Can Dogs Get Wuhan Coronavirus? (Wuhan Virus 🦠 Outbreak 😷)

The current situation in Wuhan has tossed the mind of many pet owners on the ocean and many of them are stranded whether to visit the city or not.

Many dogs are likely to face starvation and die since the majority of the owners were known to have left their homes due to amid busy Lunar New Year period.

Research shows that thousands of dogs are trapped in the house without food. The risk of these dogs from dying is quite high due to starvation but not the virus.

The president of the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association has requested to free these pets from the locked homes to prevent them from decomposing.

The good news is that dogs are not likely to get infected by Wuhan coronavirus. Research shows that it only affects human beings after eating certain meat like that of a bat or snake.

According to the Center for Disease Control, canine coronavirus is quite different from Wuhan coronavirus. But there is no report about dogs being affected by the virus.

So, can dogs get Wuhan coronavirus? The answer is absolute no. Therefore, give your canine friend the freedom to move around the yard. However, there is very little information about the virus and a lot of research is being undertaken. It is good to play safe.

Can Dogs Get Wuhan Coronavirus

What Is Wuhan Coronavirus?

Wuhan coronavirus is a pneumonia-like illness spread by pathogens found in certain meat of bats and snake. The virus is named Wuhan since it started from the city meat market.

Research shows that the virus can result in mild illness like the common cold and fatal infection. Wuhan city is a major transportation hub with over eleven million people.

Also, the study shows that the coronavirus belongs to the “beta” subgrouping of the virus which implies that it has some close characteristics to that of human coronavirus types MERS and SARS.

The viral infection began as a bat infection but after mutation, it ended up infecting humans. It is for this reason why the World Health Organization has restricted people from eating any meat that is not recommended.

The reason why the number of death in Wuhan city is increasing is due to the highest number of meat outlet in the city. Besides that, people eat different type of meat from rodents to larger reptiles.

The infection is believed to have started from these meat markets and spread out easily since it is airborne. People are required to put on a mouth mask to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

Currently, the pandemic is unlikely to be contained according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Majority of airlines across the world have halted the movement into China and this might end up causing a negative economic impact on the country.

Wuhan Coronavirus Symptoms

How to tell if someone has the virus is quite difficult since the research shows that Wuhan virus has some close similarities like that of other respiratory infection.

However, according to the study being undertaken, individual with coronavirus are likely to experience fever, coughing, vomiting, diarrhoea and other stomach issues.

The most severe cases that have been a witness in Wuhan has resulted in pneumonia, death, kidney failure and severe acute respiratory syndrome.

On the hand other, some patients with the infection do not show any symptoms but end up being ill and die after 14 days.

According to the CDC, the initial stages of the symptoms tend to last between two to fourteen days. Samples of blood are being tested to contain the current situation.

The coronavirus initially spread from animal to human contact but now it is human to human contact. It is now advisable to stay away from large crowds and avoid any contact as possible.

Unfortunately, there is no treatment meant for Wuhan coronavirus and this is the reason behind the rapid spread. A lot of research is being undertaken to find ways on how to compact it.

Meanwhile, researchers are developing vaccines that will help to combat the current situation in Wuhan city. But this might take some time before it becomes effective.

Do Dogs Need Face Masks To Prevent Coronavirus Infection?

The world health organization has declared Wuhan coronavirus as the global health emergency which has incited a lot of panic to a large population.

Many people are taking great measures to prevent their families including their poodles from this deadly disease. Facial masks are now a vital product in Chinese markets.

Many dog owners have rushed into the market to acquire some for their canine friends since they believe it helps to protect them from coronavirus infection.

However, medical facial masks meant for human beings considered to be quite effective but dog masks serve the same function. The spike in sales for the dog masks is a clear indication of rapid measures being considered by pet owners.

The good news is that there is no evidence that shows dogs have contracted the virus hitting Wuhan city. If the canine friend shows the symptoms stated earlier then it is advisable to consult a professional vet immediately.

Besides that, there is no scientific proof that shows that the face masks meant for dogs will help to prevent coronavirus infection.

Many dogs tend to feel uncomfortable with those masks and even getting the right size for your canine friend is a nightmare at the moment. Some furry friends might resist wearing since they do not know the reason behind it.

Can You Get Coronavirus From A Dog?

Dogs are known for contracting certain types of coronavirus known as canine respiratory coronavirus and enteric coronavirus. These two infections cause diarrhoea in dogs.

The good news is that the coronavirus does not pose threats to domesticated animals. Even research shows that the current Wuhan coronavirus has no threat to pets like dogs.

However, pet parents are advised to be vigilant about their health and the health of their canine friends. If you allow the dog to roam outside and contract the virus then there is a high chance of contracting it from the dog.

It is recommended to keep the dog indoors and prevent unnecessary feeding on any meat. Although, there is no proven way how the virus spread despite many people opting for facial masks.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the coronavirus is believed to spread through respiratory droplets and touching common surfaces.

Many dogs love to be cuddle and if they are infected with coronavirus then the chances of the owner contracting are evidently high.

So far pet owners are advised to be on the watch out but not to panic. In case of such a situation then the canine friend needs to be isolated until the examination is done.

How Can Dog Owners Protect Pets From Coronavirus?

The rule of thumb is that dogs can contract certain types of coronavirus which is not a threat to pets. The most wonderful thing is that dogs cannot contract Wuhan coronavirus.

But pet parents are required to be vigilant on their health and that of their canine friends at home. There is no exact treatment or vaccine for the deadly virus.

Pet owners are advised to observe high routine hygiene like washing their hands with soap and plenty of clean water after touching their pets.

Another key precaution to consider for your canine friend is the purchase of the dog mask to protect them from coronavirus though it is not proven to be effective.

Also, prevent the poodle from roaming in the neighbourhood since they can easily contract the infection. This is going to be a hard job to contain active canines.

Lastly, prevent the dog from eating any meat or meals from outside other than the recommended dog food formula from the pet stores. Animal meat from the market happens to be the main source of the virus in Wuhan city.

However, further research is being undertaken to confirm if dogs can contract the Wuhan coronavirus and the possible measures to put in place for protection. Meanwhile, remain calm and follow a high level of personal hygiene.

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