Best Tetherball for Dogs 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

Raising a healthy dog is a key factor to consider as a dog parent. These canine friends tend to have a lot of energy that needs to burn out.

Getting the best tetherball for dogs to burn the excess energy off every day is quite important. Tether tugs are ideal toys for fostering energy burn out.

However, some poodles might not have the energy to play with any toy and this the reason why getting the right toy is crucial.

Tetherballs comes in different sizes that can perfectly suit your canine friend regardless of the size and weight.

The guide provides detail insights on some of the popular tetherballs in the market and things to consider before buying. Let’s find out:

Number One Reason to Get Tetherballs for Dogs

Best Tetherball for Dogs

Dogs are part of the family and they rely on the diet for their well-being. These furry friends come with seemingly boundless energy that needs to be gotten rid of it.

According to research, excess energy accumulation can make them aggressive and also gain excess weight.

Getting the right toys such as tether tugs will help to burn out the excess energy and also fats in the body.

Besides that, adequate exercise help to keep the canine fit and healthy. This will help to reduce the risk of obesity and other risk conditions linked to lack of exercise.

What is a Tetherball and How Does It Work?

Tetherball is an outdoor toy meant for canines and it is normally tied on the pole to help exercise the dog.

The dog gets to the tug and snapped-on the toy. The pole holding the toy is quite flexible and it can withstand the great pull from the canines.

The furry friend will interact with the toy as much as possible and this helps them to get rid of the excess energy accumulated in them.

The freestanding toy swings from one direction to another and this is enough exercise for him. It is also regarded to be the best way to deal with separation anxiety.

10 Best Tetherball for Dogs In 2024

Tetherball Brand NameFeaturesRatings  
Clean Run Bene’s Bungee BallHigh-Quality Materials, Flexible, Strong, Swing 360 Degrees, 21 Inch Nylon Rope5 Star Check Price
Tether Tug Outdoor Tug Toy for All DogsHigh-Quality Tetherballs, Strong, Interactive, Simple Installation, Flexible Pole4.9 Star Check Price
XiaZ Retractable Interactive Dog ToyMultipurpose, Ideal For Medium to Large Dogs, Easy To Install, Soft and Strong Materials4.7 Star Check Price
Tumbo Tugger Exercise Dog ToyStrong, Safe, Simple to Hang, Adjustable Height, Durable5 Star Check Price
Tether Tug Interactive Dog Rope ToyEasy To Install, Super Durable, Heavy Duty Rope, Swinging and Tugging4.8 Star Check Price
Durable Spring Pole for PitbullUnique Design, Stable, Safe, Flexible Pole, Quality Rope5 Star Check Price
Highland Farms Select Dog Retractable Interactive Training Tug ToyRust Proof Spring Pole, Long-Lasting, Quality Materials, Easy Installation4.5 Star Check Price
DIBBATU Spring Pole Dog Rope ToysTop Grade Rubber Construction, Quality Material, Nylon Rope, Durable4.9 Star Check Price
TACHIKARA STBR Rubber TetherballHigh Quality Material, Durable, Rustproof Bungee, Flexible Pole, Soft Tether Tug5 Star Check Price
PrimePets 2 Pcs Dog Ball on RopeDurable Rope, Solid Rubber Tug, Non-Toxic Material, Two Rubber Balls, Flexible Pole4.8 Star Check Price

Here is the deal:

Clean Run Bene’s Bungee Ball

Clean Run Benes Bungee Ball

Clean Run is a reputable brand in the production of canine tetherballs for over some decades now. It is the leading company when compared to the existing ones in the market.

The tug is made from high-quality materials and it tends to be quite flexible as well as strong. This will help the canine friend to have a great interactive play hence able to burn out excess fats.

Besides that, the tether tug can swing for about 360 degrees and hence regarded ideal for training your furry friend.

The most wonderful thing about the tether tug comes in different colours and this helps the dog parents to pick colours that suit their tastes.

Also, the tug can be installed both indoor and outdoor. It forms a great way on how the canine can lose excess fats and also reduce excess energy.

Lastly, the 21-inch long nylon rope is excellent for a playful poodle. It can perfectly fit any breed of the dog regardless of their size and age.


