Top 10 Best Guard Dogs | The Best Watchdogs For Protection

The main purpose that people get a dog is the protection they get from these amazing creatures. When evil-doers plan to infiltrate the house, one of their first questions is, “Do they have dogs inside?” If you have one, you are less likely to be victimized by criminals because of their fear of getting bitten or getting caught.

Aside from the canine’s protective instinct, dogs also offer a loving personality. You’ll have the best companions who will remain devoted to make you happy. If you’re planning to have a pooch as a best friend and a guard dog, you need to know ten of the best guard dogs on the planet. Do you think you can find a pooch that can match your personality?

Top 10 Best Guard Dogs

#10 Kuvasz

The Kuvasz is one of the most territorial dogs you will ever meet. While they can be sweet and loving as house dogs, they can be aggressive as guardians. People usually underestimate their abilities but they are well-muscled and well-cultured for hunting. Because of their size, they can inflict as much injury as other guard dogs. Did you know that these creatures can grow up to 30 inches or 76 cm? Who wouldn’t fear the presence of the dog? This is why criminals are less likely to infiltrate your home with this pooch.

#9 Giant Schnauzer

You all know that the miniature Schnauzer is fierce and barky. How much more if you have their larger alternatives at home? Giant Schnauzers are known for being energetic. They strive for the company and support from their human masters. However, they can be brave and powerful when they need to be. Because of their loyal nature, these dogs will do everything it takes to protect their territory.

Like any other dog, the Giant Schnauzer needs proper socialization. While they already have great instincts as guard dogs, they still need strict training and mental encouragement. This way, they can accustom themselves to various behaviors and sounds. They will also learn how to read red flags which allows them to protect their masters better.

#8 Great Dane

One look at these creatures and you could get terrified because of their size, stance, and looks. But if you get to know them better, you can see that these creatures are kind-hearted. They are loyal and obedient to their owners.

The best part of owning a Great Dane is their trainability. You can teach them various tricks to make them more effective as guard dogs. You can also socialize them with other people and animals so they know when and where to attack during crucial situations. Proper training will pique and exercise their minds to let them decide better when their masters need protection.

#7 Doberman Pinscher

This dog is amazing for protecting wide areas because of its speed and agility. Dobermans can reach and attack an intruder within seconds. The fastest recorded speed of these dogs is 34.89 miles per hour. Compared to the average human who can only run at 24 mph, imagine how fast these creatures can catch up! The best part is, these creatures are highly intelligent. They can be trained to attack command. They can be very instinctive as well. If they ever need to protect the house without their masters telling them so, they will do their best to do their job without a second thought.

#6 Rottweiler

Despite what people think, Rottweilers are very cool and even-tempered. They are not aggressive unless they are provoked or unless their masters are in harm’s way. These dogs are known as the relentless guardians of their pack. So, once you established a bond with them, Rotties will protect you with all their lives.

Rottweilers can be trained to do many tricks. They are highly intelligent. Plus, they are highly obedient. They can be taught to attack and halt on command. But other times, they will pounce on you when they feel like you are attacking their master. While this is a great way to protect people, it has its downsides. Rotties could easily misinterpret jokes as serious offenses that could drive them to attack. This is why they need socialization and training as early as possible.

#5 Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinoises are one of the best service dogs on the planet. They are well-known for their intelligence and agility. Because of these traits, humans can teach them various skills and talents to use while protecting their loved ones. The Belgian Malinois can be trained to attack upon command. With a speed of 40 mph, these creatures can easily catch trespassers.

They can be intuitive in protecting their masters even without orders. However, it’s important to make them more efficient in their job through proper socialization and training. This helps them identify red flags and accustom themselves to safe behaviors. So, they’ll know when and where to expend their energies as guard dogs.

#4 German Shepherd

Almost everyone is familiar with this dog. Like their cousins the Malinois, German Shepherds are common in the police and military force as partners and service dogs. Because of their intelligence and agility, they make excellent guards, herders, retrievers, and protectors. But of course, like any other dog, the German Shepherd needs training. This way, they know what they’re protecting you from. Luckily, they are rated five out of five in trainability and intelligence. This makes it easier for you to teach them skills and make them more effective in guarding your property.

#3 Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff is famous for its strength and outstanding protective instincts. Once you develop a strong bond with these creatures, they will do everything to keep you safe. They can even fight to the death if it means defending their loved ones. These creatures usually use their strength to knock over their enemies or block their path. Bullmastiffs have a bite force of 552 lbs which is reported as the highest force among canines. The typical dog has a bite force of only 180 lbs and humans only reach up to 160 lbs of bite force. With a Bullmastiff at home, it’s impossible not to scare criminals away. Their size alone is threatening. So, evil-doers better think twice before entering the house unwarranted.

#2 Boxer

This is another dog that has an extreme bite force. Boxers are designed to bite since time immemorial. They are born hunters and protectors of the field from wild animals. The rough estimate of their strength is at 230 pounds per square inch (PSI) compared to humans who only have a bite force of 126 PSI.

Boxers can be very aggressive, especially when it comes to protecting their family. Sometimes, they attack with a warning bite which allows the perpetrators to run. Other times, they will intend to seriously injure their target to the point where they can no longer escape. This behavior depends on the situation. Be it a warning bite or a full bite, Boxers can inflict massive injuries which is why they are highly feared by criminals.

#1 Dogo Argentino

Like the Boxer and the Bullmastiff, the Dogo Argentino belongs to the group of dogs with the highest bite force. With a 500 PSI bite, you can imagine the injuries they can bring. But on normal days, these dogs are humble, calm, and even-tempered. They love their peace. So, people shouldn’t dare disrupt it or the Dogo Argentino will retaliate. These dogs were initially bred for hunting wild animals such as cougars, boars, Jaguars, and many more. Imagine what they can do to people who attempt to hurt their family. Their strength matched with their agility is intensely feared. So, you couldn’t go wrong in choosing a Dogo Argentino as a guard dog.

There you have it! These are only some of the best guard dogs for households and establishments. If you want an endearing yet protective pooch, one of these outstanding pooches could be the ultimate guard dog for you.

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