Can Dogs Eat Chicken?

Chicken has been a famous choice when it comes to a good source of protein. Chicken is a good source of vitamin B6, which can help boost heart health and renowned to prevent bone loss as you age. Chicken is also a good addition to any meal. Although chicken is a good choice for humans, can dogs eat chicken?

Can Dogs Eat Chicken? Sure!

Can Dogs Eat Chicken

Yes. Your dog can eat chicken. But, there are some rules you should follow once you decide to throw a few chicken scraps in the food dish of your dog.

First and foremost, make sure that the chicken is cooked. The reason behind it is that raw chicken poses a risk to the health of your dog in a form of bacteria. Dogs are as susceptible to bacterial infections from raw meat.

While the ability of the dog to handle raw meat is better than humans, it may be somewhat hard to keep the raw chicken in an environment, which does not promote bacteria. If you feed raw chicken to your dog, consult your vet.

However, it is not recommended for dogs to eat chicken bones. These are likely to damage and splinter the intestines of a dog. Chicken bones are a choking hazard. If you have made chicken with bones in, just tear off the chicken flesh as a treat for your pet rather than giving him a thigh or whole leg. Although most of the time chicken bones are safe to eat, there’s a risk.

Secondly, whenever you provide your dog cooked chicken, see to it that the chicken was not cooked with anything that could harm dogs like onions or garlic. It’s also a good idea to ensure that the chicken was not cooked with lots of salt as this might not be a good thing for dogs.

Thirdly, raw chicken is different from cooked chicken. Raw chicken has more bacteria than a cooked one, which can affect the overall health condition of a dog, especially if he is suffering from a particular medical condition and weak immune system.

Giving your dogs cooked chicken is much better than raw chicken. For your dog to get the most out of the chicken’s health benefits, consider boiling the chicken and cut it into cubes. After that, add it to the dog’s meals.

Lastly, when feeding chicken to your dog, see to it that you have consulted your veterinarian. The main reason behind it is that some dogs have particular medical conditions and chicken might not be a good addition to their diet. So, if you are not sure about it and this is the first time you’re going to feed your dog with chicken, look for professional assistance.

This video shows you Airfryer Fried Chicken Tender Recipe to serve your dog:

Following those mentioned rules above is important. If possible, keep your vet’s recommendation in mind, so you will be able to know the right way of feeding chicken to your dog. Also, you will be knowledgeable on how to prepare meals with chicken for your dog, enabling you to avoid some possible health issues in the long run.

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