Can Dogs Eat Coconut Oil?

Can dogs eat coconut oil? Coconut oil is known to have lots of benefits to the human digestive system. The health benefits that we can derive from coconut oil include a healthy skin, hair, weight loss, and a strengthened immunity. We have used coconut oil for various purposes, and it has been effective in improving our health.

However, we are always curious to know whether coconut oil is also healthy to dogs. It is always important to examine the foods that your dog eat because they massively contribute to their health. The rule of administering new foods to your dog should always apply on all foods. Always monitor them and ensure that they do not develop any symptoms associated with the food they eat.

Can Dogs Eat Coconut Oil? Sure!

Can Dogs Eat Coconut Oil

Coconut oil offers several benefits to your dog. It is a better treat because of the nutritional elements and the healing properties. We can have a look at several benefits that our dogs can derive from coconut oil.

Cures Diseases And Ailments

Coconut oil is known to treat several illnesses and conditions such as smelly coats, yeast infections, infected cuts, and cracked paws; which is one of the reasons why do dogs lick their paws. Its healing properties have been essential to dog’s health. It offers a defense mechanism against parasites such as giardia and bacteria.

Most of the other foods that we provide our dogs have only acted as a source of nutrients. It means that it is our responsibility to seek medical attentions for arising diseases. The coconut becomes a better source of cure to most of the ailments your dog may face.

Other Benefits Of Coconut Oil

  • It reduces chances of your dog suffering from cancer. Cancer is known to be a threat and leads to death if not addressed early.
  • Coconut oil is known to improve digestion and has been useful in treating stomach upsets.
  • It also helps in preventing yeast and fungal infections and keeps the thyroid function normal.
  • It enables your dog to have smooth, glossy coat with supple skin.
  • It can balance your dog’s metabolism by maintaining its weight at normal. It also provides additional weight loss strategy apart from exercising your dog daily.
  • Vets recommend it as a natural supplement to your dog’s diet.
  • It helps in preventing and controlling diabetes because of the insulin present in its composition.
  • Studies also show that they can be used to enhance the cleanliness of the teeth.

The Recommended Amount To Give Your Dog

As a requirement, it is essential to start with little amounts of coconut before advancing to increased quantities. The dosage for offering your dog the coconut oil depends on your dog’s weight. You can give them one teaspoon per ten or thirty pounds of their weight. Provide them with a quarter of the dosage if you are administering the oil for the first time.

You can later build to the recommended level for three to four weeks. The reason why you are advised not to give them large amounts for the first time is that they are likely to experience symptoms related to the flu. Always be cautioned the coconut oil has calories and therefore, you should supplement it with other diets. It is also important to give them daily exercise since it is healthier for your dog.

You can give them orally or apply externally. When administered internally, it offers the nutritional benefits and improves the digestion. The external application of coconut oil provide solutions for a variety of skin infections. It can also heal cuts and general improvement of their coat condition and skin.

Unlike most other foods, coconut oil provides a better alternative because of its healing and nutritional properties.

This video shows you five dogs line up to eat coconut oil:


Can dogs eat coconut oil? Coconut oil has provided several benefits for your dog. It has many uses which act both as a nutritional source of food and a healing remedy. Never give your food excess coconut oil above the recommended dosage. It helps in reducing chances of flu symptoms because their system will be adjusting to the large amounts of coconut oil.

Most of the veterinarians have recommended coconut oil as a better supplement which gives you complete trust of giving it to your dog. It also reduces bad breath when administered orally the fact that it is useful in cleaning the teeth.

The external application gives them a slicker fur with shiny characteristics. Your dog becomes stronger with progressive coconut oil in their diet. There are also coconut oils that are appropriate and meant for dogs. The concerns related to cholesterol and fats do not significantly apply to your dog. The reason is that canines have lower chances of developing heart diseases.

However, it is important to start by giving them in small amounts and adjust with time. There are also other variety of foods including ones mainly meant for dogs. Coconut oil should act as a supplement and should not be the single food you give your dog every day. Coconut is healthy for your dog basing facts from all its unique properties.

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