Can Dogs Eat Quinoa?

There are many foods that your dog can eat. However, there are some that are healthy while others are hazardous. You will find that some foods are edible by dogs, but they may find it difficult to ingest.

A rule that most animal health professionals have always stressed on is that you should feed them little amounts to knowing whether it is suitable for their taste.

Can dogs eat quinoa? Quinoa is known to be a goose food that originated from The Andes. Most people cultivated it because of the starchy seeds that are nutritious. You may be curious to know whether your pet can also eat the food.

Well, it is first important to be aware of the components that are in the Quinoa before offering them to your dog.

Most of us would always want to feed our dog with healthy meals others calling it a treat. There are few things that you should be aware of when you want to feed your dog with quinoa.

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa? Sure!

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa

It is safe to feed your dog with quinoa because of the nutritional value they will derive from the food. It has high levels of amino acids and is free of gluten which is known to be a possible threat to your dog’s health.

The fact that dogs can eat quinoa does not mean that you should give them plenty all at once. Always ensure to give them in small amounts until they can adjust to the quantity that is ingestible. It is a special treat to your dog and would be efficient if you regularly exercise them.

In case you find some symptoms after feeding your dog the first meal, it is advisable to avoid and probably stick to the dog food. The reason is that not all dogs can eat the same thing and it also depends on their immune system.

However, once they get to enjoy quinoa, you can give them some as a treat to their regular diet. The fact that quinoa falls into the grain category does not mean that they cannot eat them. Unlike other grains, quinoa has nutritional value that is essential in improving your dog’s health.

How Can I Prepare Quinoa For My Dog?

Cooking Procedure

You will start by rinsing, washing and then cook the quinoa grains. You should be aware that quinoa has saponin which is an invisible chemical that is not preferable to dogs. This compound is usually abundant in the coating of the grain.

Heating eliminates this toxic substance and will not harm your dog at all. Giving uncooked quinoa to your dog is harmful, and hence you should avoid.

Feeding Procedure

After cooking, you should feed your dog with a small amount at the beginning to determine whether they enjoy the food. Always monitor them and make sure they do not show negative signs such as diarrhea and vomiting.

In case the condition happens, it might be as a result of oxalates that are insoluble which your dog find it difficult to digest.

Mixing Quinoa With Other Foods

You will begin with the usual procedure of rinsing, washing, and then boiling the grains for close to fifteen minutes. Give some time for the quinoa to cool. You can then combine it with meat fish or other nutritious vegetables that are healthy for dogs.

Basing your feeding procedure from the universal rule, you should administer the food in low quantities to see if your dog agrees to the treat. You should avoid the quinoa if symptoms develop.

This video shows you how to cook chicken & quinoa soup for your dog:

Why Should I Feed My Dog Quinoa?

Quinoa is known to have numerous healing properties and nutritional value for your dog. The nutrients available in quinoa are the same as the ones you gain. Some of the properties of quinoa include:

  • Decreased chances of being diabetic
  • It is useful in preventing cancer and heart diseases
  • Quinoa is rich in vitamin B12, niacin, vitamin E, thiamin, iron, and riboflavin.
  • Have low levels of cholesterol.
  • They also deliver omega three fatty acids that help your dog be immune to inflammations.
  • Contains high quantities of complex carbohydrates that are healthy for your dog as it increases their energy.


Can dogs eat quinoa? Quinoa is edible grains for both humans and dogs. They have offered high nutritional value and increased energy because of their properties.

The fact that they have healing characteristics also improve the health of your dog and resistance to inflammations. Always start with low amounts of quinoa before increasing the quantity.

However, do not always stick to grains as a regular source of food for your dog. Always look for alternatives such as meat, chicken and other supplements that will improve your dog’s health.

If you witness any symptoms after few minutes of feeding them quinoa, please visit the veterinarian and avoid the food altogether. Otherwise, quinoa is known to be edible and healthy to your dogs.

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