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When you think about getting a dog, there are several characteristics that come to mind. Some would choose the most intelligent. Others will pick the most beautiful. Of course, almost everyone would want an affectionate dog.

What if you’re told that there is a designer dog that possesses all these traits?

Indeed, the Sheepadoodle is one of the most cunning creatures that ever walked the planet. Aside from their intelligence and their trainability, they also make outstanding companions. They are loving, sensitive, and affectionate. This is the reason why they make outstanding therapy dogs.

Believe it or not, people choose Sheepadoodles so they have someone to comfort them, care for them, and love them. But these are not the only traits that make the Sheepadoodle special.

Aside from their intelligence, the Sheepadoodle is also known for its glamorous hair. The fluffy and gorgeous appearance of its coat makes them irresistible. This is why millions of people want to have this dog.

But do you have what it takes to care for one?


Breeders in the 1980s wanted to create a large, low shedding dog good for family companionship. Thankfully, they became successful by creating a mix between the Old English Sheepdog and the Poodle. But these are not the only traits that this crossbreed offers. People are lucky to have a Sheepadoodle also because of its talents, charisma, and beauty.

Other Names

Because of its popularity, the Sheepadoodle is called by many nicknames such as Sheep-a-poo, Sheeppoo, and Sheepdoodle. Whatever it’s called, you know that this designer breed is full of surprises. As companions, they will strive to make you happy. What better way to enjoy life than with an intelligent and affectionate friend?


Since these dogs are crossbreeds, their sizes depend on their parents. Out of all the Sheepadoodles on the planet, experts found that these dogs grow 16 to 20 inches tall and weigh 60 to 80 lbs. The best part is, Sheepadoodles can live up to 15 years. Compared to most dogs, they are one of the longest living breeds. With this lifespan, can you imagine the memories and adventures you can have together?


The Sheepadoodle is a cross between the Old English Sheepdog and the Poodle. Because of this, they can inherit the energetic, athletic, loyal, and friendly nature of the Sheep Dog or the intelligence and the alertness of the Poodle. Generally, the Sheepadoodle obtained the athleticism of the Sheepdog and the Intelligence of the Poodle but they offer more. These designer breeds have loving and affectionate nature that makes people want to love them more.

Pet Compatibility

Like any other dog, the Sheepadoodle needs gradual and calm socialization with other animals. Since these dogs are sensitive, they don’t like it when other animals get too rowdy or noisy. It takes time for them to adjust to these kinds of behavior. So, if you plan to have a Sheepadoodle with other animals, allow socialization first. Do not leave them alone to prevent anyone from causing trouble. Let them adjust to each other’s personality so they can establish a bond that can last a lifetime.


Since these dogs are bred for companionship, they don’t like being alone. So if you don’t have the time to play and cuddle with the Sheepadoodle, this dog might not be for you. If you insist on having one but neglect to give them their exercise and socialization needs, your dog will get bored and anxious. Expect that they will spend these negative emotions through destructive activities such as digging, chewing, biting, and obsessive barking.

Family Life

These companion dogs have the ability to show empathy to their owners. They can be sensitive to the feelings and emotions of their masters. In which case, if you’re feeling down and under the weather, you can rely on your Sheepadoodle to comfort you. To most fur parents, this is the most endearing characteristic of this dog. Not only do they take your stress away, but they also help prevent symptoms of depression and anxiety. With a Sheepadoodle, you will never feel lonely because you have a friend and family member beside you who is ready to lend a paw.

Children Compatibility

When it comes to children, Sheepadoodles are even-tempered and protective. However, these dogs are delicate and fragile. So, you have to instruct your kids never to play rough with them. Avoid pulling their hair or tugging their ears. These behaviors irritate most dogs. If they are provoked, they could display aggressive behavior towards the child such as snapping, growling, orbiting. With proper socialization, you can let the Sheepadoodle adjust to the personality of your children before they bond. When they’re used to each other, that’s the time they can get along and bond as a family.

Owning A Sheepadoodle

Because of their thick coat, the Sheepadoodle needs regular grooming and bathing. This ensures that their coat stays healthy, lush, and tangle-free. Without maintenance, it could harbor bacteria and parasites that can cause skin allergies or skin diseases.

Sheepadoodles are generally healthy. However, they are prone to bloating, hip dysplasia, joint issues, and Addison’s disease. This is why regular vet checkups are necessary. Let the experts suggest what you should do to care for your Sheepadoodle. This includes grooming, diet, and exercise.

Caring for a Sheepadoodle could cost up to $900 annually. But it can be lessened provided you ensure their safety. This is why you have to get to know them well to assess their needs.

The combination of intelligence, energy, and sensitivity is rare among dogs. If you’re lucky to have a Sheepadoodle, care for it with all your heart because you know they will do the same for you. There’s no money in the world that can amount to the love and care they offer just to put a smile on your face.

Do you think you can raise a Sheepadoodle properly? If so, there’s no stopping you to get one of the most intelligent and affectionate creatures on the planet.

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