Can Dogs Eat Pork Rib Bones?

As a great owner, we always like to take great care of our dogs all the time. It is always your responsibility to ensure you feed your dog the right food. Always monitor your dog while he eats to be sure that they enjoy the food.

Many times we give our dogs any food without knowing if they are safe for them. This move is always as a result of your ignorance. It is important to know that however much the food we eat is delicious, some food you just should never feed your dogs.

Spices such as chili pepper and garlic are harmful to your dog and may lead to severe conditions. Bones can be a favorite meal for your dog because of the nutritional value (calcium and phosphorus) they possess. However, there are some bones which may pose a great danger to your dog’s health. 

Can Dogs Eat Pork Rib Bones? Not Recommended!

Can Dogs Eat Pork Rib Bones?

You always have the belief that dogs are affectionate for eating bones. However, not all bones are safe for your dog. Rib bones are dangerous because they may lead to choking and probably death once it gets stuck in their throat.

The reason is that they are always thin in size compared to the leg bones. The rib bones can splinter easily into small pieces.

The bits can choke your dog when they fail to pass the throat. It can also cause damages to the intestines leading to internal bleeding.

There are often instances where your dog tries to cough the particles out because of their failure to pass the digestive tract. Most animal health professionals always prefer that you give your dog some little meat compared to giving those bones.

Bones are known to have some nutritional value, but it is advisable to provide them with the right kind of food that is approved to be safe for your dog.

Which Bones Can I Feed My Dog?

Raw Bones

Raw bones are known to be safe for your dog because of the reduced chances of choking. They also have nutritional value that is essential in improving your dog’s health. Examples of these bones include beef, raw chicken or even oxtail.

These bones are usually chewable and do not splinter compared to other bones. The reason why cooked bones are not preferable is that they can easily break into small pieces because they become brittle. The raw bones have also been researched upon and proved to be safe for your dog

Recreational Bones

The recreational bones are usually perfect for your dog because of their exceptional properties. It is important for you to know that these bones only offer a chewing satisfaction. They are therefore not offered as meals for your pet.

Good examples of recreational bones include beef leg and knuckle bones. Most of the times you will see the labeling on the package of the bones showing that they are only for dogs. You can remove the small pieces of bones after they chew the recreational bones to prevent the small pieces from posing a danger to the dog.

Here are some facts about feeding bones to your dogs:

Dangers of Feeding Pork Rib Bones to Your Dog:

Injuries On The Mouth or Tongue

The small pieces of broken bones can lead to injuries in the mouth. It can happen while your dog tries to chew the pork rib bones. The bones may accidentally tear or dig into their tongue leading to bleeding.

Can Get Stuck In The Windpipe

The small pieces of broken pork rib bones may result in blockage of the throat in case your dog inhales them. This situation leads to severe conditions such as breathing problems. It can result in death if not taken to the veterinarian for medical assistance.

It Leads to Excessive Expenditure

You are likely to spend a lot of money while trying to save your dog from the stuck pieces of rib bones. It is important to always be careful on the bones you give your dog.

Broken Teeth

Most of the dogs we breed usually differ in their physique. The pork rib bones can lead to broken teeth because of their hardness. Broken teeth might force you to look for ways of replacing their teeth.


Can dogs eat pork rib bones? There are bones which have been proven to be safe while others are dangerous. It is important to know that pork rib bones are dangerous and likely to pose a danger to your dog’s health.

Most dog owners usually prefer the raw and recreational bones because of the nutritional values and fulfillment that your dog acquires. It is also important to know that raw bones cannot be digested successfully by your dog’s digestive system.

Therefore, it is advisable that you should feed them over a spread number of days by giving other alternatives of dog food. It is important to take precautions on the kind of bone you give your dog to prevent the unnecessary expenses.

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