  • Suitable for training dogs.
  • Made from premium materials.
  • Come with assorted handle colours.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor
  • Relatively affordable


  • Not suitable for aggressive and great chewers
  • Have a short lifespan

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Tether Tug Outdoor Tug Toy for All Dogs

Tether Tug Outdoor Tug Toy for All Dogs

Tether tug is another great brand behind the development of outdoor tug toys for dogs that want to exercise and burn out excess fats.

The company has been in the industry for over some decades and it has a great reputation for providing high-quality tetherballs for furry friends like dogs.

The tetherball tends to be big and strong making it suitable for those canines that are great pullers or strong.

They tug toy allows the poodle to play tug of war game for over some time without destroying it. It is a perfect interactive toy for helping the canine lose excess weight and also stimulate their minds.

Installation of the tetherball is quite easy hence you do not need any kind of assistance. Besides that, the pole is quite flexible and it can bend when the canine is swinging the toy even with force.

This is the perfect gift for poodles that love playing and offers a great opportunity to help the furry friend to stay healthy for a couple of years.


  • Suitable for great pullers
  • Tug pole is strong and flexible
  • Help to break doggie boredom
  • Entertain dogs for a long period


  • Limited to large breeds of dogs
  • Relatively expensive
  • Ideal for outdoor only

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XiaZ Retractable Interactive Dog Toy

XiaZ Retractable Interactive Dog Toy

Xiaz is a giant brand in the production of dog accessories. It has been in the industry for long and this is why it receives lots of praises from many dog parents.

The tetherball is quite suitable for developing dog muscles since the canine can pull, swing and tug the pole for a couple of hours.

The tug toy is known to be great for those poodles that love to have fun and play the game of tug wars. The design is known to be ideal for large puppies and medium size dogs.

The most beautiful thing is that you can hang the ball easily and within the shortest time possible. If you have an aggressive chewer then consider your problems sorted by opting for the tether tug toy.

The rope of the tetherball tend to be quite long and this gives the dog parent opportunity to set the height according to the size of the canine friend.

The materials used to design the tether tug toy are quite safe and do not ruin the dental formulae of your canine friend.



  • Ideal for dog muscle builders
  • Quite simple and easy to hang
  • Ropes made from premium materials
  • Highly versatile and multipurpose


  • Not suitable for puppies and small breed dogs
  • Relatively costly for some dog parents

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Tumbo Tugger Exercise Dog Toy

Tumbo Tugger Exercise Dog Toy

If you have a canine friend that tend to experience boredom due to being alone then you need to think about Tumbo tugger exercise dog toy.

The tether tug toy has a strong and safe bungee cord that gives the poodle opportunity to pull with force without breaking.

Besides that, the furry friend has a chance to play tug of war game until they get exhausted. It is the perfect point for the canine friend to get rid of excess energy.

The most amazing thing is that it is quite simple to hang the toy by simply hanging the bungee cord over a strong branch of the tree.

The bungee cord tends to be quite long and strong hence suitable for great chewer as well as aggressive dogs. The height can be adjusted to suit the size of the canine.

Tumbo tugger toys are generally tough to withstand dog activeness and aggressiveness regardless of the breed.

The design of the tug toy is safe of the canine teeth and regulation of the height help to prevent the toys from getting dirty. Lastly, it is quite affordable for budgeted dog parents.


  • Suitable for maximum dog entertainment
  • Easy to hang
  • Tough for aggressive chewers
  • Quite safe for the poodle
  • Relatively affordable


  • Some ropes not durable
  • Not suitable for extra-large dog breeds

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Tether Tug Interactive Dog Rope Toy

Tether Tug Interactive Dog Rope Toy

Tether tug company work around the clock to provide dog accessories that are of high-quality. The tetherballs are specifically designed all breeds of dogs across the world.

If you have a canine friend that loves tug of war game then this is the best interactive toy that won’t break your bank account.

The interactive toy allows your furry friend to play whenever they want. It can help break the boredom of your doggie in case they are left alone at home.

According to research, a playful doggie is likely not suffering from any cardiovascular health problems due to the maximum exercise.

The most wonderful thing is that the toy has a durable construction and it is the perfect fit for the strongest pooch.

The tug of war game help to burn out excess energy which is quite helpful since it makes the poodles less destructive.

Installation of the bungee cords and tetherballs is quite simple. It is something that can take less than five minutes.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Offer maximum excitement to the doggie
  • Promote cardiovascular health in dogs
  • Tend to be durable for the aggressive pooch
  • Help to reduce destructive behaviour in canines
  • The poles are flexible and can stretch.


