DIY Pet-Themed Magnets

Bottle cap magnets are super easy to make and are an adorable way to turn your refrigerator into an homage to your furry housemates. If you’re feeling extra crafty, stalk your friends’ social media pages and create customized gifts featuring their dogs and cats!

The right kind of image is the key to a cool magnet, so be creative. Find vintage drawings and old advertisements featuring pets online, use pictures from magazines or to keep it personal with photos of your own pets. Keep in mind that strong images with a clean background work best.

Materials Needed

  • Scissors
  • Clear glue
  • 1-inch hole punch
  • Bottle caps
  • Small disc magnets
  • Epoxy stickers
  • Photo paper
  • Unique images of your pets (about 1 inch in diameter)
  • Newspaper


Before you begin, cover the work space where you’ll be using glue with newspaper. Then glue a small magnet to the back of the bottle cap and allow to dry.

Print the images so that they’re about an inch in diameter. This step might take guesswork to make the images small enough to fit within the magnet, so start off by using regular paper and set your printer to greyscale as you test the sizing to preserve ink.

Once your test printout is the right size and fits inside the magnet, print the images in color on high quality photo paper.

Cut out the images using either a 1-inch hole craft punch, or use a pencil to trace the outline of the bottom of the magnet on the image, then cut out it using scissors.

Put a few drops of glue on the back of the image. Less is more – if you use too much the glue will soak through the paper.

Affix the photo inside the bottle cap and allow it to dry.

One the image is dry (the speed of drying time depends on the glue type and how much of it you put on), gently place an epoxy sticker on top. This clear plastic dot protects your picture.

Viola, your customized bottle cap magnets are complete! Show off your artistry on your refrigerator, or give personalized sets to your friends.

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