Teddy Bear Dog Costume

Teddy bear dogs have been receiving a lot of love thanks to their adorable cuteness. These breed of tiny pooches are capable of winning the heart of anyone at first sight and as such many dog lovers tend to be eager to get a hold of one them at one point in time.

The teddy bear dog puppy is a new category of dogs that was first bred and introduced at the start of the new millennium, roughly around the year 2000. This breed of dog have gained mainstream popularity over the past years, and we can’t blame them. I mean, let’s face it, they are super cute. Now we know teddy bear dogs are adorable but how about a pooch dressed in a cute little teddy bear costume, that’s going to be awesome right?

In essence, a teddy bear dog costume is something that will make your little pooch look more adorable than he already is. Many dog lovers have always loved the idea of dressing their dogs up in cute costumes, especially teddy bear costumes as this makes them look more like stuffed teddies.

The Popular Teddy Bear Dog Costume: Teddy Munchkin

Teddy Bear Dog Costume

Speaking of teddy bear costumes, there was a cute little pooch that captured the attention of many dog lovers around the world as she wore her very own teddy costume. Teddy Munchkin looked like a cute stuffed teddy bear wearing a dog mask.

The video of the pooch has gone viral ever since its creation as many folks have been eager to see what it looks like it sees a walking stuffed teddy bear. The sweet little costume was handmade by Munchkin’s Mom, Cindy Roth. She originally uploaded the video clip on her Facebook page coupled with easy instructions on how you can make a cute costume for your furry little companion.

This is the first viral video that Cindy Roth posted:

The second viral video that Cindy Roth has posted:

Despite how beautiful the costume looks, making it is sounds really easy as ABC. It’s so easy that we might start seeing a lot of dogs with these adorable costumes at every turn. You can choose to construct your own teddy bear costume with a pair of scissors and a little intuition.

In fact, Cindy Roth made it easier for you as she shared some specific instructions on how you can build a sweet little costume for your furry friend.

In her words: “Measure your dog in the front from feet to top of the head (Munchkin is 14″). Buy a teddy bear in a similar color to your dog in their size (I got hers on Amazon for $30). Cut the face off, cut the bottom of the feet off, cut open the back. Take all the stuffing out except for the arms. Bear only goes on front part of their body/legs and the back half is exposed. Put a string or velcro through the back of the neck to tie/close. The bear’s arms hung down, so I sewed them up a bit higher, so they stuck out to sides more instead of hanging down. Took me maybe 15 minutes to make!”

It’s as simple as that! Now let’s make it look more like a step by step procedure.

  • Get a teddy bear that’s about the same height and color of your pooch.
  • Cut the face off. More like the nose and the eyes.
  • Now, take out all of the stuffing. You can trim the excess white material so it doesn’t hang around the face area.
  • OK, now turn the bear to his back and slit the tail right up to the neck region. Then take out all the stuffing once again, but do not remove the stuffing in the arm.
  • Cut a little incision through the back of both legs and take out the stuffing once again.
  • Now it’s up left to you and your pooch. Just do your thing and convince your little fur ball not to chew up the whole thing.

You can also see the teddy bear dog costume tutorial in action:

As you can see, making a nice teddy bear costume for your dog is not all that difficult as you can do this in as little as 15 to 20 minutes. However, if you don’t have the time to pick up a pair of scissors to cut that teddy bear to fit your pooch, you can buy one on Amazon at a fair price.

Teddy Bear Dog Costume For Sale

There is quite a number of dog costumes you can choose to make your pooch look like an adorable walking teddy bear. Prominent among them Rubies costume company. They also make pet costumes so everyone in the family can dress up as they like.

Rubies Costume Company Walking Teddy Bear Pet Suit

Teddy Bear Dog Costume

This cute dog costume features a step-in hoodie coupled with false arms and a bow at the neck. Rubies teddy costume comes in various sizes ranging from extra large to small. This costume is sure to fit dogs with short to medium legs.

It is noteworthy to mention that different breeds tend to have different proportions so be sure to do your homework before proceeding to make your purchase. See: Teddy Dogs Breed. If you want to make your pooch look awesome in that party, photo shoot or play date is sure to get him this nice little costume.