  • Can easily be destroyed by large breed dogs
  • Can injure some dogs
  • Relatively expensive

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Durable Spring Pole for Pitbull

Durable Spring Pole for Pitbull

If you have a canine friend that love pulling, swinging and tugging action then durable spring pole is the perfect option.

The tetherball offers countless hours of exercise for the dogs and it is regarded as suitable for muscle building in pooches.

The package of the product come with two spring of different weight can suit any breed of dog regardless of their age.

Besides that, it comes with a free heavy duty rope for hanging the toys. The rope is quite sturdy and it can withstand the aggressiveness of the Pitbull.

The spring pole is super durable and stainless hence cannot be affected by rust conditions. This allows it to last for a longer period.

The pole is also flexible and can easily be stretched. This creates a perfect opportunity for the furry friend to enjoy and have fun with a tug of war action.

Lastly, the YES4QUALITY tetherball comes with a clear manual about installation and this makes the entire process quite simple.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Best for dog muscle building
  • Ideal for all breeds regardless of their age
  • Super durable and long-lasting
  • Quite affordable for budgeted dog parents


  • Limited to outdoor only
  • Can injure the canine friend easily

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Highland Farms Select Dog Retractable Interactive Training Tug Toy

Highland Farms Select Dog Retractable Interactive Training Tug Toy

Raising a healthy dog does not only depend on a diet but also on exercise. Due to the busy schedule of pet parents, many tend to leave the furry friends alone at home.

The canine friend ends up gaining unnecessary weight and also become destructive due to accumulation of excess energy.

The retractable interactive tug toy from Highland Farms can help handle and manage the situation at home without monitoring your canine friend.

The interactive tug toy help to exercise your poodle which helps foster cardiovascular health and mental stimulation. The exercise helps reduces destructive behaviour developed by the dog earlier.

Besides that, the tug of war action help to improve the intelligence, stamina, submissiveness and fitness of your canine friend.

The most beautiful thing is that the pole is quite flexible and the rope made from high-quality material. The price attached to the tetherball is quite affordable.


  • Has an exceptional design
  • Ideal for dog training
  • Quite stable and safe tug
  • Easy to install and disassemble
  • Come with a lifetime warranty


  • Poke screws tend to be loose
  • Difficult to assemble for some pet parents
  • Does not come with a ball

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DIBBATU Spring Pole Dog Rope Toys

DIBBATU Spring Pole Dog Rope Toys

Dibbatu is a giant brand in the production of high-quality dog toys. The spring pole rope toy is one of the products offered by the company.

Installation of the tetherball is quite simple and it normally takes less than five minutes to get it ready for the canine friend.

The most wonderful thing is that the spring pole is made from premium rustproof stainless steel that can last for a longer period.

The tug toy and pole can withstand the pulling as well as the chewing from aggressive poodles. This offers a perfect opportunity for the canine to get rid of excess energy in a better way.

Also, it creates an opportunity for the canine to build muscle due to the frequent swinging and pulling of the tetherball.

Lastly, the tetherball happens to be the perfect way to deal with separation anxiety experienced by the poodles when left alone.


  • Simple to use and install
  • Has a rustproof spring pole
  • Ideal for muscle building


  • Not suitable for extra-large dogs
  • Tend to be costly for budgeted pet parents

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TACHIKARA STBR Rubber Tetherball

TACHIKARA STBR Rubber Tetherball

Do you have a canine friend that destructive due to excess energy accumulation? Well, worry no more since TACHIKARA got your back.

The STBR rubber tetherballs manufactured by the company are of high-quality and they offer maximum enjoyment for the furry friend.

The balls are made from top-grade rubber construction and this implies that they can easily withstand the aggressiveness of the dogs.

Besides that, they come with a nylon rope that helps to hang the ball to a certain height so that the canine can enjoy tug of war game.

Regular exercise from the tetherball helps the canine friend to get rid of excess energy and minimize destructive behaviour.

One major drawback about the doggie toy is that it is highly prone to fading and this makes it not attractive again for the canines.


