Best Dog Poop Scooper 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

Owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer and I’m pretty sure many pet parents feel the same way. However, there is some nastiness that you have to keep up with the relationship.

One of them is the need to pick up after your pet; more like picking up dog poop! It’s pretty obvious that no one likes doing this, but that’s part of the deal when you decide to bring a fur baby home.

The good news is that the best dog poop scooper can help tackle this nasty endeavor and make the overall process quick and less frustrating.

The primary reason to buy a poop scooper is to be free from the daily hassle of bending and picking up after your pooch. Getting a hold of the best dog poop scooper is the only way to solve this problem.

Best Dog Poop Scooper

Why Should You Buy a Dog Poop Scooper?

Well, it’s pretty obvious that the process of picking up after your pooch is a major problem. Doing this is not so hard, but most dog owners find the practice of picking their furry buddy’s poop super yucky!

So if you want to avoid facing your dog’s droppings, be sure to get a dog poop scooper. The best part is that you won’t have to go close to the dog poop or even bend down to pick it up. Awesome right?

Moreover, picking up after your pet also makes you look like a responsible pet parent. Leaving your dog’s poop unattended to can pose health risks both to your dog and the environment.

You should know that your pet’s feces contains tons of harmful bacteria including Streptococcus, Salmonella, and e-Coli. Chances are, your dog can be affected by the parasites and worms contained in the poop.

All these bacteria are very bad for our beautiful planet, and it only gets worse when pet owners refuse to pick up after their pet’s poop.

Well, the good news is that you can help the environment by getting the best dog poop scooper!

Best Dog Poop Scooper 2024

Nature's Miracle Jaw Scoop, Jumbo (P-6008)2.1 pounds6.7 x 7.6 x 32 inches Check Price
Nature's Miracle 2-in-1 Rake N' Spade with Pan1.5 pounds9 x 9 x 38 inches Check Price
Poop Patrol Jaw Scoop (PP-JS)1.1 pounds6 x 5.8 x 4 inches Check Price
Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop13.6 ounces5.3 x 6 x 25 inches Check Price
Four Paws Rake Set for Pet Waste Removal 2 pounds38 x 9.5 x 10 inches Check Price

Alright, now that you’ve known the basics about these tools, I guess you’re already interested in getting one for yourself; I mean who wouldn’t want to be free from the stress of bending down to pick poop?

Well, the thing is that finding the best dog poop scooper is not an easy task since there’s a lot of them available on the market.

The good news is that I’ve done an in-depth research on these tools and have finally rounded up the five best dog poop scoopers that are sure to give you the best bang for your buck.

For the most part, an ideal dog poop scooper should help you to easily pick up pet poop and transfer it into the poop bag without much effort.

So are you ready to free yourself from the pain of getting close to your pooch’s poop? If yes, join me as I explore my top five picks!

Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop, Jumbo (P-6008)

Nature's Miracle Jaw Scoop

Taking the first spot on the list is this bestselling dog poop scooper. For starters, this dog poop scooper is made of 100% nonstick plastic; this means that you won’t need to worry about spending time to clean up dried out poop afterward.

You’re sure to love the lightweight feel of this poop scooper, in other words, you can conveniently use one hand to scoop without feeling fatigued. Another excellent feature of this scooper is that it comes with antimicrobial product protection and it’s also capable of blocking odor.

Moreover, the Natural’s Miracle Jaw Scoop comes in two sizes including medium and jumbo, so you go with the size that’s convenient for you.

Another good thing is that you can get this scooper with a LED waste bag holder; also, the LED light on the poop scooper comes with strobe, steady and blinking functions which are sure to come in handy during evening walks with your furry buddy.

The spring on this scooper is also a big plus; its sturdiness and functionality make the process of picking poop a walk in the park.

Finally, the scooper works on hard surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Be sure to give the Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop a shot especially if you’re looking for a lightweight and functional tool without breaking the bank.

  • It’s very sturdy; Made with heavy-duty materials.
  • Easy to use.
  • It has a very comfortable handle.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • It works great for large jobs.
  • Some customers complained about the teeth getting lodged in thick grass.

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Nature’s Miracle 2-in-1 Rake N’ Spade with Pan

Nature's Miracle 2-in-1 Rake N' Spade with Pan

This is yet another product from the home of Nature’s Miracle. For starters, the Nature’s Miracle 2-in-1 Rake N’ Spade with Pan gives you the opportunity to get rid of your buddy’s poop without bending down or stressing yourself.

You only have to put it down and scoop your pet’s poop! The best part is that it works on any kind of surface including grass, gravel, and cement.

This pooper scooper is also made of non-stick materials; so cleaning the scooper is sure to be a breeze. Another thing you might like about this product is that it doesn’t come with springs and it’s made to last longer thanks to its simple yet sturdy build.

Moreover, you can buy the Rake N Spade along with a LED light wastebasket bag holder coupled with antimicrobial poop bags. Overall, this is one of the best poop scoopers you can use to tackle all that yuckiness with ease.

