How to Keep a Puppy Busy During the Day (Infographic)

Having a puppy is never a stress-free situation.

Something always happens. They get sick, or they are rebellious, or they are a machine that spread chaos and destruction throughout the house, breaking and biting and scratching.

To help you to keep your puppy busy during the day, I created this infographic.

How to Keep a Puppy Busy During the Day

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How to Keep A Puppy Busy During The Day:

Let Your Dog Watch Television

Let Your Dog Watch Television

Though they will not understand a word (or will they?), leaving the tv turned on will always catch their attention. They will be attracted by the noise and will pay attention to the images.

Leaving it on animal life channels, like the Discovery Channel or BBC Earth will be a bonus, as they will see other animals on the screen.

Provide Ways Your Dog To Be Able To Look Outside

Provide Ways Your Dog To Be Able To Look Outside

The street movement will keep your dog entertained if you leave them a way to look to the outside. They will also be happier with the sunlight and will not have vitamin D deficiency.

Fill A Hollow Toy With Food

Fill A Hollow Toy With Food

This is sort of killing two birds with a single stone. All you will need to do is to buy a hollow toy that has only one hole. ONLY. ONE. HOLE.

If you buy a hollow toy that has more than one hole, you will regret it after you get home. The food will be all over the place, except where it should be: in your buddy’s belly.

If you bought the right kind of toy, like the classic one from Kong (not the King, unfortunately) that looks like a beehive, your dog will try to reach the food the whole day and will keep himself or herself entertained in the process.

Just remember to wash the toy once you get home and never to let food to get old inside of it.

Scavenger Hunt

Dog Scavenger Hunt

This is a great way to help to keep your dog busy and fed at the same time. The only thing that you will need to do is to hide food every morning before you go to work, of course hiding them in different places every day.

Also, please note that you will have to play with them this way sometimes for them to understand what you are doing and what they should do.

Give Your Dog New Toys

Give Your Dog New Toys

You can always keep your dog entertained throughout the day with a new toy, especially those that produce sound when squished.

If you have friends that also have dogs, suggest them to make a schedule to rotate the toys, this way all the dogs will have “new” toys from time to time, diminishing the costs and you will not have trouble keeping them all organized.

Give Your Dog A Furry Brother Or Sister

Give Your Dog A Furry Brother Or Sister

One of the best ways to keep your little ball of fur busy while you are at your work is to give them a furry brother or sister. They will be double the trouble, but will also be double the fun. They will keep each other busy during the day.

Get Dental Chews for Your Dog

Dental Chews for Your Dog

Dogs love to chew. The will chew everything that they see in front of them, including that court shoe that costs you a kidney or your favorite running shoes, your wallet or just almost everything.

To solve this problem, all you need is a dental chew. Additional to the benefit of they not chewing on your stuff, the dental chew also keeps your dog’s breath fresh and his or her teeth clean.

Add A Pet Fountain

Add A Pet Fountain

Dogs lover water and are naturally drawn to running water. If you don’t believe me, put a sprinkler in the yard, turn it on and release your dog to see what happens.

Adding a pet fountain not only can draw your dog’s attention but also keep your dog stays properly hydrated. I recommend you to put it somewhere without things that will mess with water, like the laundry room or a backyard.

Hire A Dog Walker

Hire A Dog Walker

While this is the most obvious and known one, it is still worth noting. A dog walker will not only keep your dog occupied, but will also exercise he or she, will let your dog make friends and the dog walker can always make sure your pal has enough food and water for the day.

He or she will also be able to take care of the feces and urine of the dog, making your room or yard less smelly.

Let Your Dog Play Fetch Using An Automatic Ball Launcher

Play Fetch Using An Automatic Ball Launcher

The Automatic Ball Launcher, as the name suggests, are machines developed with the sole purpose of entertaining your pa(w)l without you to throw the ball.

It works by throwing a ball whenever it is put on the basket that usually sits on top of it. All you need to do is to teach your dog where to put the ball he or she caught and you are done. See: Best Automatic Ball Thrower For Dogs

Now you know how to keep a puppy busy during the day. Share this infographic with your family and friends who you think would be useful for them.

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