  • Made from the top-grade rubber construction
  • Come with a nylon rope
  • Quite durable due to high-quality
  • Create maximum entertainment for the dogs


  • Limited to yellow colours
  • Tend to fade easily

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PrimePets 2 Pcs Dog Ball on Rope

PrimePets 2 Pcs Dog Ball on Rope

The 2 Pcs Dog Ball on Rope offered by Primepets Company happens to be the last entry and this does not imply that they are of low quality.

The balls are made from high-quality rubber which is non-toxic hence ideal for the doggie to have fun in the backyard.

Besides that, the balls are attached to a durable nylon rope and it can withstand the aggressiveness of the poodles.

Also, the swing and tugging action help the canine friend burn out excess energy and become less destructive when left alone at home.

Lastly, the dog toy kit comes with two balls that can help engage the canine friend to the maximum any time they want to play.


  • Has a solid rubber ball and durable rope
  • Made from materials that are non-toxic
  • Ideal for reducing the destructive behaviour of dogs
  • Comes with two balls.


  • Not suitable for large breed dogs
  • Balls are not durable
  • Not worth the value of money

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What Are the Benefits of Tetherballs to Dogs?

Tetherballs are quite popular among many dog owners and they tend to come with a lot of advantages or benefits to the canine. Let’s find out:

Weight Loss

According to statistic research, about 60% of dogs in the United States are overweight. The issue has put a lot of stress to many dog owners.

Tetherballs are interactive toys and they tend to keep the canine on the toss. It helps them to shed off excess energy and burn out excess fats in the body system.


Excess energy in canines tends to make them destructive to some extent. The interactive toy triggers both mental and physical stimulation.

Once the canine is worn out then the issues related to barking, chewing, and digging on the backyard reduces.


Separation anxiety is one of the greatest issues many dog parents tend to experience with their pooch. The interactive toys make them exhausted.

An exhausted dog usually come and lay to the owner. This is normally the perfect time to bond closely apart from reducing the level of frustrations.

Energy Reduction

Dogs tend to have a higher level of energy regardless of their age and size. It is recommended to wear out the energy or else this might lead to a lot of problems.

Tetherballs usually comes with 360-degree swivel chance that encourages your canine to play and get rid of the excess energy.

What Are Things to Consider When Buying Tetherball for Dogs?

Size of the Dog

Tetherballs come in different sizes based on the weight of the canine. If you have a large size canine then you might need to consider tether tug uber.

The pulling power associated with large size dogs can easily be withstood by the freestanding pole and the toy.

Age of the Dog

Tether tugs come in different size based on the age of the canine. Puppies and small breed dogs normally weigh below 15 pounds and below.

It is recommended to consider purchasing small size tether tugs meant for puppies or small breed dogs. This will help them get rid of excess energy in the long run.

Ease of Setting Up

It is recommended to consider tether tugs that are quite easy to set up. There are some in the market that is usually to set up. You can use the instructional guidelines to learn how to set up.

The Material of the Tether Tugs

Dogs tend to be quite aggressive and great pullers. You need to get tether tugs made from high-quality ropes that can withstand the pulling.

Besides that, the toys should be made of materials that might not interfere with the dental formula of your canine friend.

Price of the Tugs

This should always be the last thing to consider. You should never sacrifice quality over the some few cents. But remember to pick a tetherball that fits perfectly in your budget without draining your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tetherball

What is the difference between Indoor and Outdoor tetherballs?

The core difference is that the outdoor tether tug has a weighted steel base that can be driven into the ground. Indoor tetherball tends to slides into the stand that lay on the floor.

Where to Buy Tetherball for Dogs?

Tetherballs are readily available in many pet stores across the country and you can also get some from many online stores. Use the links in the guide to purchase from the online store at an affordable price.

How Do I Get My Dog To Tether A Tug?

Tether tugs are easy to install and assemble depending on the softness of the ground around your backyard. The swinging of the toy is quite easy to lure your canine friend to play with it.

What Is Tether Tug Made Of?

Tether tugs are made from different materials and quality. Most tetherballs are made from cotton or nylon rope, flexible and durable fibreglass. The balls attached are made from plastic materials that might not ruin the dental formula of the canine.

Final Thoughts on Tetherball for Dogs

Tetherballs come in different sizes that can suit different breeds of dogs. According to experts, it is a good idea to help your canine friend burn out excess energy and fats.

The products listed in the guide above are proven to be cost-effective and efficient in helping your canine to burn out excess energy, slim, mental and physical stimulation.

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