10 Poodle Mix Breeds That Will Melt Your Heart

Everyone wants someone to cuddle with. Someone to show love, care, and affection to wherever you go. Unfortunately, you can’t take your human loved ones everywhere, so you choose to have your fur baby instead. There are so many choices when it comes to looking for a breed that you can take anywhere, but one of the most highly recommended designer dogs is the Poodle hybrid. Not only do they make outstanding companions, but also therapy dogs. Are you ready to see the top ten Poodle breeds that will take your breath away?

The Poodle is one of the ten most popular dogs in the United States. They are confident, affectionate and they are also very active. Did you know that they are the second most intelligent dog breeds in the world? They possess the perfect balance of personality, skill, and brains. It is for all these reasons that people love to have one. If you’re planning to get one of its hybrids, here are the ten most adorable poodle designer dogs to have.

10 Poodle Mix Breeds That Will Melt Your Heart


The Maltipoo is a Maltese and a Poodle mix, known as the most popular dog breed. These dogs are hard to resist and they’re totally adorable. When it comes to their personality, these dogs are loving and energetic. The Maltipoo requires a lot of time for play. However, there are times when they prefer being lapdogs. What matters to them is spending as much time as possible with their loved ones.


This is a combination of the Golden Retriever and the Poole. If you are looking for an affectionate dog that emanates a positive vibe, the Goldendoodle is for you. In terms of temperament, they have the best predispositions as family dogs. Believe it or not, these dogs do not have a single aggressive bone in their bodies.


This Poodle hybrid is all about the people. It’s the most sociable of them all. The Cockapoo is a combination of the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. Its main hallmark is its ability to make friends with anyone—be it a person or an animal. Not only are they friendly but also intelligent and highly trainable. They love pleasing everyone. Hence, they will do everything to make you happy.


This is what happens when you cross the most popular dog breeds in America. The Labradoodle is a combination of the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle. It is one of the most popular hybrids you will ever meet. They are like the Goldendoodle without the golden coat and the long locks. This hybrid originated in Australia by the Royal Guide Association. Their goal is to raise the most hypoallergenic dog on the planet, and voila! The Labradoodle was created and reached the hearts of millions of people instantly.


Many people are wondering what the epitome of a designer dog is, and the answer is one hybrid — the Yorkipoo. These dogs are a cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle. Despite what people think, these dogs are even-tempered. They inherited their predispositions from the Poodle.

Breeders created this breed to raise a dog that possesses the combination of intelligence, trainability, and low-shedding tendency. Thankfully, they were successful. To their surprise, they also possessed a friendly, energetic, and affectionate personality that makes people love them instantly.


This dog is a combination of the Schnauzer and the Poodle. Not only do they make excellent lap dogs and affectionate companions, but they are also resilient creatures. If you love to travel and switch apartments, this dog is for you. These creatures can adapt easily despite the frequent changes in their environment.

Although these pooches vary in size depending on their parents, most of them are bred with the toy Poodle so they are typically small. These creatures are playful and energetic dogs. They inherited the Poodle’s need to please everyone, especially their loved ones.


The Akipoo is a combination of the Akita Inu and the Poodle. One look at these creatures and they will definitely melt your heart. Not only are they affectionate, but they are also intelligent and courageous. If you live in a terrible neighborhood and need someone who can alert you when strangers come by, this is for you. They inherited the protective nature of the Akita but the affection and intelligence of the Poodle. Plus, they have strong sturdy bodies that differentiate them from other Poodle lines. There is no hybrid more loyal than the Akipoo. It’s no surprise that millions want to have this pooch for the rest of their lives.


A combination between the Pomeranian and the Poodle, this is one of the most sought-after hybrids. These dogs come from a long line of friendliness and optimism. They are highly intelligent and trainable. With positive reinforcement, these dogs are happy to do your bidding. Breeders believe that you can never go wrong in choosing a Pomapoo. Not only do they make excellent companions but also housekeepers, babysitters, and therapy dogs.


When looking at this dog, the first word that comes to mind is “aww”. These creatures are highly intelligent and obedient. Plus, they are comical in nature. When you have this dog, not a day goes by that you are not entertained. It’s like their life’s mission to please their masters. How lucky would you be if you have a Sheepadoodle? With a funny pooch like this one, you’ll be building a happy and worthwhile relationship together.


Last but not the least, the Peeakapoo has one of the most adorable names. It is the combination of the Pekingese and the Poodle. It is the perfect hybrid that emanates a protective, loving, and intelligent nature. It is the poodle hybrid that has it all. No wonder why people love to have this dog around. These creatures love to be around you all the time. So, if you’re a clingy one too, this is the best hybrid that suits your personality.

There you have it! These are ten of the most amazing poodle hybrids to choose from. If you’re planning to have a smart and cuddly companion that possesses an affectionate and trainable nature, these are for you. What are you waiting for? Contact a reliable breeder or adopt poodle hybrids and care for them with all y our heart. You can be assured that they will do the same for you.

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