  • It’s very sturdy and easy to use.
  • It’s big enough for multiples scoops of poop.
  • Ideal for getting poop out of the grass.
  • The height and weight are perfect.
  • Its keep-together storage clip is super handy.
  • A few customers say that the rake tongs are a bit flimsy.

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Poop Patrol Jaw Scoop (PP-JS)

Poop Patrol Jaw Scoop (PP-JS)

Next up is this poop scooper from Noz2Noz. The Noz2Noz Poop Patrol Jaw Scoop is one of the best poop scoopers that’s sure to make your job super easy. This scooper gives you the chance to use the 1-handed spring action to get rid of dog poop.

This means that you’ll get to pick up that nasty poop in seconds. Another good thing is that the Poop Patrol Jaw Scoop is made of high-quality washable plastic, so cleaning is sure to be a breeze!

You can also make use of this tool on any surface including grass, concrete, dirt and gravel. Moreover, the poop scooper is 27 inches long, so you won’t have to bend unnecessarily when picking up after your dog.

One good thing about this scooper is that it’s made from high-quality materials, so you can be assured of using it for a long time. You’re also going to love the finger grips on this tool since they’re made very comfortable to use; no bending plus super comfortable finger grips, what more could you ask for?

  • It’s lightweight.
  • The handles are super comfortable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It’s very durable.
  • It’s sturdy and easy to use.
  • Some customers said the handles are too short for them.

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Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop

Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop

My fourth recommendation for this list of the best dog scoopers comes from Dogit.

The first you’re sure to love is the option to choose between three varieties of this poop scooper; you can go for a regular scooper coupled with a rake, a dog poop scooper designed to work on grass or a scooper meant for use on the street pavement. This is great for pet owners who are not looking to invest in a “one size fits all” product.

Another good thing about this tool is that it has an impressive reach – in essence, the reach on this poop scooper makes it incredibly easy to pick up after your dog without having to bend or strain your back.

Moreover, collecting waste is sure to be a walk in the park thanks to sturdy spring its features. This dog poop scooper also boasts sharp, jagged teeth that’s sure to work great for picking dog poop from both grass and gravel.

The teeth also make it possible to keep a firm grasp of your pet’s waste; in essence, you don’t have to worry about it falling off. This is obviously one of the best dog poop scoopers you can get in 2024, trust me; it’ll make your life a whole lot easier.

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Made with high-quality material; it’s sure to last a long time.
  • Grippers are good.
  • The handle is comfortable to use with one hand.
  • The length is good.
  • Some customers said it broke after a few months.

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Four Paws Rake Set for Pet Waste Removal

Four Paws Rake Set

Last but not the least is the Four Paws Rake Set. This is one of the best dog poop scoopers that can handle all the needs of your pet. This pooper scooper gives you the opportunity to clean up after your dog with ease.

The best part is that it features a special prolonged design so the job can be very sanitary in nature. Another good thing is that the product comes in two sizes including large and small; so you can go with the size that tickles your fancy.

One good thing about the Four Paws Rake Set is that it’s very sturdy and durable; this means that you can use it outdoors and indoors, and it’s sure to last you a long time. For the most part, the set is made of rust-resistant stainless steel.

This means that you can clean the tool with water and you don’t have to worry about ruining the set. Another great thing is that the design ensures that the entire poop can be picked up with ease regardless of whether you’re picking the dookie from thick grass or any other troublesome area.

Overall, the Four Paws Rake Set is one of the best poop scoopers that can help get the job done and save you from all the nastiness.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Height is great for tall people.
  • It has a rust-free design.
  • Works great for both grassy and sandy areas.
  • The handles are poorly constructed.
  • Some customers complained about the rake; they say it’s too curled at the end.

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Dog Poop Scooper Buying Guide

At this point, we’ll explore the most important things that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best dog poop scooper. So what are the main things to look for in a poop scooper?

Well, there are quite a few factors to consider; for starters, you should look for sturdiness and reliability. If you’ve read through my product checklist, you’ll find that some of them come with a spring-action closing pan while others are manually handled. Just be sure to choose the style that tickles your fancy or more convenient for you.

It’s also important to go for a lightweight dog poop scooper. Why? Well, it’s pretty obvious that you’re going to be taking the scooper to different places especially if you love to take your pooch for midday or evening walks; your furry buddy might decide to take a dump at any time!

The good news is that most of the best dog poop scoopers are made of lightweight materials so you can easily choose the one that’s suitable for you and your pooch.

Final Verdict

As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to maintain a healthy environment and one of the best ways to play your part is by investing in a good dog poop scooper.

It’s very important to go for the one that fits your need. It’s always an excellent idea to go for one that has a long handle as well as those that are very easy to use.

The good news is, all the products on the list meet the basic requirements of the best poop scooper, so you can be sure of getting the best value for money. Be sure to get your scooper today and keep your environment safe!

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