Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, and several times you would always see them following you around.

They are always energetic and playful whenever you take them to the field or when they are in the house.

Giving them a better treat has always been our initiative. It has always been the tradition that dogs eat bones, and it is their favorite meal.

It may not be the usual with every bone as most of them can be hazardous to your pet. That is why you have to check the safety of the bone before giving it to your dog.

So, can dogs eat turkey bones? Most of the cooked bones pose great danger and can choke your dog to death.

Giving them the right food reduces chances of severe conditions and might save you lots of money while taking care of their status.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones? In Moderation!

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones

You can feed your dog turkey bones especially the neck bones. They are in the category of good bones which are healthy for your dog.

They are always soft, malleable and do not have the marrow. You can also crush them quickly using the meat grinder. These bones are known to be of nutritional value and contain calcium, trace minerals and phosphorous.

These bones are essential and can provide your dog with a balanced diet having a combination of raw food. It is also advisable not to give them cooked poultry bones.

Once you prepare the turkey bones, they constitute a significant danger to your dog as they are likely to splinter. The reason why it should be in moderation is that most of us would give them any turkey bone regardless of whether they are raw or cooked.

It is important for you to know that any bone that is likely to fragment into sharp shards is not advisable for dogs.

Fresh turkey bones are healthy because they can be chewed easily without splintering. See also pork rib bones and ham bones.

See a German Shepherd enjoys his raw turkey bones:

What If My Dog Feeds On Cooked Turkey Bones?

In case your dog feeds on cooked turkey bones unexpectedly, always watch out for any symptoms that might indicate the level of severity.

You will recognize a change in behavior immediately or after few minutes. It may be coughing, as the particles will be choking him.

Sometimes you will see blood in their mouth as the pieces of broken bones can tear the tongue. They become uncomfortable, and you will realize the sluggishness because of stomach pains.

In case these symptoms occur, rush them to the vet for medical assistance.

How to Safely Feed Bones to Your Dog?

There are important procedures you can follow while feeding bones to your dog. These steps reduce the chances of severe conditions that are a threat to the health of dogs.

Check If They Are Suitable For Your Pet

Not all bones are appropriate for dogs and would always depend on the kind of breeds. Studies have shown that Bulldogs, Shitzu, Pugs, and Boxers are not specifically meant to chew bones effectively.

They can chew on them, but they may not be well-digested. If your dog experiences regular vomiting or loose stools, it should be your priority to solve the issues till they fully recover.

Feeding Them Bones At The Right Time

The animal health experts always recommend that you should feed your dog with bones after they eat a full meal.

When you feed them too many bones without the proper meal, it might lead to health problems. It includes constipation and probably a severe obstruction.

Taking your dog for behavioral training is important. It is often efficient especially when they like growling if you approach their bones or attempting to remove it from them.

The Right Bones For Your Dog

It is important to give large bones if you have the bigger breeds such as Dobermans, Labradors, and German Shepherds. It is because they will not chew on it quickly compared to the small bones that might lead to choking.

A good example is the shank bones which are better for large breeds.


Supervision is essential especially when you are feeding bones to your pet. It is always the first requirement when giving your food any meal. Most of us have the habit of throwing bones at the dogs while leaving for other activities in the morning.


Can dogs eat turkey bones? Turkey bones are appropriate for your dog, but you should regulate their amounts in the dog’s diet.

Always give the bones depending on the size of dogs as they are essential in reducing the likelihood of choking.

Raw and recreational bones have provided a suitable source of nutrients to dogs. Avoid giving them bones if they have not eaten a full meal and monitor while they chew on the bones.

You should always bear in mind that cooked turkey bones are not appropriate and are not recommended by the vets. Giving those foods that are recommended by the vets is the right treats for them.

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