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It’s about time you know about one of the most joyful dogs on the planet. These dogs are often called “clown dogs”. But it’s not because of their looks. It’s because of their tricks, talents, and happiness. They sure know how to make people happy through the smallest ways.

Aside from their cuddly and adorable features, they are also intelligent and trainable. Believe it or not, they are performers in shows and competitions. Dog enthusiasts and breeders clamor over these dogs because of their uniqueness, charisma, and talent. But these are not the only characteristics that make the Cockapoo one of a kind.

The Cockapoo is a combination of the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. Hence, their offspring can come out with different appearances. Some incline towards the looks of Spaniels while others look like poodles. The cockapoo comes in black, cream, white, brown, even red coat. They either have long, wavy curls or short, curly locks. Unlike the Cocker Spaniel, the Cockapoo is a low-shedding hybrid. So, do you think you can care for these dogs? Let’s get to know them more.


Did you know that the Cockapoo is one of the oldest designer breeds? Their line originated in the 1960s when breeders accidentally bred a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. They saw how intelligent, affectionate, and hypoallergenic these are so they wanted to perfect the breed to generate consistent traits.

After a few decades, breeders want to create a pure breed by breeding only Cockapoos. Finally, the Cockapoo Club of America was established in 1999. This was the time when they made an effort to create a breed standard. The club promotes the breeding of multigenerational Cockapoos to help the pups maintain the desirable qualities of the breed.

However, some still prefer the cross between the Spaniel and the Poodle.

Whatever the case is, Cockapoos have one thing in common. It is their joyful and energetic nature which to fur parents are the best traits to have.

Other names

The Cockapoo is known for its many names. Some call it Cockapoodle, Cockerpoo, and Cock-a-poo. Since they are known in various cultures, it’s no surprise that people can assign them more nicknames. Whatever the case is, people, clamor for these dogs because of their talent, intelligence, and affection. Who wouldn’t want an all-in-one dog? Especially if it’s this cute, every person on the planet would want to have this designer dog.


The Cockapoo is categorized into four categories: The teacup toy, toy, miniature, and standard or Maxi Cockapoo. The teacup toy Cockapoo grows up to 10 inches in height and weighs below 6 pounds. Toy Cockapoos, on the other hand, can grow up to 10 inches and can weigh up to 12 pounds. Next, the Miniature Cockapoo grows from 11 to 14 inches in height and 13 to 18 pounds in weight. Lastly, the Standard or Maxi Cockapoo grows up to 15 inches in height and 19 pounds in weight.

Regardless of their size, these creatures have a lifespan of 16 years. Can you imagine how much joy and laughter they offer you in this period? It is for this reason that fur parents love Cockapoos. Aside from their loving and energetic nature, these dogs have a long lifespan that allows you to spend as much time with them as you can.


Since these dogs are a cross between the Poodle and the Spaniel, the Cockapoo can inherit a combination of their parents’ characteristics. The Poodle is known for its intelligence, alertness, and attentiveness. The Spaniel, on the other hand, is known for its affectionate and playful nature.

The Cockapoo is a combination of both. But aside from these traits, they developed a joyful and talented side. This is the reason they are the clowns in the dog world. They show intelligence, talent, and affection. On top of that, they can entertain.

Pet Compatibility

These dogs are generally friendly to other dogs and other animals like cats, rabbits, and birds. They are playful and accepting in nature. So, they easily adapt to the temperament and predispositions of other dogs. With socialization, you can see how the Cockapoo treats other animals as their friends and family. They are selfless, affectionate, and caring to their fellow dogs as much as they are to humans.


Despite their happy nature, they are prone to separation anxiety. They don’t like to be left alone for a long time. If this happens a lot, they could develop a negative personality. To raise these dogs right, you need to give them enough bonding time. If you know you cannot provide the bonding time they need, this dog might not be for you. Plus, they need mental stimulation. Without it, they can display aggression and destructive behaviors such as biting, growling, digging, and chewing.

Family Life

When trained, they make affectionate family dogs. However, they need constant affirmation to suppress their anxiety. They also need sufficient time to bond with their owners to foster trust and love. Without it, they could display negative behaviors at home.

If you plan to have a Cockapoo, you should know that they need constant attention. As early as puppies, you need to socialize and train them to unleash their best potential. When disciplining these dogs, steer clear from using harsh methods. It does not work well with the Cockapoo. In fact, it could even make their personality worse.

Children Compatibility

While Cockapoos are great and affectionate with children, supervision is still needed for younger kids. Cockapoos are very small and fragile. They are prone to injuries and accidents. So, instruct your child never to play rough around them. It’s also important to teach them how to treat them properly by avoiding tugging their tails and their ears. Also, never engage them while eating and sleeping. Some of them could get irritated and snap the children on site.

Owning A Cockapoo

Owning a Cockapoo takes effort and time. Because of their floppy ears and thick locks, constant grooming is necessary to keep them lush and soft. It’s also important to keep their nails trimmed to prevent painful protrusions on their paws. Also, remember to keep their ears clean. This keeps them away from ear infections and ear mites that can affect the overall health of your pooch.

Experts also recommend washing their face, especially their under-eyes regularly. This helps prevent them from forming tear stains. Adult Cockapoos usually get irritated when you touch their face. This is why you need to accustom them to these sensations as early as possible.

The Cockapoo is prone to various diseases such as Lymphoma, Patellar Luxation, Liver Disease, and ear infections. To prevent this, it is important to consult the vet regularly. This way, they can recommend strategies on how you can care for your pooch. If you plan to have a Cockapoo, prepare at least $500 for their needs. This includes their vaccinations, checkups, supplements, dog food, and other supplies.

Costly as it sounds, it does not amount to the happiness they can give you. With their affectionate, intelligent, and talented nature, your life will be full of entertainment with these dogs. Do you think you can care for a Cockapoo? If so, there’s no stopping you from getting one of the most adorable dogs that can give you happiness for the rest of your life.

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