Can Dogs Eat Papaya?

Can dogs eat papaya? Our digestive systems are usually different from dogs. Humans can eat every type of food that is edible, ranging from meat, vegetables, and fruits.

However, it is important for you to know that dogs descend from the carnivorous family, which means that their primary food is always meat. It has always been different ever since man started looking after dogs. There are many foods that we have tested to see if dogs can eat them too.

There are some vegetables or fruits that your dog can eat despite the fact that they do not have much of the proteins. Meat is a major source of food for all dogs, and you need to balance their foods to provide a nutritional benefit for their health.

Fruits have also provided little benefits, and some are known to be safe for your dog’s health. Most of us are always curious to know the kinds of foods or fruits that are healthy to their dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Papaya? In Moderation!

Can Dogs Eat Papaya

Papaya is known to have nutritional benefit to dogs. It is important to feed your dog with fresh papaya, though you should be careful not to feed them with the seeds. It is also advisable to peel off the cover and feed your dog with small portions of the fruit.

The reason why it is important to give your dog smaller amounts of papaya is to determine the amount of the fruit they can ingest. Animal health experts recommend that you should not feed your dog with dehydrated papaya. Most people recognize them to have a sweeter taste, despite their likelihood of being toxic

Why Is Papaya Good For My Dog?

  • It helps in treating problems of indigestion if you feed your dog with smaller amounts.
  • It also reduces flatulence and bloating, which is the buildup gas in the stomach.
  • Your dog can derive nutritional benefits such as calcium and magnesium that is responsible for your dog’s growth.
  • It can also prevent problems related to heart conditions and atherosclerosis
  • Papaya is also known to be rich in vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are both beneficial to humans and your dog too.
  • There are also other vitamins that your dog can derive from papaya. They include Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and potassium, Vitamin C, Folate and Vitamin A.

Are Papaya Supplements Good for My Dog?

There are also other forms that your dog can ingest the nutrients present in papaya. There are always papaya enzyme tablets which are widely accessible, and you can find them in the stores.

They both have similar properties with the fresh papaya as they provide the same nutrients. They are also administered in doses and would depend on the weight of your dog.

You can deliver the adult dose in case your dog weighs more than fifty pounds. It is practical even to humans as we take the dosage depending on our sizes and age. It means that you should give your dog a lower dose in case they are smaller in size. However, you should do this in small doses as large amounts are not recommended.

How to Feed Your Dog Safely?

Many of us may be undecided because they do not know whether they should feed their dogs with fresh or supplemented papaya. The truth is that fresh papaya is always the best options to feed your dog. In a situation where you would like to give the dog small portions of the fruit, always ensure that you eliminate the seeds and the peels.

The peels and seeds are known to cause blockage in the digestive tract and thus are not advisable. They offer difficulties to your dog during ingestion and most of the time they come out undigested.

Dried papaya is not the best option to give your dog because of the sugary content. It is not healthy especially if your dog is diabetic. It is important to discuss with your veterinarian before giving your dog papaya supplements.

See dogs eat papaya in action:

What If I Fed My Dog With Excess Papaya?

The resultant symptoms will be irregular bowels and constipation. It is due to the high fiber content which leads to lack of appetite, bloating and build up gas. The early signs of excess papaya intake will be diarrhea or vomiting. In case these conditions happen you should stop feeding and go back to their regular diet.


Can dogs eat papaya? Yes, dogs can eat papaya, but it is important for you to feed them in moderation. It is important for you to monitor your dog closely to prevent chances of overfeeding. It is essential for you to follow the specific preparations of papaya for your pet.

Remove the peels and seeds before administering small amounts of the papaya for your dog. It is important not to stick to one meal for your dog because of the long term effects that arise from consumption of excess papaya.

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