua and other breeds of the dogs.

However, it contains too many non-dietary ingredients which are regarded as fillers, and this is the reason why some chi tend to have rough skin coat.


  • Enhance healthy digestion
  • Help to remove tartar fast
  • Help to burn excess fat naturally


  • Contain too many fillers

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Nutro Ultra Puppy Canned Wet Food

Nutro Ultra Puppy Canned Wet Food

Many pet owners love everything revolving around Nutro since they are made from quality ingredients and follow strict control measures.

Nutro Ultra is a great dog food formula that contains every essential ingredient needed by the dog. The nutrients from the food brand help to foster the healthy development of the chi.

The dog food has a perfect combination of nutrients regarded to be essential for tiny friends. Some of the top ingredients of the dog food are sunflower oil, whole grain, 3lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables.

Ingredients such as salmon oil and eggs have DHA which enhances brain and cognitive development in Chihuahua puppies.

Moreover, the high amount of calcium help to boost healthy teeth and bone developments in the pooch. The formula does not contain any strains of artificial flavors and colors that are unhealthy to the dogs.

Unfortunately, the dog food contains a low level of proteins and other premium ingredients, making them unsuitable for the growth of puppies.

  • Suitable for weight loss
  • Contain high-quality ingredients
  • Do not contain artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives
  • Low level of proteins

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CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Foundations Fresh Chicken Puppy Dry Dog Food

This is a delicious dog food that is regarded as suitable for puppies. The dog food is made from fresh chicken broth.

The recipe contains vital ingredients, and it can also be consumed by those dogs with a sensitive stomach. It is the most recommended dog food for Chihuahua with food allergies.

Chicken is the first ingredient of the dog food together with others to foster great digestion process in the tiny buddy.

However, most of the ingredients found in the dog food do not occur in the natural state, and this is the reason why many pet owners do not prefer it.

  • Cost-effective
  • No filler ingredients
  • High level of proteins
  • Most of the components are not in the natural state

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Hill’s Science Diet Small and Toy Breed

Hill’s Science Diet Small and Toy Breed

The dog food formula is ideal of Chihuahua puppies. It contains all the nutritional requirements that facilitate a healthy lifestyle of the pooch.

The food formula has a savory chicken meal and rice for better general health development of the dog. The manufacturing process of the method follows strict quality control regulations of the US.

The nutritional diet in the dog food promotes muscle development, healthy bone formation, and improve health standards of the dog breed.

That’s not all.

The dog food does not contain any traces of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives that are considered risky for the dog breed.

Unfortunately, many dog owners have to complain about the digestive problems of their dogs after eating this dog food formula.

  • No preservatives, colors, and flavors
  • The high amount of proteins and fats
  • Result in bloat

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Wellness Complete Health Natural Toy Breed Formula Dry Dog Food

Wellness Complete Health Natural Toy Breed Formula Dry Dog Food

If your tiny buddy has a low appetite, then here is the perfect food for her or him. The dog food is tasty and delicious.

Lean protein is the first ingredient, followed by chicken, turkey, and salmon. These ingredients offer great nutritional diet block for your tiny buddy.

That’s not all.

The food formula contains a high amount of calories to provide sufficient energy for the ever-active Chihuahua. Are you worried about the skin coat? Well, the dog food contains omega three fatty acids that spearhead a healthy skin coat.

The food brand has small size kibbles suitable for the puppies and also contain antioxidant properties for fighting off any infections.

The great thing about this dog food formula is that it does not contain artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors that can cause various diseases like cancer.

  • Grain free
  • Rich in proteins and gluten-free
  • Perfect kibble size
  • No flavors, colors, and preservatives
  • Too expensive
  • Lack of premium ingredients

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Dog Food For Chihuahua Buyer’s Guide

Chihuahua is super active dogs that need food rich in high complex carbohydrates for energy provision and proteins.

There are so many food brands in the market today purporting to offer the best ingredients. You need to be extra careful when selecting them.

Provide the right ingredients for your pooch, and you will forever have a happy friend in the family. Check the ingredients on the food packet carefully and pay attention to the percentage of proteins as well as carbohydrates.

Our buying guide will help you make an informed decision about the perfect match food product for your pooch.

Final Thoughts

Chihuahua is like humans, and they need a nutritional diet. They are tiny dogs that are adorable and show affectionate to the owner.

There are quite numerous health benefits of owning a dog and to experience these benefits then apply the proper nutritional diet to them. Make them happy, and you will be pleased in return.

Learn to listen to your dog. These adorable toy breeds are stubborn, therefore, pay attention to the reaction towards the food. The response will guide you on the kibble type to consider when purchasing.

You need to read full and learn to switch to different Chihuahua dog food until you get one that will suit them perfectly.

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