DIY Dog Drawer Bed

Obsessed with the array of pretty dog drawer beds you find on Pinterest? While a store-bought drawer bed might look wonderful, they don’t come cheap – and they don’t have the magic touch of one you designed yourself.

To make your own, you’ll need an old dresser drawer big enough to fit your dog (or buy a single drawer). Drawers that are square(ish) work better for dogs who like to curl up to sleep, while longer drawers are better for side sleepers.

I used a 20×39” drawer for my dog bed because that’s what I had available and because two of my dogs are side sleepers (sorry, Dog Number 3, they don’t make drawers on your size!).

Drawer Bed Supplies

  • A piece of foam cut to fit inside the drawer
  • Handles in any style you want
  • Paint (look for a non-toxic paint)
  • Primer (you might only need this if painting very dark wood with a light-color paint)
  • A paint brush
  • A pillowcase or sheet to wrap the foam
  • A screwdriver
  • Newspaper to cover the floor if you’re painting inside

Drawer Bed Instructions

If the drawer already has handles on the front, remove them and set them aside. You can decide later if you want to paint them or replace them (I replaced mine because I wanted a more “sleek” look). If you’re replacing the handles, measure the space between the holes where the screws were so the new handles you buy fit in the same place and cover the holes.

Paint the drawer on your chosen color. If you have a balcony or a yard, it might be time to head outside for this step. If that’s not possible, use newspaper, tarp or even an old T-shirt to cover the floor. You can paint the inside of the drawer or not (your choice).

Note: If you’re painting very dark wood, you might need to use primer first. If that’s the case, paint the drawer using primer and let dry. Primer dries very fast so it should be ready in less than an hour. After that, use the selected paint to cover the drawer.

Once the paint is dry, add the new handles. If you decide to keep the old ones, you can paint them or varnish them for a refreshed look.

Fit the foam inside the pillowcase or wrap it with the sheet and place it inside the drawer. If the foam is larger than the drawer, cut it to size using regular scissors. You can get foam at craft supply stores, where they will cut it to size for you. I bought a baby mattress (fit for a crib) because it was on sale and it was cheaper than buying foam at the craft store. It also happened to be the exact size of the drawer. The foam should be cut so it fits snuggly in the drawer and doesn’t move.

Place the drawer against a wall and wait for your pup to get sleepy (or, in the case of mine, hop right in!)

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