Can Dogs Eat Ham Bones?

Most people have treated their dogs with ham bones. They know that bones are always a favorite treat for dogs and that they are also nutritious. It has also been the notion in learning institutions as kids grow up knowing that bones are a favorite for dogs.

Most experts always recommend that you should be aware of the food that your dog eats. It can be helpful in preventing severe conditions that your dog may suffer from when they eat the foods.

Consequences of feeding your dog the wrong type of food include, choking, vomiting and deteriorating health. Most of us have always preferred to give our dogs bones because they are known to be their favorite. Giving your dog food without knowing if it is appropriate to their health is as a result of ignorance.

Can Dogs Eat Ham Bones? Not Recommended!

Can Dogs Eat Ham Bones

However large or juicy the ham bone might perceive to be, it is not advisable to giving it to your dog. Sometimes you always think that giving your pet ham bones is a special treat. It is time to prove your actions to be on the wrong side because the bones may be harmful to their health.

The bones always become brittle and are likely to break into fragments as your dog feasts on the bone. It may lead to severe cases such as choking. It can also lead to other internal injuries which necessitate the intervention of a veterinary assistance.

In a situation where your dog chokes or you recognize a change in behavior, it is important to provide an immediate response as it will save their lives. Most pet owners had to accept the past reality as their dogs choked to death caused by the broken fragments of the ham bones. There are bones which your dog can feed on while others are not advisable.

Which Bones Can I Feed My Dog?

Recreational Bones

The animal health experts recommended these types of bones for your dog because of the satisfaction they derive. You cannot provide these bones as meals for your dog. They are meant to provide your pet long hours of chewing fulfillment.

Knuckle and beef leg bones are excellent examples of the recreational bones that you can allow your dog to eat. They are purposely meant for dogs and is enforced through the labeling of the packages while ready for eating.

It is advisable to remove the bones from your dog’s reach once it has chewed them to smaller sizes. It is done to prevent the little bits of bones from posing the danger of choking.

Raw Bones

Most of the raw bones are safe, and you feed them to your dogs. They are always tasty and maintain your pet’s dental health. Examples of raw bones include beef, raw chicken, even oxtail or turkey bones. Animal health experts have studied them, identified as soft bones that are easy to chew and are safe for your dog.

See this video explained by a vet why raw bones are safe for your dog:

Dangers of Feeding Ham Bones to Your Dog:

Broken Teeth

The ham bone is always difficult to eat, and more often you will see your dog struggling with it. The process may lead to the breaking of teeth because they cannot manage to crush the bones correctly. Veterinary dentistry may be expensive thus costing you lots of money to ensure your dog regains their natural teeth.

Tongue or Mouth Injuries

Injuries in the mouth and tongue may be among the early signs that show your dog is in danger. The resulting situation is that your dog will be bleeding from the mouth and perhaps internally. It is because the fragments were sharp enough to cause severe damages.

The Bone Can Get Stuck In The Windpipe

This situation may happen instantly in a situation where your dog inhales the small pieces of broken ham bone. It is usually painful and can lead to sudden deaths if not rushed to the veterinarian.

The Pieces Can Get Stuck In The Stomach

You may find that your dog has chewed the bones successfully, but the pieces may be large enough to pass through the digestive tract. It may also lead to death if you do not take immediate action. Sometimes you may fail to notice the situation because you are too busy with other chores. Therefore, it is advisable to be monitoring your pet especially when they are eating bones.


Can dogs eat ham bones? Not recommended! It is always your responsibility to take care of your dog. It involves watching their actions whenever they fall sick, or a change in behavior resulting from eating hazardous foods. It is always important to take precautions rather than risks. Your ignorance can lead to extreme loss the fact that your dog is always a good companion.

It is usual that you would always want to wake up in the morning and find your dog healthy, eagerly waiting for you to begin your routine chores. It will only become possible every day by giving the right food as ham bones are dangerous to their health.

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