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When you see a Black Mouth Cur, something about it causes fear and tension. But that’s just how they are built. They are working dogs, so they have to have that prey drive to herd, hunt, and protect their territory. But if you get to know them better, you can see how adorable and affectionate they really are. But these are not the only traits that make a Black Mouth Cur unique and sensational.

Did you know that the Black Mouth Cur is only common in the United States but is still considered rare around the world? They are characterized as well-muscled and rugged dogs. The name “Black Mouth” refers to their black muzzle or mask. The name “cur”, on the other hand, is a description for its short coat and dropped ears.

Did you know that Black Mouth Cur can also have other colors aside from brown? Some of them possess red, yellow, brindle, and buckskin coats. Despite what people think, these dogs can even grow up without a black muzzle but are still considered as Black Mouth Curs. Let’s find out more about them to see if you are fit to become a fur parent.


The ancestral background of the Black Mouth Cur remains a mystery up to this date. All the breeders know is that these dogs were first registered by the National Kennel Club in April of 1964. However, there are assumptions that this breed came from Southern America, specifically in Mississippi and Tennessee. Some breeders also believe that the Black Mouth Cur descended from European and Asian Cur dogs which they believe are the ancestors of the Curs families have now.

People in Florida and Texas love to have the Black Mouth Cur around for various reasons. These dogs can help them herd livestock, hunt in rugged terrain, and scare off dangerous animals. These dogs are also amazing guard dogs. Despite the lack of documented history, people still choose to have a Black Mouth Cur as a part of the family because of their traits.

Other Names

Since these dogs are technically new in the United States, there are no nicknames assigned to them yet. But as time passes by, hopefully, people can perfect the breed so it can finally be registered as an official member of the canine club.


Since the ancestors of the Black Mouth Cur remain a mystery, people cannot define the range in which they can grow. Based on the already-existing dogs, breeders have found that these dogs can grow up to 16 inches regardless if it’s a male or a female. However, they vary in weight. The males can weigh from 40 to 95 lbs. Females, on the other hand, can grow from 35 to 80 lbs.

Some Black Mouth Curs who are solely bred for herding can even reach up to 100 lbs. You can only imagine the height of these dogs if they reach that weight. This makes them ideal hunters, predators, and protectors. It’s no surprise that farmers and gatherers want to have a Black Mouth Cur to maximize their strength and agility for the protection of crops, livestock, and gardens.


It’s true what they say, the Black Mouth Cur is an energetic, strong, and fearless dog. It displays courage all the time, especially when it comes to protecting its masters. This is one of the dogs that will never back down from a fight. So don’t you dare hurt the owners of these dogs or else these dogs will be forced to defend their loved ones.

As endearing as this seems, this could pose a danger to innocent bystanders that might get in contact with you. If the Black Mouth Cur sees their actions, they might attack them on the spot. This is the reason why early training and socialization is necessary for these dogs. This way, they become more welcoming to strangers and they can distinguish when and where to display their aggressive traits.

Pet Compatibility

The Black Mouth Cur is a territorial dog. If there’s a new pooch at home, be sure to introduce them properly to avoid causing trouble. When you see that they can finally get along, that’s the time you can leave them together. Then, you can see how welcoming and caring the Black Mouth Cur is to other dogs.

However, they might not show the same affection to smaller animals such as cats, rabbits, rodents, chickens, and birds. Knowing that they are created to be herding dogs, their brain is wired to hunt and herd. But of course, you can suppress this tendency by socializing them with smaller animals as early as possible.


These dogs are one of the most sensitive creatures. They may be strong and energetic, but they don’t like harsh rebukes and punishments. If you plan to get a Black Mouth Cur, do not attempt to show aggression towards them. They need someone who is patient and firm to train them but not to the point of demeaning them or hurting them. During which case, these dogs could display negative behavior such as biting, growling or snapping.

Their tendency to be sensitive and stubborn makes them suited for expert breeders and handlers. Novice owners who are too lenient cannot bring about the positive characteristics of the Black Mouth Cur. But if you insist to have one of your own, seek assistance from an experienced handler or a trainer so they can advise what you can do to properly train and socialize this dog.

Family Life

If you provide their training needs, you can see how loving they are as family members. These dogs love to be active so they will look to you to give them purpose. Involve them in various family activities. This ensures that their energy is expended so they will feel happy and satisfied.

With regular training, you can see how sensitive they are to your emotions. These dogs can detect if you feel happy or sad. When you feel down, they will do everything in their power to make you happy. There’s no greater feeling than this. This is why families love to have Black Mouth Cur.

Children Compatibility

Because of their size and agility, the Black Mouth Cur has a tendency to play rough. This is why they might not be good to play with younger children. However, like any other dog, they can be taught to control themselves around children. If you’re patient enough to socialize them as early as possible, your child and your Black Mouth Cur can build a strong relationship based on love, care, and trust.

Owning A Black Mouth Cur

The Black Mouth Cur is generally healthy. Since they are active, they are not prone to bloating or weight gain. However, they can be prone to other diseases such as ear infections, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, cataract, and mange. This is the reason why you have to be a keen observer to know their needs. Better yet, consult the vet so they can advise techniques and strategies on how you can prevent such health issues.

Owning a Black Mouth Cur could cost around $700. This includes their vaccinations fees, checkups, supplies, dog food, and emergency runs. However, this can be lessened if you make sure that your dog is well cared for.

This dog may be feared by many but it doesn’t mean that you should too. With training and socialization, you can unleash the best potential of this dog. This includes their loving, caring, and sensitive nature.

Do you think you have what it takes to care for the Black Mouth Cur? If so, there’s no stopping you from getting one of the most outstanding and energetic dogs on the planet.

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