Some Cool Stuff To Buy For Your Dog

Besides a teddy costume, you can also get your pooch something special. Listed below are some cool stuff you should buy:

Electric Dog Fence – PetSafe Yardmax In-ground Fence

PetSafe Yardmax In-ground Fence

Make life more fun and safe with PetSafe Yardmax Fence. YardMax offers the best pet management system to give your dog enough space to play freely throughout the day. The In-ground fence system also comes with a waterproof, rechargeable collar which includes up to five adjustable levels of Static Correction plus tone-only mode for training.

For a bonus, the receiver collar charges quickly in 2 to 3 hours and each charge can last for a long time (up to 3 weeks, this solely depends on the frequency of use). PetSafe YardMax is fully compatible with Threshold, Pawz Away Mini, Indoor and Outdoor Pet Barriers to help your pooch avoid particular areas around your home. Check out our best wireless dog fence review.

Electric Dog Doors – High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

Give your dog a sophisticated and fully protected In and Out movement. Among many other pet door brands available on the market, High Tech Pet Power Electronic Pet Door is sure to give your pooch optimum comfort. Unlike other pet doors, Pet Power Electronic Door features an air-tight panel that instantly and discreetly powers upward giving your pet entrance and exit.

It also features a high-tech directional sensing system that opens the door only when your pet is on the direct approach and not otherwise. For optimal security, the Electric Door also features an automatic deadbolt system that helps keep both intruders and stray animals at bay.

In essence, your pooch is allowed to go and come as they please but their animal buddies are politely asked to stay out. Now that’s fantastic! Check out our best electronic dog doors review.

Automatic Ball Launcher – iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher For Dogs

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

Are you too busy or tired of throwing the ball for your adorable little pooch to fetch, well, iFetch is here to save the day. Thanks to this innovative automatic ball launcher the fun can go on and on for your furry little friend. iFetch is perfect for both indoors and outdoor play.

It keeps your pooch busy by launching little tennis balls up to 10, 20, or 30 feet thus allowing him to play fetch to his heart’s content. Besides making the day a lot more fun for your pup, iFetch Automatic launcher stimulates his mind in a new way. So I guess that’s a win-win situation. Get your pooch the iFetch ball launcher and let him run around all day long. Check out our best automatic ball thrower review.

Dog Dryer – K-9 III Dog Grooming Dryer

K-9 III Dog Grooming Dryer

Do you have a double-coated dog? Why don’t you cut drying time in half and let your pooch feel clean and dry all day long. The K-9 III Dog Grooming Dryer houses more blowing power compared to others dryers on the market. The best part is that the device is also portable and lightweight for you to carry around as you please.

No need for all the technical details, what you should know is that this dryer is sure to be perfect for your Chow Chow or any other furry fellow you got at home. So get one and let your dogs look super clean and well groomed.

Pet feeder – Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

Feeding your pet just got a whole lot easier thanks to Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder. This
feeder is sure to be an ideal and reliable solution for when you need your pooch to be fed both their wet and dry foods at any time. To make it more high-tech, the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder comes with a built-in Webcam, and this allows you always to check on your pooch at any time.

It also features real-time notifications that let you know when your pet has been fed. You can connect and control multiple pet feeders from your smartphone device including Windows, iOS, and Android. Check out our best automatic pet feeder review.

Pet Camera – Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

Have always wanted to keep an eye on your pet at all times? Well, you don’t have to leave your place of work anymore to check on your furry buddy thanks to Furbo Dog Camera. Furbo is a smart pooch camera with a connected application that gives you the chance to see, talk or even toss tasty treats to your pup while you’re away from home.

It comes with a lot of fun features that is sure to improve the bond between you and your furry companion. You can speak and listen to your dog, toss him fun treats via the Furbo iOS and Android app, chat with that little fellow while you’re away, get barking alerts and much more. In essence, fun time with your dog is sure to know no bound as long as you got a smart Furbo Dog Camera. Check out our best pet camera review.

Well, folks there you have it. There are lots of stuff you can get for your furry companion that is sure to make him feel loved and pampered. I mean they are also part of the family right? So yeah, you can spend a couple of bucks to make little fur ball feel safe and happy, and I believe the above suggestions are sure to come in handy.

After you dress him in a cute little teddy bear dog costume, step it up a notch and get him one or all of the above devices so he can have fun all day long. Here’s to a happy pooch!

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