Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs?

Eggs are a favorite food for people, and its preparation is done in various ways. However, you cannot eat raw eggs because it can cause health problems and sometimes vomiting.

How about your dog? Can dogs eat raw eggs?

Sometimes fresh eggs are usually used to induce vomiting because of their smell and taste. Dogs are known to eat a variety of foods. It is always important to be careful with what you feed your dog.

Many people had to rush their puppy to the vet because of their ignorance. It is hard for you to eat raw eggs and you may wonder if your dog can manage to consume it.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs? Sure!

Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs

You might have witnessed dogs eating eggs from the birds’ nest in the fields.

You may be worried when your dog eats the raw eggs while they are still in their shell. Different thoughts may cross your mind on whether it may choke him, the toxic effects of the fresh eggs, and perhaps the nutritional value derived from them.

You do not have to worry anymore because fresh eggs have essential nutritional value for your pet. The only reason why we do not prefer raw eggs is that of the high risks of cholesterol and other related illnesses.

Dogs have a different digestive system compared to us because of the additional nutrients they gain from the eggs.

The white part of the egg also contains essential compounds that may be beneficial to dogs. The York is also okay for your pet because it is rich in nutrients.

Eggs also contain vitamin D as they possess calcium. It is essential as it provides your dog with healthy teeth and bones.

Your dog may be playful and many times will need some time to jump or run around the field. Healthy bones enhance their stability while sharp teeth allow them to crush strong bones quickly. The shells are known to be a primary source of calcium.

You can prepare it by enabling them to dry then grinding till powdered before sprinkling to your dog’s food. Unaltered proteins are active in keeping their fur shiny which indicates that your dog is in good health.

The raw eggs also contain choline, selenium, and iron which are an excellent source of vitamins for your dog. Other potential benefits that can be derived include Zinc, Vitamin E, Fatty acids, and Riboflavin.

The Recommended Quantity To Give Your Dog

It is important to be aware of amounts of raw eggs that your dog can eat. You can feed them a few fresh eggs in a day, but you should serve them moderately.

However much your dog can eat raw eggs, it is often advisable not to give them in bulk.

The raw eggs contain a compound known as avidin. It is usually located in the white part of the egg and can create biotin deficiency to your dog if consumed in high amounts. It should not prevent you from denying your pet the raw eggs.

The reason is that the shell and the York contain rich nutrients that offset the effect of the minimal levels of avidin. It is a mild concept because the food is of a high nutritional value.

The egg shells are a better source of nutrients, and you can give in larger amounts but not regularly. It will only require you to ground them and sprinkle on your dog’s food as it offers enormous benefits.

See how much a dog loves to eat raw egg in this video:


Other people might prefer to feed their dog cooked eggs rather than raw. You can also feed them boiled eggs though it will not offer him enough nutrients. The reason why raw eggs are preferable, that is because cooked eggs have less nutritional value.

The reason is that heat destroys the minerals, vitamins and amino acids which are essential components in improving the health of your dog.

The source of eggs and the method of breeding can also be crucial in determining the appropriate food for your dog.

It is common for poultry farmers to spray the eggs with chemicals to enhance the shiny appearance of the eggs. It may pose a great danger to your dog because of the chemicals contained in it.

It may result in health problems more so when you grind the shells and mix them with your dog’s food. Therefore it is important for you to give your dog safe eggs that are free from chemicals.

It is also advisable that you feed your dog small amounts of food before additional quantities. This rule is always important while giving your dog any food or fruits. It allows you to check the effects that may arise.

Most studies have proved that eggs are a better source of food for your dogs because of the rich nutrients they possess.

Therefore, you can feed them raw eggs because they have nutritional value in their digestive system.

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