10 Fastest Dog Breeds On This Planet

Think about the fastest human beings – Usain Bolt, Tyreek Hill, and Leonard Fournette. These people are the epitome of human speed with a maximum speed of 44.6 kilometers per hour, that is, 27.8 miles per hour performed by Bolt in his prime. Now, think about your speed. The average human without training and conditioning can run up to 30 kph or 20.5 mph. To some, this is already a good speed. But is it enough to outrun the fastest dogs on the planet?

10 Fastest Dog Breeds On This Planet

10. Border Collie

This breed is one of the most famous herders in the world. They were initially bred with that sole purpose – to enhance drive, energy, and speed. The best part about the Border collie is its intelligence and initiative. Paired with a speed of 30 mph, they are one of the best and most competent herders in the world.

9. Doberman Pinscher

Powerful, regal, dominant – these are traits that define the Doberman. But that’s not the only hallmark of this breed. They are also one of the fastest running dogs with a speed of 30 mph. The police and military choose the Doberman as guard dogs and working dogs because of their outstanding prey drive, strength, and speed.

They can chase down criminals easily without letting them go far. The best part is, the Doberman is highly intelligent and highly trainable. Their characteristics make them ideal for various search and rescue operations, raids, and combat.

8. Weimaraner

The Weimaraner dog is a large dog that can grow up to 26 inches and can weigh up to 77 pounds. These dogs were initially bred in the 19th Century for hunting boars, bears, and deer. Other times, they were also trained to hunt foxes, rabbits, and fowls. Experts regard this breed as an all-purpose gun dog – it can hunt anything that its master points to. With a speed of 35 mph, it’s no surprise hunters sought these dogs as companions.

7. Whippet

The Whippet breed was developed in Great Britain as a member of the Greyhound family. These creatures love to run as fast as 56 kph, that is, around 35 mph. If you’re planning to have one, let your Whippet run around a secure, large yard. You can utilize their Olympic-running skills to ward off birds that could target your garden.

6. Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is one of the most iconic dog breeds that originated in Dalmatia, Croatia. While there is no clear evidence as to what they were bred for, researchers found that Dalmatians used to travel with Roman Gypsies. This explains their elusive and versatile nature. That’s not all! Dalmatians were assets to humans in the 17th Century because they functioned as fashionable carrier dogs.

Most historians even affiliated them with horses. With a speed of 37 mph and a height of 24 inches, it’s no surprise merchants found them valuable during trades and travels not only as carrier dogs but also as guard dogs.

5. Jack Russel Terrier

200 years ago, the Jack Russell Terrier was created to hunt foxes in England. Breeders wanted to create a small, swift, and agile dog exclusively for hunting small animals. This way, they can easily pass through small spaces to hunt and prey. This explains their speed and athleticism. At a speed of 38 mph, they can easily catch foxes even through a rough and cavy terrain.

4. Afghan Hound

The top speed of this dog is recorded at 40 mph. Did you know that it’s the most elegant-looking runner? Their hair flows smoothly with the breeze, making them look majestic as they cruise at top speed. Experts found that the Afghan Hound was initially bred for hunting in Afghanistan. While they’re stubborn and difficult to train, hunters showed patience for this breed because it is the fastest and most competent dog to catch and prey on various animals.

3. Vizsla

The history of the Vizsla breed originates in ancient Hungary. Enough evidence shows that these dogs were the most trustworthy and competent hunting dogs. They were favored by the Magyar tribes who lived in the Carpathian Basin in the Eighth Century. The stone etchings that date back thousands of years ago depict how Hungarian Ancestors used to hunt with the Viszla dogs.

This heritage was carried down to generations, promoting the agile and swift nature of this breed. Until now, Hungarians take the Viszla as loyal companion dogs, beneficial for guarding and hunting in forests.

2. Saluki

The Saluki breed is one of the oldest pure breeds this world has known. Sufficient archives show that it is one of the most ancient domesticated dogs that originated way back in 329 B.C. Evidence also notes that Pharaohs hunted with Salukis because of their outstanding agility and speed of 40 mph, that is, around 64 kph. If you’re planning to hunt in the near future, the Saluki is an outstanding companion for a better experience.

1. Greyhound

The Greyhound is the fastest dog on the planet with a top speed of 45 mph. Did you know that this breed can pass cars on highways? They are the Usain Bolt in the dog world. Believe it or not, handlers and game makers coordinate to host races, featuring how fast these dogs can run. You might wonder who would win a race between Usain and the Greyhound. You can only imagine how glorious the race could be.

Are you astounded by how fast these creatures can run? If they can chase down bears, boars, and foxes, they can certainly catch you. Most of you might want to get physically conditioned. You never know when one of these racers will chase you.

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