Should I Crate My Dog at Night?

Many pet owners refuse to kennel or crate train their dogs as they feel that this kind of confinement is a cruel act. But, did you know that a crate actually gives your pet some sense of security? How about crating your pooch at night? Does it have the same effects, or will it cause more harm than good?

Should I Crate My Dog at Night? The Answer is Yes!

When done right, crate training is a very effective management system for pet owners as it helps them with different important goals, such as prevention of destructive behavior, house training, and teaching dogs to relax and settle.

Crate training at night is usually a necessity, especially for puppies. You wouldn’t want your puppy to walk around your house, and chew or pee on your furniture while you sleep. Crate training can also protect your pet from getting into trouble, and teach him that being close to his family doesn’t mean that he should sleep in your bed.

Should I Crate My Dog at Night

Why Should You Consider Crating Your Dog At Night?

There are actually many reasons why you should consider crating your dog at night.

Provide a Safe and Private Place for Your Pet

When you teach your dog to love his crate through positive reinforcement, the crate will become his own exclusive safe and private place, pretty much similar to a bedroom for a small child. The kennel or crate is the place here your pet can go and not be bothered.

This is the ideal destination if your pet is nervous or tired. Take note that dogs also have the natural instinct of spending time in a den. Most dogs can take to crates rather easily.

Teach Bowel and Bladder Control

A crate which comes in the right size that suits your pet will also encourage the instinct of your pet not to mess in his sleeping area. This will then help teach your pet proper bowel and bladder control. This tendency to see the crate as a clean spot is definitely a big advantage when you want to house train a new puppy or rescue dog.

This video shows you how to house train your puppy fast:

Keep Your Pet Away from Trouble and Mischief

The use of a crate at night can prevent your dog or puppy from getting into mischief or trouble when you cannot supervise him directly. You should also check out: How to keep a puppy busy during the day

Aside from nighttime, crating your dog is also helpful when your hands are full in the kitchen, if you are at work, as long as you don’t have a very long work day and your dog gets his exercise before and after, or any other time if your attention is somewhere else than directly on your pet.

Enjoy and Expect Downtime

Finally, crate training your pet at night will also teach excitable dogs and puppies to enjoy and look forward to some downtime, thus conditioning a relaxed behavior. Pups and dogs can be put inside a crate with a safe and yummy chew, or a stuffed toy to keep them relaxed, out of mischief, and secure for long periods of time.

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