Teddy Bear Dog Breed Information

In the world of adorable dogs, the teddy bear puppy is the new breed in town that has been around since the year 2000. Amazingly, the term teddy bear doesn’t refer to a particular breed, but it is used to describe the cross-breed between two parent dogs known as the Shi Tzu and Bichon Frise.

Today there are quite some teddy bear puppy breeds and some people seem to be confused as to which breed qualify for a teddy bear. In this section, we are going discuss the different breed types of teddy bear puppies so you can get a better understanding of these adorable cuties.

This teddy bear dog breed information is sure to come in handy for those who are looking to buy their teddy bear puppies.

What Breed Of Dog Looks Like A Teddy Bear?

Teddy Bear Dog Breed

The breed of dog that looks like a teddy bear are those crossbred designer dogs that are usually the result of two parent breeds. The most popular is the teddy bear puppies that are produced by the mix of Shi Tzu and Bichon Frise parents. See: What Is A Teddy Bear Puppy

Teddy Bear Dog Breed Info

So without further ado, let us explore some of the most popular teddy bear dog breeds that are sure to be an excellent addition to your family.



This breed of dog originated in the United States. It is the crossbreed between a Bichon Frise and a Shi Tzu. This breed of dog is popularly known as a Zuchon, Schichon or Tzu Frise. The Zuchon is the most common breed of teddy bear puppies and is what people consider to be a teddy bear dog.

This adorable puppy is sometimes mistaken for a teddy bear due to its small size, big eyes, delicate features, fluffy coat and their unique resemblance to the stuffed teddy bear. They usually grow up to 9 to 12 inches and weigh between 8 to 25 pounds when fully grown.

Zuchons have long flowing, soft fur that is either silky or curly to touch. The coats come in a range of beautiful colors such as black, white, tan, cream, gray, etc. This breed of dogs are non-shedding, and as such, they are suitable for people with dog allergies.

Regarding their personality, you’ll always find that your puppy is keen to please you. They have a spunky and lively personality. Zuchons are also playful and well-mannered, making them excellent with kids as well as other kinds of pets or animals. Your pooch is also smart and sociable, so it’ll be totally awesome if you take your teddy to the dog park to make new friends and socialize.

Training a Zuchon is very easy and fun thanks to his bright personality. Always ensure to use positive training techniques and be consistent with the sessions, you’re sure to see the best results when you employ these methods.

Avoid harsh training methods as they never work on them, in fact, this sort of training will only deliver the opposite of what you’re trying to teach your pup. Be sure to offer high-quality treats such as dry kibble for a job well done. Never feed your dog wet and canned foods as this could lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath.

A Zuchon puppy will also serve as a good watchdog as he or she is sure to bark when someone is at the door. Since this puppy is not a yappy dog, this could be the only time he barks. See why do dogs bark.

To make things better, this teddy bear dog breed has longevity with a wide average life expectancy of between 15 to 18 years. They’re usually healthy throughout their lives, and they show no sign of congenital defects that are common among the purebreds.



The Poochon is a designer dog breed that comes as a result of the cross between a Bichon Frise and a toy Poodle. The Poochon is also commonly known as Bich-Poo, BichonPoo, and Bichoodle.

A Poochon has a small, but sturdy appearance and they usually grow up to 9 to 14 inches tall, and they weigh between 6 to 18 pounds. Like the Bichon Frise parent, the head of the Poochon is round thus giving him a cute teddy bear face. They also have moderately-long ears and almond-shaped eyes.

Poochoon coats come in a variety of colors such as white, black, blue or apricot. However, their most common coat color is white. Their coat is coarse and medium long with loose curls, and it demands regular brushing and grooming to prevent mats and tangles.

It is also noteworthy to mention that teddy bear coats are more hypoallergenic as compared to other dogs. This teddy bear dog breed is ideal for people with dog allergies thanks to their non-shedding coats.

Pochoons are brilliant, loving and loyal. It is clear that this breed of dog inherited intelligence that is higher than the average and as such, they are considered one of the most intelligent puppy breeds. Thanks to their smartness, training your Poochon puppy is sure to be easy and fun.

Pochoons are quite playful and will need a moderate exercise of at least 30 minutes. Though these dogs are small in size, they make great watchdogs as they are known to be highly alert. They are sure to alert their owners of suspicious sounds or movement with a hearty bark.

You should also know that Poochons may bark excessively and should be taught at an early age when it is okay to bark as well as when it is not.

Poochons also get on well with kids and other household pets, however, they are more comfortable with older children who know more about pet handling. Regarding their longevity, Poochons have an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years.

Poochons are healthy throughout their lives; this is because crossbreeding purebreds tend to get rid of some health concerns that are common in the parent breeds.



Miniature teddy bear puppies are the latest type of cross breed. There are several dog breeds, and the most popular one is the crossbreed between a Maltese and a Shi Tzu (Mal-Shi). They are also known as teacup teddy bear puppies.

They share similarities with the full sized teddy bear dogs based on their coloring, temperament, and disposition. The teddy bear dog breeds are super adorable, and they are great with little kids and other household pets.

