How to Create a DIY Pet Accent Wall

Home décor is a fun way to express who we are as individuals, so why not use it as a way to express who we are as pet parents, too? Creating a pet accent wall is a great way to showcase your fluffy friend, while still maintaining a stylish living space. Here are some simple steps on how to create an adorable (and practical) at-home pet wall that will leave your guests dazzled and your pets feeling extra loved.

Let’s start with the main feature: your pets! The first step to creating your pet accent wall is choosing some of your favorite photos that feature your beloved animals. We chose to get our photos printed in black-and-white to maintain a very classic, stylish look. White modern frames in different sizes create a clean, crisp border to display your adorable pictures.

Choose a simple and chic wire bin in a neutral color that is large enough to hold your pet’s favorite toys. Hanging the bin on the wall, instead of placing it on the floor will allow you to control your pet’s usage and maintain a clean, safe environment for your guests. Take the bin down at any time to allow your pet to sift through it, and hang it right back up when playtime is over.

Minimalistic white shelves are the perfect canvas to hold all your pet’s daily essentials. Use contemporary containers to conceal food, treats or medicine that isn’t pleasing to the eyes. Scented reed diffusers are a great, polished way to eliminate any pet odors while maintaining a very discrete, posh look. But keep the diffusers out of reach of your pet at all times!

Cover an otherwise mundane clip board with a coat of chalkboard paint to create a useful, fun message center to remind yourself of any upcoming appointments or daily reminders. Simply list out any needed shopping items with chalk so that you never forget what’s needed to keep your pet healthy and happy!

Simple silver hooks can serve as an organized spot for leashes, accessories and your pet’s favorite winter coats.

Your wall is now ready to be enjoyed by guests and pets alike! Feel free to continue to add to your wall as your pet evolves and needs more items. Change out your pictures as you take new ones and add more bins as you accumulate more toys!  Just have fun with it, you modern pet parent, you!

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