10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds In the World

Every dog has the predisposition to be aggressive and temperamental. When, where, and how they display it relies on several factors such as the environment and the handler. Are you curious about the most dangerous dogs on Earth and how you can handle them?

Needless to say, without socialization and training, all dogs are prone to display negative behaviors. Big or small, they cause detrimental damage without proper guidance. In today’s segment, the dog breeds are rated based on the damage and danger they can inflict without appropriate handling. Without further ado, here are the ten most dangerous dog breeds of the decade.

These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds In the World

10. German Shepherd

German Shepherds need to constantly expend their energy. Without it, they resort to aggressive behaviors such as growling and biting. Other times, they spend their energy chewing garments and accessories, destroying your properties at home.

But this is not the only reason why German Shepherds are ranked in the top ten. You’ve seen videos and documentaries about how German Shepherds immobilize criminals. Once you unleash their aggression, they attack their targets with strength and agility. It’s impossible to escape. They attack your limbs and arms then pin you into the ground. Trained German Shepherds will wait for their master to cuff you after you’re pinned. Once they get orders to stop, they walk away. If the dog’s untrained, who’s to say it will ever stop attacking?

9. Belgian Malinois

Like the German Shepherd, the Malinois has outstanding energy levels. Their stamina and agility are heightened hence their need for strenuous exercises. You don’t want to bore these dogs at home. They can expend their energy in rowdy and dangerous ways such as biting, growling, and chasing. As much as possible, keep them on a leash, especially if they’re not yet properly socialized.

Have you seen a Malinois attack a human? It has a powerful, strong jaw with a bite force of 195 Pound-Force per Square Inch (PSI). An average human has a bite force of 162 PSI. With this strength, humans can pierce and chew thick meat. Can you imagine how much more dogs can do with a stronger PSI?

Needless to say, one bite from the Malinois can pierce deep into the skin and cause serious injuries. This is why criminals prefer surrendering before the police force unleashes these dogs. Who would want to be chased and mauled by a highly agile and strong dog?

8. Chow Chow

This breed is considered a one-man master. Cute and fluffy as they are, they can be aggressive without training. Statistics ranked the Chow chow as the most primitive dog breed, along with it comes a dangerous temperament that can endanger anyone. If you’re not properly socialized with the Chow breed, do not attempt to snuggle it.

Otherwise, you’ll get jumped and possibly mauled. Considering their size, temperament, and bite force of 220 PSI, the bite of the Chow Chow can be fatal, especially if the victim is unprepared.

7. Perro De Presa Canario

The Pero de Presa Canario Breed is created for assisting hunters. They were famous for their active participation in dogfights as they smother their victims easily. With training, this breed can come out gentle and active. However, in detrimental environments, they turn out to be suspicious, strong-willed, stubborn, and dominant.

This breed grows up to 65 cm and can reach up to 59 kg. That’s almost as heavy as a medium-sized human being. Because of its strength and its natural capacity to inflict serious damage, its attack can lead to fatalities. Did you know that the Presa Canario Breed ranked fourth in 1982-2014 as the most lethal dog? During this time, there were 111 reported attacks, resulting in 18 deaths. If you cannot train a dog, never get this breed to avoid adding to the casualties.

6. Deutscher Boxer

The Boxer dog is famous for its obedience and resilience. With training, they make excellent guard dogs and companions. However, if the dog grows in unstable and rowdy environments, it develops aggression. The Deutscher Boxer is initially bred for hunting. If improperly socialized, it can apply its hunting instincts to people, particularly children. Never attempt to get near it and its master without an invitation. With a powerful bite of 230 PSI, it can ram its teeth into your bones and could even separate your limbs.

5. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs are originally bred for strength, size, and speed. They were trained to ward off poachers. This breed is a natural guard dog and is likely to show aggression towards strangers. When provoked, this breed can turn their aggression towards humans and could result in fatalities. Over the years, the Bullmastiff caused over 111 attacks. This dog weighs over 130 pounds with a powerful bite of 180 PSI. Matched with their relentless aggression, you don’t want to pick a fight with a dog as powerful as the Bullmastiff’s.

4. Pitbull

Pitbulls come from a long, brutal, history. They were initially bred for blood sports such as bear-baiting and dogfighting. This sport continued until the 21st Century leading society into generalizing Pitbulls as innately aggressive. However, the aggression of most animals, including this breed, relies on their owners. Without training, they could cause extensive damage and fatalities. With high aggression levels and a PSI of 235, statistics report Pitbulls to have the highest rate of fatalities from 2005-2017. With a total of 433 Americans killed, a Pitbull without training is a ticking time bomb ready to smother its enemies.

3. Rottweiler

This dog has the worst temper, especially without training and socialization. It takes an expert handler to tame this breed. In which case, owners need to spend more time and effort to train them and suppress their dominant and stubborn traits. Without it, Rottweilers grow aggressive and destructive.

Statistics report that Rottweilers have the strongest bite at 328 PSI. This dog is rated the deadliest dog in America from 1991 to 2000. With the worst temper paired with its bite force, it can kill any human it attacks easily. The worst part is, they never stop once they attack. You can only imagine the outcome of temper outbursts from this breed.

2. Wolf Hybrid

These dogs are a combination of wolves and dogs. This makes them utterly unpredictable. One minute they’re gentle and stable. After a while, they get irritated, aggressive, and demanding. Many states issued memorandums to ban this dog in communities. With a bite force of 406 PSI and a weight of 155 pounds, no one can survive an attack from the hybrid. Seeing the dangers they pose, it’s not recommended to have them as house pets.

1. Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is naturally serious, calm, and magisterial. However, when provoked, they become rugged and aggressive. This breed is protective of its surroundings. If you see one confined in a property, do not make the mistake of going near it or petting it. Without socialization, they will take it as an attack on their territory. In which case, serious damage and injuries are expected.

Did you know that this breed is banned in many Chinese cities? One of the greatest examples that shows how ferocious this breed is, dates back to the attack in Hennan zoo when the Tibetan Mastiff was mistaken for an African Lion. Considering their size and strength, an attack from the Tibetan Mastiff can lead to fatalities.

There you have it! These are the most dangerous dog breeds on the planet. Despite their labels, never generalize dog breeds because of their history. The problem that leads to their aggression is not the dog itself, it’s the owner. So, never underestimate your power in taming these dogs. Dangerous as they are, they have positive traits that can surprise you. You just need to bring it out of them. All it takes is determination and patience.

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