Their physical appearance is a bundle of cuteness as they have a small body, large deep eyes, smashed in the face and big droopy ears. This dog is so adorable that it could be mistaken for a cute little stuffed teddy bear.

This teddy bear breed of dog weigh between 9 to 12 pounds, and they continue to maintain their cute puppy-like characteristics all through their lives. For this specific reason, these dogs are sure to be perfect for anyone who doesn’t want their puppy to look all grown up.

Puppy teddy bears also have multiple colored coats, and this makes each teddy bear puppy unique. Also, Just like their full-sized cousins, mini teddy bear puppies are hypoallergenic. Thus, they are sure to be suitable for people with dog allergies.



Pomeranian is also a new teddy bear dog breed that has been known to be one of the best companions anyone could ever ask for. They are also known as Pom Pom.

They initially originated in Germany, and they were best referred to as the favorite lap dog of the Royal Court. Pom Pom is a breed of dog of the Spitz or Nordic type. The Pomeranians are very small and cute. They weigh between 4.2 to 7.7 pounds, and their standing height is from 5.0 to 11 inches.

This teddy bear dog breed is commonly referred to as “smooshed face” due to their shorter snout. Due to this feature, the eyes of the teddy bear pomeranian is closer to the nose and the cheeks appear to be fuller. Pomeranians have a lavish double coat that demands regular brushing; the best part is that it’s not difficult to groom a Pomeranian.

The coats of this dog come in a variety of colors such as orange, cream, black, white among others. Just like every other teddy bear dog, the Pomeranians have an amazing personality that everyone is sure to love and adore. This dog is playful, friendly, lively, curious and affectionate. Thus, they are an excellent breed of dog that is sure to fit well in the family.

The dogs are sure to be great watchdogs as they are known to be alert and can sense changes in their environment. They also like to bark, and this can become part of them unless it is controlled with proper training. They can become dominant and aggressive if they are not trained the right way.

They have an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years. With proper care, good diet and adequate exercise, your Pomeranian can live longer. See: Teacup Teddy Bear Pomeranian Puppies For Sale

Golden Doodles

Golden Doodle

The Teddy bear golden doodles is a hybrid breed between a Golden-Retriever and a poodle. They were first bred in North America in the mid-1900’s. This teddy bear dog breed tends to benefit from outbreeding enhancement due to their diversified gene pool. The dog breed comes various coat types, colors, and sizes.

The Golden doodle comes in three different sizes namely; the Miniature Golden Doodle, The Large Standard Golden Doodle, and The Small Standard Golden Doodle.

This teddy bear dog breed has a happy personality, and they also like to take part in fun family activities such as walking, hiking, swimming, etc. They are also good with children and other household pets. The teddy bear golden doodle is a low to non-shedding breed, and they are sure to be ideal for people with dog-related allergies.

This breed of dog is very easy to train and apart from being a fun loving dog, golden doodles are also known to be versatile working dogs. They are very intuitive, caring and they thrive on personal contact.

The teddy bear golden doodle’s coat requires regular professional grooming and care to prevent matting. Thanks to their adorable appearance, good health, even temperaments and hypoallergenic coats, these dogs are sure to be the perfect family pet. The golden doodles have an average life expectancy of 13 to 15 years.


The Shih-Poo is a small domestic teddy bear puppy that comes as a result of a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Poodle. These small dogs have a striking resemblance to a teddy bear thanks to their round face, long nose, round button eyes and drooping ears.

This teddy bear dog breed comes in a variety of colors including white, sable, all black, cream or the combination of the stated colors. Their coats are also curly, long and very soft to touch. The size of this dog breed varies, and it solely depends on whether the poodle parent is a miniature, standard breed or the teacup breed. Shih-Poos can weigh anywhere between 8 to 18 pounds, and they usually grow between 8 to 13 inches tall.

Shih-Poos are typically known to be quiet and obedient, but at the same time, they are playful and energetic. They enjoy playing with squeaky toys and love to chase after balls. They are very friendly with children and other household pets.

Shih-Poo is known to be either affectionate or shy towards strangers, however, they are very eager to please their owners at all times. It is also noteworthy to mention that Shih-Poo loves to hear himself bark and their barks are a little louder than the Shi-Tzus.

This teddy bear dog breed is low to non-shedding, and it requires regular brushing and grooming to prevent the long coat from getting tangled or matted. Also, the Shih-Poo will need to have its teeth brushed two to three times a week to help reduce potential dental problems.

The Shih-Poo has an average life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, and with proper exercise and diet, they can be very healthy and agile for as long as they live with you and your family.

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General Care And Grooming Of Teddy Bear Puppies

Generally speaking, teddy bear puppies are adorable and lovely. As you can see above, all of them are low or a non-shedding breed and they are sure to be your ideal companion. You can choose to keep their coats long or clipped to a short puppy cut, regardless of what style you choose, the teddy bears are still going to maintain their incomparable cuteness.

As I have already mentioned, your puppy needs regular brushing and grooming if you want to prevent their coats from being tangled and matted. All in all, if you treat your teddy bear puppy nice, you can be sure of having a best friend for life!

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